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Starting up for free - Jennifer Marsden



Starting up for free - Jennifer Marsden

Starting up for free - Jennifer Marsden
Part of Enterprise Week 2010



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  • Social investment aims to deliver enduring benefit to communities and societies within which Shell operates, as part of our objective of leaving a positive legacy. Social Investment can be leveraged to help minimise the risks (real or perceived) linked to our operations (e.g. training communities to protect livelihoods based on natural resources like fish) and to create sustainable benefits (e.g. development of local businesses and supply chains)We have been involved in social investment programmes for many years, supporting a wide range of initiatives and projects at national, regional or fence line level. Some of these areas include education or skills development, community development, health, environment and safety-related issues or enterprise development and local capacity building. In addition, the Shell Foundation, an independent charity, develops, scales-up and promotes enterprise-based solutions to the challenges arising from the impact of energy and globalisation on poverty and the environment.Shell’s criteria for local social investment Through our programmes, we work with communities on projects that address issues that are both directly linked to our operational / business footprint and are of importance to the community (developing a skilled employable workforce locally, create community-based environmental monitoring teams). [We also seek to build the capability of local people to take control of a project, and wherever possible, to involve development experts from NGOs.] We use the following criteria when assessing programmes: Inclusive: involves a range of stakeholder to ensure that the views of all parties have been considered Community-needs based: designed in consultation with local communities understanding assets, needs and aspirations Local participation: encourages participation, including financial and non-financial contribution where appropriate and encouraging development of local capacity Sustainability: deliver lasting benefits to stakeholders by building capacity and ensuring an appropriate exit strategy.Initiatives should be self-supporting and financially viable after SI activity, in order to avoid creating dependency. Partnerships and local implementation: work with local NGOs, community groups and other civil society organisation in design and implementation Positive Impact: contribute to Sustainable Development by delivering measurable social, institutional, economic and environmental benefits Transparency: is open to internal and external scrutiny and is regularly monitored and evaluated with the results clearly and openly reported Fit with existing activities: aligned with ongoing programs of government, NGOs and other donors Leverage: facilitates leverage of additional SI funding, leading to increase benefits. Replicable: develops models that can be easily replicated in other communities. Key success factor for any social investment projectNothing demonstrates our commitment better than having Shell people contributing their time and skills to their local communities and participating in Shell’s social investment activities. YOU are therefore key in Shell’s success! There are numerous volunteering opportunities available through your Country Social Investment focal point.
  • Emma-Jayne Parkes & Viviane Jaeger, Squid London.Graduates of the London College of Fashion, Emma-Jayne Parkes and Viviane Jaeger met whilst studying together and worked on a number of projects before deciding to go into business together. Their company Squid London won a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award for June 2009. SquidLondon is a product development design brand.Squid was inspired by Jackson Pollock, an interesting artist who would drip paint in a trance like manner creating wonderful colourful pieces. We thought it would be so cool to walk down the street, it starts to rain and your clothes turn into a walking Jackson Pollock. Through research and contacts they were sponsored by a global company to carry out research & development and so Squid London and their squidarellas were born.Emma-Jayne found out about Shell LiveWIRE at a business event and n registered for the site with the specific intention of entering the Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards. Winning the award gave Emma-Jayne and Viviane added confidence in the products they were offering and in the business as a whole. Emma Jayne said: “(The Award was a) Great achievement and boost to the morale of the company!”The £1,000 they won was spent on continued product design and additional point of sale materials.Squid London said they had not found securing finance for their business too difficult and that research and persistence were the main traits needed to secure funding. Despite this they still feel they need increased funding to help the business achieve what they desire. Speaking of the service that Shell LiveWIRE offers the girls say it is “Fantastic! Really helps enterprise and people succeed” Emma adds that the program is “Well run and very professional.”Since their Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award win Squid London has continued to pick up awards. They have been honoured by Deutsche Bank, NACUE and were featured in the Smarta Top 100.Recently the girls have added a New York skyline design to their collection to launch in time for Christmas 2010. They have also been featured in Management Today and have been guest speakers at a number of enterprise events. Squid London products are now stocked in 9 countries.
