Creative Collaboration - Theo Bridge and Barney Heywood


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Creative Collaboration - Theo Bridge and Barney Heywood

  1. 1. Creative Collaboration Enterprise Week 2010 ECCA, Tuesday 16th November Theo Bridge & Barney Heywood Co-Founders HOUSE Collective
  2. 2. HOUSE Collective HOUSE’s vision is to foster an alternative environment that empowers emerging artists and designers to create their own opportunities and take control of their future
  3. 3. Who, why & how? Eight core-members• Wider community of ‘lodgers’• Multi-disciplinary• Not our full time ‘job’• Immersion programme at CSM• Learnt the importance role our piers play• A way of us continuing and building on what we started• An environment to learn• Economic climate• Different problems now, its up to our generation to find the• solutions
  4. 4. PopUpHOUSE A nine-day creative festival featuring workshops, talks and creative events showcasing design, performance, art and fashion Took over an empty shop in Soho for LDF10• Physical embodiment of our values• First event• Eclectic mix• Featured both established and emerging• Creating an environment to experiment•
  5. 5. How we got it done Roles divided by interest and experience• Marketing, Curation of the space, Shop, Event programme,• Administration Flat structure, but give roles with loose boundaries• Meetings in places that would inspire• Proactive in investigating other projects• Clear on HOUSE’s mission• Applications made us think about what we wanted out of• HOUSE and why
  6. 6. Difficulties and the unexpected Two weeks before• To many things to do* Prioritising* Admitting that some things can’t be done* Managing everyones expectation* Working with each other for the first time• Getting to know each other*
  7. 7. What we got out of it & learnt Raised our profiles individually and collectively• A reputation to live up to• Interdisciplinary knowledge exchange• Personal achievements gained• Recognising that you have to make compromises• Location was more important than we imagined• Importance of money, should pay for its self• Networking networking networking• Working corroboratively on a project gives you confidence• HOUSE’s values are relevant•
  8. 8. Next time What do we want to get out of it?• Time• How to keep the spirit of naivety• Don’t be scared of being ambitious• Build on to relationships made• Importance of marketing•
  9. 9. Building on the success Still learning about what HOUSE is• Open to HOUSE becoming a permanent space• Publication• Christmas pop-up café in Bristol•
  10. 10. Any questions?