Jerry Brudos


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  • Found high heels in garbage dumpster
    Mother finds him wearing them, beats him, tells him they are “wicked”, burns them
    The forbidden fruit becomes more desirable
    He would sneak out of the house, break into neighbors’ homes, and steal shoes and underwear
  • He’d stalk, attack, choke, steal shoes, and flee

  • 2x4 to head, strangled, sent family to get dinner at fast-food, friend visited - dead girl in basement
    Sex w/ body
    removed left foot w/ hacksaw & disposed of the body
  • He kept her right beast to make a plastic mold out of.
    While body hanging from ceiling, car crashed into garage - could see into garage and see BODY ... no one did
    Next victim, he kept both breasts

  • Jerry Brudos

    1. 1. Jerry Brudos Fetish killer
    2. 2. Born in 1939 after two other sons, Brudos’ mother wanted a daughter, not another son. She criticized and belittled him constantly, making him hate the mother he loved. Shoe fetish begins at 5. Builds a collection of stolen women’s shoes, bras, and panties.
    3. 3. Teen years are spent in & out of psychiatric hospitals for stalking women. At 17, he digs a hole in a hillside “to keep a girl in” attacks a girl in the park, beats her up, and tries to rape her
    4. 4. Doctors knew he had a fetish for female shoes, underwear, and pornographic pictures of women, but he was released at 18. Joined the Army, but discharged when fellow soldiers reported his sexual fantasies to commanding officers
    5. 5. Married Darcie, had two children, became an electrician. Darcie saw him naked except for women’s high-heels, panties, and bra. She also finds a paperweight made in the shape of a woman’s breast, but says nothing.
    6. 6. After Darcie refuses to have sex with him any longer, Brudos sneaks into the house of a neighbor and rapes her while she sleeps.
    7. 7. Linda Slawson, selling encyclopedias door-to-door. Family Friend Left foot and disposal
    8. 8. Jan Whitney, along with two men, stranded alongside the road. He dropped two men off, took Whitney back to his house when he killed her, had sex with her body in the car, and then moved her body to his workshop. Dressed her in some of the clothes from his collection, suspended her body from a pulley in the ceiling for 3 days, and took pictures.
    9. 9. Used a fake badge and “arrested” her for suspicion of shoplifting at a mall. Had her bound in the basement while he ate dinner with his family. Raped, strangled her, suspended body from ceiling again - and attached electrical wires to her ribcage to try and make her body dance.
    10. 10. Failed kidnapping attempt leaves a witness. Arrested, charged with 4 murders. Convicted to three life sentences, dies of natural causes in jail. Antisocial personality disorder with paraphilias of a deviant nature.