U26   chatshow btec assignment brief
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U26   chatshow btec assignment brief U26 chatshow btec assignment brief Document Transcript

  • BTEC National (Level 3) in Media Production<br />UNIT 26: FACTUAL PROGRAMME PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES FOR TELEVISION <br />ASSIGNMENT TITLE- Chat Show Production<br />Student Name: Teacher(s): Ms Eccleston<br />Date Assignment Issued: 11/5/10 Final Completion Date:25/06/10<br />5191125306705<br />Introduction<br />In this unit you will explore one of the largest television and film genres: the chat show. You will develop an understanding of how this form reflects world issues, local opinions and social issues. <br />By the end of this unit you will be able to research and plan a production; contribute to all stages of the television production process and manage a production; develop interview and presentation skills whilst working as a professional with the public.<br />There are 4 Learning Outcomes for this Unit: <br />1 – Understand issues relating to factual programming for television. <br />2 – Understand codes & conventions of factual programming for television.<br />3 – Be able to plan and research a factual programme for television.<br />4 – Be able to produce a factual programme for television<br />Professional Brief: <br />Dear Production Team,<br />The chat show continues to be a strong television genre but it is stereotyped as only appealing to a ‘house wife’ or a ‘working class’ audience. We feel that this television genre needs rejuvenating. We at Harris TV, therefore, challenge you to create a new programme that will represent the views and issues affecting the youth television market. <br />In order to fully understand the evolution of this genre you will need to partake in extensive secondary research into the generic conventions, identifying shows that have worked and why. More importantly you will need to seek primary research to ascertain the view of your target audience. <br />You have two months until the pilot show will be aired.<br />Good luck! Harris TV <br />Task 1<br />Working on:P2/M2/D2P1/M1/D13025140127000Research task – working in pairs you will begin your research by viewing at least 4 examples of the chat show form. (TIP- try to include a range of US/UK based shows and current/ past shows). Your viewing notes will need to identify and compare the similarities and differences in the codes and conventions used in each show.3148965480060Research techniques – develop your research into the four shows that you have chosen by finding, reading, highlighting and annotating secondary research – you will need to include at least two online articles and two print-based articles. From your findings establish 5 questions you would like to seek feedback from your audience on. Conduct this primary research by filming ‘vox pops’. Class discussion – your teacher will host a whole class debate on ‘Chat shows are contrived and artificial, they are a pointless art form that patronises their target audience’ .You will need to prepare your contributions to this discussion which demonstrate your grasp of current issues and debates affecting this genre. 273939015875Finally, you will need to compile and present a research file that is well organised and well referenced. It will need to include a bibliography, a contents page, an overview of your research process and an evaluation of each source. Deadline for Task 1:May 2010<br /> Task 2<br />
    • Working on:P3/M3/D32091690250825Before you begin the production you will be required to participate in a series of technical workshops in order to prove that you are capable of industry standards and be given your Production ID card. You will be provided with a witness statement and a certificate for each qualification that you pass to include: Interview and presentation techniques; Camera and microphone usage; Scripting workshop; Editing skills workshop;Health and Safety. Deadline forTask 2:May 2010
    Task 3 <br />Working on:P4/M4/D42825115312420Before you start the production you will need to formally pitch your concept to your client and you target audience. In addition to the presentation you will be required to submit a written treatment for your show in the form of a 200 word synopsis.2800985807085A planning documentation file will be essential to manage and monitor the production process: according to professional standards the production administration will need to include a production schedule; a budget; a risk assessment; an overview of job roles & responsibilities; an interim progress report; Throughout the production process you will need to have 3 production team meetings which will need to be formally minuted; in addition to this your teacher will observe them. Deadline forTask 3: May 2010<br />Task 4<br />
    • Working on:You will now need to script, rehearse and film your chat show. It will need to be at least 10 minutes long and have at least one commercial break. Your production team will need to demonstrate an understanding of the conventions/contents of the genre and also use of the appropriate filming techniques.Your team will now need to upload, edit and add titles/ audio effects to your chat show. 3254375-180340Deadline forTask 4:June 2010
    Task 5<br />
    • Working on:P1/M1/D1P2/M2/D22654300100965Once the production team is happy with your rough cut you will need to screen your show to your target audience. Following the screening you will need to seek feedback to inform you on how to develop and improve your production. Summarise your feedback in the SWOT analysis grid.3131185377825Now your production is completely finished you will need to have a formal unveiling and airing to your client: Harris TV, A panel from the Executive Producers will watch and critique how well you have fulfilled your brief. You will need to minute the feedback in order to reflect on it at a later date. Your last task is to evaluate your research and production of a chat show. Your written submission should be a minimum of a thousand words and include references to professional products to illustrate your commentary. Deadline forTask 5:June 2010
    Self Assessment Deadline Checklist<br />
    • TaskWhat you will have producedGradeDeadlineComplete1a viewing notesP2/M2/D2May 20101bsecondary researchprimary researchP2/M2/D2May 20101cwhole class debateP1/M1/D1May 20101dresearch fileP1/M1/D1May 20102atechnical workshopsP3/M3/D3May 20103apitchP4/M4/D4May 20103b200 word synopsis3cplanning documentation3dproduction team meetings4aChat show productionn/aMay 20104bChatshow post-productionJune 20105ascreeningSWOT analysisP1/M1/D1June 20105bairing feedbackP1/M1/D1June 20105cevaluationP2/M2/D2June 2010
    Bibliography of helpful resources<br />Apply for Audience Tickets:<br />http://www.beonscreen.com/uk/free-audience-tickets<br />http://www.applausestore.com/<br />http://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Maidstone/Maidstone_Studios/<br />Websites:<br />http://www.reviewcentre.com/products<br />http://www.frontpageagency.co.uk/TVshows<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch<br />http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/categories<br />http://www.tv-celebrity.co.uk/chat-show/chat-show-celebrity<br />http://uktv.co.uk/Dave/section<br />Books:<br />Targeting Media - by A. Lopez, et al, K. Woods <br />Portfolio Submission:<br />File and page number your portfolio (make sure it is all in the correct order);<br />Include a bibliography stating all your sources;<br />Use appendices to store any additional information e.g. your notes, minutes, rough drafts;<br />Complete the front cover with your name, the BTEC details and the unit details plus your teacher’s name.<br />