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Sql azure data services OData


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In this presentation we explore SQL Azure and OData. …

In this presentation we explore SQL Azure and OData.

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  • 1. Ing. Eduardo Castro Martínezecastro@grupoasesor.net
  • 2. ARC306. Open Data For The Enterprise.Jonathan CarterDEV323. Best Practices: Creating ODataServices using WCF Data Servic. AlexJamesDEV325. Best Practices for BuildingCustom Open Data Protocol (OData)Services with Windows Azure. Alex James
  • 3. Microsoft SQL AzureInformation Platform as a Service Managed Service Scale on Demand Innovate Faster Platform capabilities delivered as a service (Database, Data Database as a utility with Innovate with new data Sync, Reporting…) pay as you grow scaling application patterns Reduced complexity, greater Rely on Business-ready Build cloud-based data flexibility SLAs solutions on a familiar relational model Easy provisioning and Enable multi-tenant deployment solutions Build on existing developer skills and familiar Transact- Auto High availability and Manage multiple servers SQL syntax fault tolerant
  • 4. Subscription Used to map service usage to the billing instrument Users may have many subscriptionsLogical Server Akin to SQL Server Instance Unit of Geo-Location & Billing 1:1 Subscription & serverUser Database Restricted T-SQL surface area Additional catalog views provided e.g. sys.billing, sys.firewall_rules, etc
  • 5. A relational DB in the cloud SQL Azure Database Data Hub Others (Future) .NET Services SQL Services Applications Relational database as a service Live Services Windows Azure Highly available, automatically maintained Extension of the SQL Server Data Platform Applications Windows Windows Windows Others Server Vista/XP Mobile
  • 6. Single Logical Multiple Physical Database Replicas Repli ca 1 Repli D ca 2 B Repli ca 3
  • 7. Reference Data Sync Data Symmetric Programming Model Data Hub Aggregation• Initial services – core RDBMS capabilities with SQL Azure Database, Data Sync• Future Offerings • Additional data platform capabilities: Reporting, BI • New services: Reference Data
  • 8. Clear Feedback: “I want a database in the Cloud”Familiar SQL Server relational modelUses existing APIs & toolsBuilt for the Cloud with availability and scaleAccessible to all from PHP, Ruby, and JavaFocus on combining the best features of SQL Server running at scale with low friction
  • 9. Application Application Application Browser Browser ODBC, OLEDB, Application Application REST Client REST Client SQL Client* ADO.Net PHP, Ruby, … Cloud Cloud Evolves HTTP+REST HTTP+REST HTTP HTTP TDS Windows Azure Windows AzureData Center Data Center Web App REST (Astoria) Web App REST Client ADO.Net + EF SQL Client* REST/SOAP + ACE Model TDS + TSQL Model SDS Current SDS Next * Client access enabled using TDS for ODBC, ADO.Net, OLEDB, PHP-SQL, Ruby, …
  • 10. SQL Azure Database Others (Future) SQL AzureApplications Windows Azure AppFabricWindows Azure Applications Windows Others
  • 11. SQL Azure Database Database TDSApplication Database DatabaseSQL Azure Database Others (Future)
  • 12. SQL Azure Database DatabaseApplication Max database Database size is 50 GB DatabaseApplication Database
  • 13. Applications use standard SQL client libraries: ODBC, ADO.Net, PHP, … Application Internet Azure Cloud TDS (tcp) Security Boundary Load balancer forwards „sticky‟ sessions to TDS LB protocol tier TDS (tcp) Gateway Gateway Gateway Gateway Gateway Gateway Gateway: TDS protocol gateway, enforces AUTHN/AUTHZ policy; proxy to CloudDB TDS (tcp)L SQL SQL SQL SQL Scalability and Availability: Fabric, Failover, Replication, and Load balancing
