Richard Trenton Chase Vampire Of Sacramento


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  • noctural enuresis = bedwetting

  • Walked around apartment nude, even in front of company.

    Nailed his bedroom door shut; cut an escape hatch from his closet to the exterior so “people” couldn’t get to him.

    The roommates demanded he move out; he refused, so they moved out.

  • Before disposing of the body, he drank the neighbor’s blood and ate the infants internal organs.

  • Richard Trenton Chase Vampire Of Sacramento

    1. 1. Richard Trenton Chase “The Vampire of Sacramento” Freak of the Week
    2. 2. Born in Santa Clara in 1950, Chase was beaten and abused by his mother. McDonald triad by age 10: pyromania, zoosadism, and nocturnal enuresis.
    3. 3. Adolescence Known as an alcoholic and chronic drug abuser in high school. Developed erectile dysfunction as a result of “psychological problems stemming from repressed anger”, according to his therapist at this time.
    4. 4. Developed hypochondria; would complain that his “heart stopped beating” or that his “pulmonary artery had been stolen.” Believed his mother was trying to poison him. Moved in with friends; they thought he was weird.
    5. 5. Alone in the apartment, Chase began capturing animals to drink their blood and eat their organs. He believed this prevented his heart from shrinking. He injected rabbit’s blood into his veins and became sick. At the hospital, he volunteered to become institutionalized.
    6. 6. Mental health staff argued whether he was schizophrenic or whether he suffered from drug-induced psychosis. After two institutions, in 1976, he was released, deemed no longer a danger to society. His first confirmed victim was a drive-by shooting of a man in December, 1977.
    7. 7. He attacked others, but did not kill again until stalking a three-month pregnant woman. He shot her three times, had sex with the corpse, mutilated the body, and bathed in her blood. !
    8. 8. Terry Wallin
    9. 9. Six days later he committed his final murders. He entered a woman’s home and killed a visiting neighbor, the woman, her six-year-old son, and his 22-month-old cousin. As with his first female victim, he engaged in necrophilia and cannibalism.
    10. 10. At the home, Chase left perfect handprints and perfect imprints of his shoes. He carried away the neighbor’s body and portions of the infant’s.
    11. 11. FBI Profile By Agent Russ Vorpagel: White male, aged 25 27 years; thin, undernourished appearance. Residence will be extremely slovenly and unkempt and evidence of the crime will be found at the residence. History of mental illness, and will have been involved in use of drugs. Will be a loner who does not associate with either males or females, and will probably spend a great deal of time in his own home, where he lives alone. Unemployed. Possibly receives some form of disability money. If residing with anyone, it would be with his parents; however, this is unlikely. No prior military record; high school or college dropout. Probably suffering from one or more forms of paranoid psychosis.
    12. 12. Convicted of six murders, Chase was sentenced to death. In jail, he hoarded macaroni and cheese, believing the warden was in league with Nazis and was trying to poison him. He was found dead one morning, having saved his jail-prescribed anti-depressants for two weeks and overdosing on them.