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Mark Sinclair, Deputy Editor, Creative Review. …

Mark Sinclair, Deputy Editor, Creative Review.

Mark speaks from the view point of a journalist; what they look for in potential articles & features, visiting degree shows, how to stand out and how they like to receive information.

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  • 1. How To Get Press Mark Sinclair Deputy Editor* *I know I know, it’s all set in Arial (except for the CR logo which is in Dala Floda). I was worried about compatibility : )
  • 2.  
  • 3. Why Does CR Cover Degree Shows?
    • We can write about new, talented people. People like to read about talented people
    • Many of our readers employ or commission recent graduates. They attend the shows, too
    • Students read CR – and we’re interested in what they’re doing
  • 4. How CR Covers Degree Shows
    • On the blog: infinite space (relatively)
    • In the magazine: finite space (80+ pages)
    • In the Graduate Guide. This comes out prior to the shows starting featuring advice on how to prepare a show or portfolio, where to go next, careers, plus show listings…
  • 5. So Why Be In A Magazine? (again, really , why would I need to?)
    • Publicity / reputation / relationships / part of the industry. CR isn’t just a magazine: we now have 282,000 Twitter followers
    • Shows how you take care of your own work i.e. good photography, well designed website
    • Send press to parents = VALIDATION
  • 6. @creativereview (We check mediauk.com’s rankings too much)
  • 7. How One Stephen Osman Got Our Attention A Few Years Ago; Set Up His Own Studio And Now Works At A Practice for Everyday Life
    • Q: Well… how?
    • A: He had a business card making machine at his degree show. THAT’S RIGHT A BUSINESS CARD MACHINE!!! Unforgettable
  • 8. Well, OK, It Was A Roller Type Thing… Not A Machine But you get the idea – I remembered him and his work. He’d made a real effort to engage visitors
  • 9. Show Promotion
    • How about designing the catalogue?
  • 10. At Your Degree Show
    • Be there, if you can
    • Make lots of business cards. Try to incorporate a visual link with one of your projects that you’re showing, to aid memory
    • Put an email address/phone on your card
    • Ensure your website works (and feature the work from your show on the site)
  • 11. Relationships With The Press
    • Journalists are always interested in being the first to break a story, so keep them updated with your news
    • Find out the schedule of the magazine; when their deadlines are, when their busy times are
    • Don’t worry if they take a while to reply
    • Journalists move, taking contacts with them
    • Do not start them with “Dear Sir” (Eliza really hates this)
    • Do not write “I have always loved * insert magazine name here* because … ” – or include the title of another magazine
    • Do not ask what formats, what kinds of news, angles we’re after – just email straight off
    • Do address them personally, explaining who you are what you do; what you’re sending
    • Do attach low res jpgs of your work and include your website or blog address
    • Do wait for a reply. A few days perhaps. Then send a follow up email. Then call up. (We read everything, even if we don’t reply)
  • 14. A Bit More On Images
    • To print decent pictures, all magazines need to work with high res images (300 dpi)
    • Get your work shot well: show it off at its best. If this is expensive ask a ‘photographer friend’
    • Use a free large file transfer site like wetransfer.com to send images across
  • 15. Good Luck Everyone
    • These people were students too (last year) and they’re on the cover
  • 16. THANK YOU!
    • creativereview.co.uk
    • [email_address]
    Poster by Anthony Burrill >