  • 14. Subscription Coordinated across all Azure services Executed in parallel w/retriesServer May occur between data centers Point where Geo-location is establishedDatabase Always occurs within a single data center Cross node operations executed during this process e.g. add new db to sys.databases on the master
  • 15. Live DNS Cluster Customer Live DNS Browser Svc 1 Datacenter (Sub-Region) 5 Portal LB Gateway LB 2 4 3 6Front-end Node Front-end Node Front-end Node Front-end NodeAdmin Portal Admin Portal Gateway Gateway 7 Backend Node Backend Node Backend NodeSQL Server SQL Server SQL Server Mgmt. Mgmt. Mgmt. Services Fabric Services Fabric Services Fabric
  • 16. 1 TDS Gateway Front-end Node TDS Session Protocol Parser 2 3 Gateway Logic Master Cluster Master Node 4 Master Node Components 7 5 8 6Backend Node 1 Backend Node 2 Backend Node 3 SQL Instance SQL Instance SQL Instance SQL DB SQL DB SQL DB Scalability and and Availability: Fabric,Failover,Replication, and Load balancing Scalability Availability: Fabric, Failover, Replication, and Load balancing
  • 17. AccountServerDatabase
  • 18. Build a custom OData Service?Configure and Deploy your OData Service?Reach your audience?Share only what you want?Plan for the future?
  • 19. OData is the easiest way to share dataDo it wrong and it will cost youMobile and JavaScript clients are importantSharing too much can hurt your careerThings change.
  • 20. “Open Data”
  • 21. The “Open DataProtocol”
  • 22. 1. Based on HTTP & ATOM2. Open Specification Promise HTTP/ATOM + QUERY + JSON + METADATA
  • 23.  HTTP Reach (devices and platforms) Metadata Formats (ATOM & JSON) Semantics(GET/PUT/POST/ DELETE) Uri Conventions & Query Language
  • 24. HTTPSuitable for devicesSimplePowerfulEco-system Platforms: Javascript, PHP, Java, .NET, Silverlight, Ruby, i OS etc Producers: SharePoint, DataMarket, CRM, StackOverflow, Netflix etc.
  • 25. For development you need: Windows Azure SDK and Windows Azure Tools for VS Azure account with at least: One Storage Account One Hosted Service Registered Certificate SQL Azure Database
  • 26. Options Use SSIS Script Database and run script in new database Code in your app to initialize database(Coming Soon) (EXPORT) DacImportExportCli.exe -s serverName -d databaseName -f C:filePathexportFileName.bacpac -x -e (IMPORT) DacImportExportCli.exe -s -d databaseName -f C:filePathexportFileName.bacpac -i
  • 27. .getJSON(..) <script> {“x”:1} callback({“x”:1})
  • 28. Authentication & Authorization Authenticates and sets: HttpContext.Current.User
  • 29. AuthN Windows Auth – simple for in the enterprise services Basic Auth – maximum reach Forms Auth – purely for integration OAuth – most flexible – but needs custom code OAuth HttpModule Custom client code to acquire credentials
  • 30. authentica tes Gives consent someone@facebook .comAuthenticates and sets: HttpContext.Current.User
  • 31. Try to Authenticate someone@mycorp.c om someone@mycorp.comAuthenticates and sets: HttpContext.Current.User
  • 32. need to access‟s data token: token: canread canreadAuthenticates and sets: HttpContext.Current.User
  • 33. WithDataServiceContext.IgnoreMissingProperties: You can safely Add a new optional property Remove a property – Read Only Add unrelated new types But lots of things can go wrong. Add a required property or navigation Remove a property – Read/Write Rename a property (fail). Remove a type / feedRealistic Solution V1/service.svc/ V2/service.svc/
  • 34. You just learned how to: The easiest way to build a web-api The easiest way to host a web-api How to do it the right way: Configuration Security & Reach VersioningYou know how to create a REAL service…
  • 35. Windows Azure SDK and Windows Azure Tools forMicrosoft Visual Studio component (with recent bug fix) ASP.NET Output Caching with WCF Data Services posts on the OData team blog New Hands-on Lab on ACS + WP7 + OAuth2.0OData Service
  • 36. http://www.odata.org http://odata.codeplex.com
  • 37.
  • 38.