SQL Server 2008 para Implementar Biztalk


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En esta presentacion analizamos las ventajas de utilizar SQL Server 2008 para implementar Biztalk Server.

Ing. Eduardo Castro Martínez, PhD – Microsoft SQL Server MVP
Costa Rica

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SQL Server 2008 para Implementar Biztalk

  1. 1. Ing. Eduardo Castro, PhD ecastro@grupoasesor.net http://ComunidadWindows.org
  2. 2. Session Objective(s): Show how key SQL Server 2008 features can add value to BizTalk 2009 projects Differentiate Standard & Enterprise SQL Server 2008 features Key Takeaways Answer the following question: ―Why would we want to purchase SQL Enterprise for our BizTalk project?‖
  3. 3. WARNING: No two BizTalk deployments are exactly the same! Many factors need to be considered when recommending a deployment architecture.
  4. 4. Cost Savings Reduce costs and drive efficiencies that maximize return on IT investment High Availability Business Intelligence Ensure the highest level Deliver business insight by of business continuity by transforming data into reducing unplanned and actionable knowledge planned downtime Scalability and Security Performance Provide a secure Deliver an infrastructure environment to protect that can grow with sensitive data customer business Manageability Manage and maintain customer infrastructure with increased productivity, visibility, and automation
  5. 5. Updated Platform Support SOA & Web Services Support for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 New UDDI v3 Web Services Registry and Visual Studio 2008 SP1 New and enhanced LOB adapters Take advantages of the (Oracle EBS, SQL) latest developer tools Enhanced host systems integration Support for Windows Server 2008 (MQ, CICS, IMS, CICS) and SQL Server 2008 Enhanced BAM support Hyper-V support ESB Toolkit 2.0 delivers updated Increased performance & scale prescriptive guidance Business to Business Integration Developer & Team Productivity New Mobile RFID Platform New Application Lifecycle New RFID device management and Management (ALM) support industry standards support Support for TFS - integrated Enhanced Support for EDI/AS2 source control, bug tracking, Protocols & Drummond certification MSBuild automation Updated SWIFT Support, SWIFTReady Enhanced Developer Productivity Financial EAI Gold certification Visual Studio project system updates
  6. 6. Enterprise Scale out/Redundancy Multiple message boxes No limit on number of applications No limit on the number of physical processors Unlimited virtual processors Sales Mix
  7. 7. WE • 80 % SQL Enterprise Edition* US • 31 % SQL Enterprise Edition LATAM • 90 % SQL Enterprise Edition CEE • 69 % SQL Enterprise Edition APAC • 86 % SQL Enterprise Edition All Up • 51% Enterprise Edition
  8. 8. Security & Compliance BAM Data Collection, Reporting & Ad-Hoc Queries SQL ServerDeployment Advanced Enterprise (Virtualization/Large Cluster) Basic Deployment (EAI or B2B Scenario) SQL Server Standard
  9. 9. More flexibility for high availability More flexibility in licensing More flexibility for supporting BAM/BI More flexibility for securing data
  10. 10. Security Compliance BAM Data Collection, Reporting & Ad-Hoc Queries Advanced Deployment Advanced Deployment
  11. 11. 800K trades per day OSI DMZ MSG DMZ WEB DMZ OOB (Mgmt) Subnet BizTalk OSI Receive Send Orchestration Portal/Web Farm Active Directory, Certificate, DNS Blade Servers SWIFTNet SQL DATA Backbone AD DATA Backbone Primary Secondary Secondary Tracking, Administration, Adapter, MessageBox MessageBox MessageBox Application, BAM, Reporting Services & OBSM Database(s)
  12. 12. Database Clustering More than one passive node is available to host instances from multiple failovers on active Applications & nodes Business 1100101 00101 0010111 1100101 0010100 00101 101 1100101 00101 1100101 00101 Minimizes service interruption with automatic failover to configured cluster nodes 110010 Logic 110010 110010 Multiple instances can share the same failover node, which reduces hardware costs Simplified setup reduces administrative costs Fail Over Server Because of the critical nature of the G4S application, CASON sets up the servers in a failover cluster to ensure high availability. —CASON Case Study
  13. 13. Single Instance Failover MessageBox MessageBox MessageBox MessageBox MessageBox MessageBox
  14. 14. Multiple Instance Failover MessageBox MessageBox MessageBox DTA/BAM MessageBox MessageBox DTA/BAM
  15. 15. Multiple Instance Failover MessageBox MessageBox MessageBox DTA/BAM MessageBox DTA/BAM
  16. 16. Virtualization Increases deployment flexibility by running SQL Server inside a virtualized OS, which allows it to be easily moved to another server Applications & Business Provides immediate rollback to a working system by using a snapshot of the virtual Logic machine Allows unlimited virtual machines when all physical processors are licensed (price parity Virtual with Standard edition at eight virtual machines Servers on a dual-processor quad-core system—with more features) Removes the 90-day wait between server moves when moving licenses between servers Host in a server farm Server Forty-six percent (46%) of retailers are seeking to respond to issues and failures of applications and systems. —Virtualization in Retail Survey 2008
  17. 17. Reducing physical infrastructure Flexible Lifecycle More flexibility for BizTalk Dev lifecycle Business Continuity Multi-Tenant B2B applications
