Elizabeth Smart


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  • Mary Katherine feigned sleep for 2 more hours before going to parents
    Mitchell and Barzee marched Elizabeth 4 miles into the hills where Barzee performed the marriage “ceremony” and then Mitchell raped Elizabeth, to consummate the mariage
  • Mitchell would quote Joseph Smith’s Mormon quotes while raping her

  • Lois Smart, the mother, hired Brian Mitchell from panhandling downtown Salt Lake City to come to the Smart home and do odd-chores for the day. This is when he saw Elizabeth; began spying on her from the hillside behind the house.
  • After 45-minutes, she breaks down
    She cries in the police car, concerned about what will happen to Mitchell

  • 40% juvenile kidnappings end in death
    58,200 non-family kidnappings in a year

  • Elizabeth Smart

    1. 1. Elizabeth Smart Victim of the Week
    2. 2. Thanksgiving, 2002, Brian Mitchell tells his wife, Wanda Barzee, that he’d had a revelation from God commanding him to take 7 additional wives. He began calling himself Immanuel David Isaiah. He stopped shaving and cutting his hair, and dressed like the Old Testament prophets.
    3. 3. June 15, 2002, kidnapped at knifepoint from her Salt Lake City home in the middle of the night by Mitchell and Barzee. Mary Katherine, 9-yr-old sister, was awakened by the intruders as they kidnapped the 15-yr- old Elizabeth
    4. 4. For the next few months, the three lived in the hills above and the ravines behind the Smart home Could hear searchers shouting her name She would be left, chained to a tree, by Mitchell and Barzee
    5. 5. Later, moved into town, Mitchell forced Barzee and Elizabeth to wear burka, hiding their faces.
    6. 6. July 24, 2002, Mitchell plans to kidnap Elizabeth’s cousin Broke into house; knocked picture frame off wall, woke family, and fled
    7. 7. October 2002, Mary Katherine told her father, “I think I know who did it.” Sketch made public Mitchell’s sister called in with his name Within weeks, a citizen called 911, having seen Mitchell walking alongside the highway
    8. 8. Police arrest him; he claims his name is “Peter Marshall” Elizabeth claims her name is “Augustine Marshal” and that he was her father Police notice wig and continue to question her
    9. 9. What motivated Mitchell? Why did he decide that forcibly taking Elizabeth from her bed was ok? Was he motivated by criminal intent? Was he motivated by psychotic distorted thinking? Was he motivated by fundamentalist religious ideation? Why hadn’t the sister called out, or gone to her parents right away? How had Mitchell gained psychological control of Elizabeth in the succeeding weeks to allow her to go out in public? Why didn’t Elizabeth run away? Why had Mary Katherine wait months to tell her father about who she saw that night? How could Elizabeth have lied to police when directly questioned? What is the best way to help Elizabeth after being reunited with her family?
    10. 10. Stockholm Syndrome symptoms: • Emotional bonding with the captor/abuser • Requiring the victim be isolated from the outside world • Subjecting the victim to sexual assault, threats of harm to herself and her family, demanding she conform to dress and culture different from what she is used to? • Seeking favor and approval from the perpetrator • Depending on the perpetrator for security and purpose of existence • Befriending and caring for the captor • Resenting police and proper authorities for their rescue attempts • Losing one's own identify in order to identify with the captor/abuser • Seeing things from the perspective of the perpetrator • Valuing every small gesture of kindness, such as letting them live • Refusing to seek freedom even given the opportunity
    11. 11. Stockholm Syndrome as survival mechanism where there is: • a constant threat to survival condition of hopelessness and helplessness • isolation and loss of support systems from outside • world context of trauma and terror that shatters previously • held beliefs about the world perception that survival depends on total surrender • and compliance
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