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World Religions Projects

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Sample slides deconstructed, and with summarizing tips.

Sample slides deconstructed, and with summarizing tips.

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  • in order of ascending quality . . .
  • too much text. Presenter will be tempted to just READ at the audience
  • Text difficult to read; insufficient color contrast. Slide distracts attention from presenter.
  • Block of text should be summarized or even eliminated. Images should dominate slide as they are focus of discussion. Hills-based background is unrelated to content.
  • Remove “click to add content.” Switch positions of maps to mirror real relative position of countries.
  • Skyscraper-based background is unrelated to content; use a solid white background to blend with image background. Slide title is unnecessary. Good choice of image for presentation content; needs citation.
  • Title unnecessary. Good placement of citation; good background color choice.
  • Very nice use of negative space. Good choice of text color. God placement of image citation. “Muslim” is misspelled. Very nice
  • Needs citation; otherwise, excellent. Good background for discussion of roots of Judaism and story of Abraham and covenant.
  • NICE! Image needs citation.
  • Nice! Image needs citation.
  • In a presentation, focus attention on YOU, the presenter, and your content. Occasionally focus attention on screen for relevant map, image, words, dates, or other important detail.
  • Do not compete with your slides for attention. Your audience can only pay attention to one thing at a time.
  • If you use an image, make sure it is relevant to your current content! Go for the full-bleed when possible, and make sure your text (if any) contrasts with the image.


  • 1. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • 2. Focus attention
  • 3. do not distract
  • 4. I can haz
  • 5. I can haz relevant images?