  18. 18. Resource Governor Allocate CPU and memory resources to high- priority applications 1100101 00101 Prevent runaway queries that hold resources 1100101 00101 110010 for extended periods LIMIT 50% Provide a consistent user experience, which POOL 0 can result in fewer service calls about slow LOAD 25% systems LIMIT 30% POOL 1 LIMIT 20% POOL 2 15% LOAD 45% ―We deal with a lot of large data feeds—both coming from manufacturers as data updates, and going out to our subscribers. Resource Governor allows us to control the percent[age] of total resources any operation can consume so that they don’t adversely impact our real-time data access.‖ —Michael Steineke, Vice President, Information Technology, Edgenet
  19. 19. BAM-PI BAM-Analysis MessageBox MGMT RE SSO DTA
  20. 20. BAM-PI BAM-Analysis MessageBox MGMT RE SSO DTA
  21. 21. BAM-PI BAM-Analysis MessageBox MGMT RE SSO DTA Machine 1 Global Server Setting Workload Group MAXDOP = 1 MAXDOP = 0
  22. 22. Custom Databases BizTalk SQL Agent Jobs Backup
  23. 23. Central Management Server
  24. 24. Hot-Add CPU and RAM Reduce planned downtime by upgrading servers without stopping the database server Applications & Business Requires hardware support for either physical or virtual hardware 110010 110010 100101 100101 110010 110010 Logic 100101 110010 100101 110010 110010 110010 100101 100101 110010 110010 100101 100101 110010 110010 Hot-add CPU is the ability to dynamically add CPUs to a running system. Adding CPUs can occur physically by adding new hardware, logically by online hardware partitioning, or virtually through a virtualization layer. —SQL Server Books Online
  25. 25. Standard Edition Maximum Number of Up to 16 cores Processors CPU support Support for the most powerful servers, scaling up to the OS maximum number of CPUs (Standard edition supports 4 CPUs) Enterprise edition The query optimizer makes operations parallel Up to 64 cores when there is a benefit Large queries scale almost linearly, so doubling the number of CPUs enables organizations to: Process the same data in half the time Process double the data in the same time ―For most large queries SQL Server generally scales linearly or nearly linearly. For speed up, this means that if we double the number of CPUs, we see the response time drop in half.‖ —Craig Freedman, Coauthor, Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Query Tuning and Optimization
  26. 26. Security Compliance BAM Data Collection, Reporting & Ad-Hoc Queries Advanced Deployment BAM Data Collection, Reporting and Ad-Hoc Queries
  27. 27. Proactive caching is only available in SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition
  28. 28. External Interface Bam_payment_Active Bam_payment_Completed Bam_payment_ActiveRelationships Bam_payment_CompletedRelationships Bam_payment_Continuations Bam_payment_ActiveInstance s Bam_payment_CompletedInstance Bam_payment_Completed_ s Bam_payment_AllInstances 2 Bam_payment_CompletedRelationships_ Bam_payment_AllRelationships 2 Bam_payment_Completed_ 2 Bam_payment_CompletedRelationships_ 2 Internal Interface
  29. 29. TSQL MDX Reporting Performance BAM Portal Custom App Services Point
  30. 30. How many payments have been processed today? How were today’s payments cleared? Who were our top 5 customers today?
  31. 31. DIMENSION TABLE Star Join Optimizations Process more data in a shorter time by DIMENSION DIMENSION TABLE TABLE optimizing common join scenarios in a data warehouse FACT TABLE Significantly reduce the amount of processing for star schema queries DIMENSION DIMENSION Faster join processing speeds up lookups TABLE TABLE during data load, which shortens load windows and enables more frequent updates for better reporting DIMENSION TABLE Rows Returned 623,194 1,000,000 ―In addition to faster query processing, ORF has found an immediate improvement of 15 percent in data loading. We consider that a great advantage when you can get 15 percent faster data loading without having to change a line of our own code.‖ —Gerald Schinagl, Project Manager and Systems Architect, ORF
  32. 32. Scalable Shared Database Centralized, read-only Analysis Services database shared by multiple instances Scale workload across multiple commodity servers Partitioned Cubes Decrease disk space required and processing time Improved query performance Scale out to multiple servers Proactive Caching Provide the performance of traditional multidimensional online analytical processing (MOLAP), while retaining the immediacy and ease of management offered by relational OLAP (ROLAP)
  33. 33. SAN
  34. 34. Data Compression Reduces size of data with 20% to 60% compression ratios* (depending on data) 1001010 0101001 0100001 Provides more room to store more data, which 1111011 1001010 0101001 0101001 allows more instances to share disk resources 0100001 1111011 0101001 Reduced device I/O usually increases performance "We’re anticipating an 80 percent reduction in our backup file sizes using backup compression on SQL Server 2008.‖ —Peter Hammond, President, CyberSavvy *Stated percentages are typical but not guaranteed
  35. 35. Security Compliance BAM Data Collection, Reporting & Ad-Hoc Queries Advanced Deployment Security & Compliance
  36. 36. Clearly document subsystems and modules Differentiate internal & external interfaces Highlight the interaction between interfaces Document data storage Classify application data in taxonomy of security policy Identify security artifacts that require storage Document the chain of trust Show trust dependency between subsystems Define audit requirements Audit policy & granularity of audits Compliance requirements Non-repudiation requirements SLA for duration of compliance data Threats & Mitigations Clearly document potential threats and proposed mitigations
