[PDS] Attract your Target Audience


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Who is your audience and how do you get them at your show? This interactive workshop will help you to create a simple marketing action plan to help decide who you are trying to attract, what you want to promote specifically and how you will achieve this on a tight budget. Getting the audience of your choice, appropriate to your work and future career goals, will be the first step in ensuring you’re launching and raising your profile beyond your degree show.

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[PDS] Attract your Target Audience

  1. 1. Marketing Degree Show & Beyond:Attracting Your Target Audience:Tuesday 8 February 2011Trainer: Marie Milligan, Enterprise Officer© UAL written by Marie Milligan 2010, 2011. N.B. The presentationhas been revised so that guidance that was spoken in the workshop,is included here for your reference, hence lots of text!
  2. 2. Marketing Is… “…marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer* requirements…” - Chartered Institute of Marketing
  3. 3. Marketing Is… CATALYST © Mirko Macari via Flickr under the following Creative Commons Licence ©Louise via CC
  4. 4. A Promo Campaign Needs…1.A Clear Marketing Goal2.Creative Ideas to Design Strategy3.Available Resources (Time, £, People, Space)4.Effective Communication Methods5.Attractive & Memorable Design6.Project & Time Management Skills7.Development of Customer Relations
  5. 5. Marketing Goals You might have several marketing aims:Aim 1: Before Aim 2: During Aim 3: After To attract to To view To offer grad attend show/buy/ opportunity show… feed-back? (i.e. work)?
  6. 6. Overall Goal/Needs What do you want your degree to enable? Aim 2: During the Audience: These show, I want/need are the people to: who can help me • Celebrate meet aim 2: • Get feedback • Friends/family • Get income • Peers/tutors • Get sales • Past/potential • Get reviewed employers or • Raise profile commissioners • Make contacts? • Collectors/ Journalists?
  7. 7. Overall Goal/Needs What’s your post degree show aim? Aim 3: After the Audience: These show, I want/need are the people to: who can help me • Get work meet aim 3: • Get income • Past/potential • Get stockists / employers or sales commissioners • Get featured / • Collectors/ get exhibited Journalists? • Raise profile • Gallerists/ shop • Make contacts? owners etc?
  8. 8. Invite List Combine your people from aim 2 & 3: • To create mailing list • Set up spreadsheet • Contact details (name, email and / or address, job title, organisation etc) • Create column to log your contact with the person (i.e. date contacted / what sent / ‘rsvp’ received etc.)
  9. 9. Market Attraction To achieve marketing aims 1, 2 & 3…1. Define WHATyou’re promoting 2. Refine WHO(based on needs…) you’re promoting• Your show (i.e. the each to… experience) • Your audience/• Your products & future buyers/ services (i.e. work stockists / exhibiting or collaborators / selling/ potential investors / work) promoters / employers etc!• You! (USP) Revise your list! © Image courtesy of: bumperstickerz.com
  10. 10. Market Attraction To achieve marketing aims 1, 2 & 3…1. Define WHAT you’re 2. Refine WHO you’repromoting… promoting each to… 3. You then define HOW you will promote your WHAT, based on WHO! © Image courtesy of: bumperstickerz.com
  11. 11. Marketing Tools Aims 1-3 will have a different ‘how’ or tools:Aim 1: Before Aim 2: During Aim 3: After Before: During: After: Moo cards, CV & folio, Invites? signage? online site?
  12. 12. Marketing Options What will your ‘who’ prefer to receive/see? Press Pack Email Newspapers Social Media Magazines Blogs Virtual Physical Flyers Website Online Offline Posters E-Portfolio Networking Adverts Brochures Artist Word of statement Mouth Aim 1: to invite/attract to show & Aim 2 & 3: to view, buy, offer work?]
  13. 13. Tools: Digital Footprint A few points if you use online marketing: • Do you need your own website? If so, what will you use it for? • Can you use existing profile sites? Which one(s) are appropriate for your needs/who? • What’s written (‘copy’) / uploaded (image/videos) already? • Accurate? Appropriate for ‘who’ to see or stumble on? Cull! Update! Privacy settings!
  14. 14. Marketing LanguageWhat ‘copy’ on your tools?• Depends what will entice your ‘who’ to take action (to attend/buy/offer…)• What’s their communication preference?• How attractive is the invite?• Do you speak their ‘language’?• Ultimately, what benefits/experience you’ll offer them at show & after? (i.e. USP)
  15. 15. Remember Their NeedsYour needs match? Highlight what you canoffer them in your copy! Entice them… Aim 2 & 3: During & Audience Aims: After the Show… During/After • Celebrate Show… • Get work/ • Enjoy show! income • Find employees/ • Get stockists / freelancers sales • Find stock / • Get featured / exhibitors get exhibited • Find news / write • Raise profile articles • Make contacts? • Networking
  16. 16. Marketing CommunicationStart as you mean to carry on!• Communicate professionally - present best / consistent version (i.e. ‘brand identity’)• Be approachable & visible every day of show• Be informative (talk/tools) & be curious back (ask q’s)!• Gather contacts (future PR) & feedback• Communicate afterwards if say you will
  17. 17. Marketing Timeline Marketing is a small part of your show! • Prioritise what you can achieve with available resources (time/£/skills/people) • Creating promo tools for aim 2 & 3 – ideal but not essential (your work is!) • BUT if you can, capitalise on the opportunity – huge potential audience at show • Fantastic global marketing opportunity!
  18. 18. Marketing EvaluationConsider before, during & after…• How did it go (marketing strategy/event management/show)?• What success stories?• What feedback?• Unexpected opportunities?• What reward?!
  19. 19. Further Support Marie Milligan / Pei-Chin Tay www.ecca-london.org 1-1 Preparing for Degree Archive of past talks.marketing & fundraising: Web YOU Events Show: 1-28 Feb www.arts,ac.uk/ www.ecca-london.org yourdegreeshow Work- shops Start-up workshops inc. marketing & fundraising: www.ecca-london.org