  • Ruth Ferguson, Olga OlssonRuth Ferguson won Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in September 2009. Ruth’s company Olga Olsson, produces cute, unique bikinis in Europe and Brazil, and gorgeous dresses and tops from sustainable handloom fabrics in India. Olga Olsson is concerned with products that enhance diversity, celebrate traditions, build communities, create meaningful employment, and respect local environmental conditions. Ruth had originally signed up for the site to get support and advice for her business after finding out about the Shell LiveWIRE programme through searching online.When we caught up with Ruth half a year after winning her award she said business had been going very well for Olga Olsson. Ruth says: “It has allowed me to make the big leap and start developing a collection in Brazil. I was so happy that my business idea was taken seriously, and the Award meant that I was able to apply for my trademark, and create my first collection.” Ruth told us that winning the award has given her a lot of increased confidence in the products that she is offering and that the business will be a success. Talking of the difference that winning the Grand Ideas Award win has made Ruth said: “The Award was a fantastic opportunity to make the final decision to take the risk of giving up my steady job and working on the business full time. It was the best decision I ever made, and I'm extremely grateful to Shell Livewire for offering this opportunity to me; it made all the difference.”Ruth admitted that apart from our award she had been struggling to find funding for her business. “It's difficult as there are not many awards for businesses that are just getting themselves off the ground - and this is when you need funding the most, as investment comes when you're ready to grow exponentially, but funding is required to begin.” Since winning our award Ruth has gone on to fully launch her website and has also won the EFF Innovation Award Winner 2010. She will soon be offering an online store feature on her site.
  • Adam Hastings, Martin Jakeway and Ross Harrington, Drink Tea Eat Biscuits.Trio Adam Hastings, Martin Jakeway and Ross Harrington are the young entrepreneurs behind Bristol based graphic design firm Drink Tea Eat Biscuits (DTEB). The company prides itself on its client-centred approach to design.  They encourage client input and aim to create ideas with them rather than simply for them.DTEB used their £1,000 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award that they won in January 2010 to implement their marketing plan of making a ‘Biscuit car’. The ‘Biscuit car’ is a vinyl wrapped car covered with biscuit graphics. The car is meant as a unique way of the marketing the company and one that will make them stand out no matter where they are. On how they’re going to use the car Adam said: “We have planned to attend business seminars and begin networking. We want to use the car as a tool to get existing clients thinking about other services that we could offer.”Adam told us that winning the award and subsequent use of the money had brought the company some good local press including an article in local paper the Weston Mercury.
  • Ben Scrimgeour, The Ben Scrimgeour Building WorkshopPartnership Ben (25) and Rosemary Scrimgeour (25) won their £1,000 Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award in March 2009. They run an architectural and design company based out of rural Angus in Eastern Scotland. Ben and Rosemary used their £1,000 prize money to purchase a piece of design software which allowed them to half their production time and thus double their output of work. The pair received some great press as a result of their Grand Ideas Award prize as Ben tells us: “We've had great press coverage - 4 articles in local papers and an article in the Architect's Journal. This has made us much better known locally and we have secured a great contract as a result of our articles. Everybody knows what we're doing now which has generated huge interest in our way of thinking and working as a company.” On the back of this press Ben was also invited to be a keynote speaker at an event for the local council.Ben found the elevator pitch a great process to go through and the pair have since produced a short video based on their experience with Shell LiveWIRE with the skills they learned from doing the original pitch. The video now takes pride of place on our website.On the impact that the Award win has had on the company Ben said “It accelerated our progress, and resulted in publicity which resulted in us becoming better known as a company, which resulted in securing some fantastic contracts.”Ben fully agreed when asked if the winning of a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award has increased his confidence in the service he was offering and the business viability as a whole.Now that the company has begun securing contracts as a result of winning the Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award Ben is less concerned about needing extra finance to make this business viable: “PSYBT has been great, Shell Livewire Grand Ideas has been great and we recently secured 50% funding for computer training (for our new drawing package) from out local council. Other than these 3 things, we did feel that chasing funding was really a waste of time - in the first 3 months we tried very hard but to no avail (other than PSYBT).”The Ben Scrimgeour Building Workshop has since been named in the Shell LiveWIRE ‘Hot 40’ as part of the 2010 Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
  • 2007 East Regional winner and UK FinalistColchester School of Art and Design 2003First Collection AW07 Quiet noiseSince worked with Erin O Connor and Nike