  37. 37. Availability Mitigate denial of service threats Privacy Confidentiality of information in transit or at rest Integrity Data assurance – resistant to tampering or changes Accountability (non-repudiation) Identity & Access User, process or machine authentication Authorization or services Audit tracking, monitoring & reporting activity
  38. 38. Database Auditing Know what’s happening with your data: audit at the table and database levels Employee User: User: Employee Marc Marc Tina Anders Boyer Riis Makovec Built into the database engine—no custom Boyer Salary: Salary: Action: Action: $40.000 WRITE READ code is required $40.000 Track reads, writes, log-ons, password AUDIT changes, and many other events Detect misuse of permissions early on to limit possible damage Minimal impact on performance ―The enhanced auditing tools in SQL Server 2008 enable us to track all changes to tables and other data elements in our system.‖ —Avad Shammout, Lead Technical Database Administrator, CareGroup HealthCare System
  39. 39. Successful Login Database change Logout Database object change Failed Login Database principal change Change password Schema object change Role change password Server principal impersonation Server role change group Database principal impersonation Database role change group Server ownership change Backup Restore Database ownership change DBCC command Schema ownership change Server operation Server permission change Database operation Database permission change Audit change Database object access Server state change Schema object access Server object change Broker login Server principal change Database mirroring group Trace change group
  40. 40. Database role change Select Database operation Update Database change Insert Database object change Delete Database principal change Execute Schema object change Receive Database principal impersonation References Database owner change Database object owner change Schema object ownership change Database permission change Database object permission change Schema object permission change Database object access Schema object access
  41. 41. ISO 15408 – International Standard for Info Sec Framework for making security claims for a product Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) Australia & New Zealand Japan Austria Republic of Korea Canada Malaysia Czech Republic Netherlands Denmark Norway Finland Pakistan France Singapore Germany Spain Greece Sweden Hungary Turkey India United Kingdon Israel United States Italy
  42. 42. Common Criteria Compliance Criteria Enterprise edition meets or exceeds the Residual Information Protection auditing requirements of many organizations (RIP) and nations The ability to view log-on C2, supported by Standard edition, has been statistics superseded by Common Criteria That column GRANT should not Protects data and provides auditing override table DENY The Common Criteria was designed by a group of nations to improve the availability of security-enhanced IT products, help users evaluate IT products for purchase, and contribute to consumer confidence in IT product security. — SQL Server Books Online
  43. 43. Employee 11001010 11001 11001 Transparent Data Encryption Marc 01010010 01001 01001 10011101 01001 01001 Boyer Salary: 01100101 00110001 01001 01001 Secure your data with I/O-level encryption that $40.000 11 11001 takes place as data is stored on-disk 01001 01001 01001 Encrypt the entire database on-disk to protect against lost or stolen disks or backup media Transparent from users and applications; practical for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom applications Backups are automatically encrypted ―With SQL Server 2008 we have transparent encryption, so we can easily enforce the encryption of the information in the database itself without making any changes on the application side.‖ —Avad Shammout, Lead Technical Database Administrator, CareGroup HealthCare System
  44. 44. Extensible Key Management ―Defense in depth‖ makes unauthorized access to data harder by storing encryption Employee Marc 11001010 01010010 keys away from the data Boyer 10011101 Salary: 01100101 $40.000 001 Enables using hardware security modules for higher performance Reduces administration requirements when managing multiple keys and certificates The transparent encryption built into SQL Server 2008 helps CareGroup comply with HIPPA data encryption requirements and address overall concerns for data privacy. SQL Server 2008 delivers an excellent solution to this growing need, by supporting third-party key management and hardware security module products. —CareGroup Case Study
  45. 45. High Availability Security Manageability Scalability and Business Cost Savings Performance Intelligence 16-node Common Table Maximum Star join query Data and clustering Criteria partitioning number of optimizations backup Certification processors compression Automatic Resource Partitioned page repair Transparent Governor Parallel index cubes Unlimited with database data operations virtualization mirroring encryption Mirrored Change data backups Parallel capture 16-node Online Extensible partitioned clustering operations encryption key Multiple-server tables Advanced management administration analytics Hot-add CPU Resource functions and RAM All actions Governor audited High-speed Database 50 named connectors Snapshots instances per Fine Grained server Data-driven Peer-to-peer Audit report replication subscriptions ENTERPRISE EDITION has more than 60 features not in Standard edition
  46. 46. Preguntas
  47. 47. Ing. Eduardo Castro, PhD ecastro@grupoasesor.net