Starting up for free - Jennifer Marsden Starting up for free - Jennifer Marsden Presentation Transcript

  • Shell UK Social Investment: Supporting Enterprise in the UK
    Global Entrepreneurship Week
    Jenny Marsden
    Social Investment Programme Manager
  • Content
    What is Social Investment (SI)?
    Why do we run SI programmes?
    Shell Livewire
  • What is Social Investment?
    Our voluntary contribution to society
    Range of initiatives that aim to deliver enduring benefit to communities in which we operate
    Leave a positive legacy
    SI activity directly linked business and of importance to community
    Science, Education, Innovation
    and Enterprise
  • Why SMES?
    The Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Statistics for the UK and Regions 2008:
    • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) together accounted for:
    • 99.9 per cent of all enterprises,
    • 59.4 per cent of private sector employment
    • 50.1 per cent of private sector turnover.
    • Employment in SMEs is estimated at 13.7 million
    • Turnover in SMEs is estimated at £1,500 billion
    Globalisation and Economic Policy Centre (GEP), Nottingham University 2010
    • Small businesses employing less than 100 workers account for 65 per cent of new British jobs created in an average year
  • Shell LiveWIRE
    Shell Social Investment Programme
    Established in 1982 in Glasgow
    Online hub with peer reviewed support, advice and networking
    Annual Shell Livewire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
    Monthly Shell Livewire Grand Ideas Awards
    Long history of supporting youth enterprise in the UK and Internationally
  • Shell Livewire Grand Ideas Awards?
    Created to fill a funding gap for young people
    Rolling monthly awards
    To qualify:
    Pre start or in first 12 months of trading
    16-30 year old
    UK Resident
    To Win:
    Innovation – project or business
    The Prizes
    Up to 6 £1000 award given every month
  • What is the process?
  • What is in it for me?
    Communication and application experience
    Constructive feedback
    Third party approval of your idea
    Raised awareness and profile
  • Publicity
  • Scratch Face – Shell Livewire Grand Ideas Jan 09
    Luke Jefferson
  • Squid London – Shell Livewire Grand Ideas June 09
    Viviane Jaeger and Emma-Jayne Parkes
  • Olga Olsson - Shell Livewire Grand Ideas Sep 09
    Ruth Ferguson
  • Drink Tea Eat Biscuits – Shell Livewire Grand Idea
    Adam Hastings, Martin Jakeway and Ross Harrington
  • Ben Scrimgeour Building Workshop – Mar 09
  • Shell Livewire – Annual Award
    James Murray-Wells
  • Previous winners... Hannah Marshall
  • Shell Livewire – Not just awards…
  • Shell Livewire – GEW Competition
    The Challenge: to create the most exciting, crazy, innovative video about entrepreneurs!
    The Prizes: £500 for 1st place! £250 for 2nd place!
    Make a 2 minute video
    Send to Shell Livewire
    They will upload to their You tube channel
    Whoever gets most views by 1st Dec wins!
  • Shell Livewire top tips
    1. Demonstrate your business is viable...
  • Shell Livewire top tips
    2. Be business-like!
  • Shell Livewire top tips
    3. Route to Market
  • Shell Livewire top tips
    4.  Be concise and accurate
  • Shell Livewire top tips
    5. Ugly baby syndrome
  • Shell Livewire top tips
    6. Answer the question
  • Shell Livewire top tips
    7. Don’t be shy!
  • www.shell-livewire.org