14 Formation Of Western Europe


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  • 14 Formation Of Western Europe

    1. 1. Formation of Western Europe Chapter 14
    2. 2. • Copy the summary paragraph FROM the end of your 14.1 Cornell notes TO the back of your Final Exam Corrections. • You have 60-seconds ...
    3. 3. .1 Church Reform & Crusades
    4. 4. The Age of Faith, 900-1500 Problems in the church? Papal curia, tithe? New religious orders?
    5. 5. Describe a gothic cathedral
    6. 6. Describe a gothic cathedral
    7. 7. Chartres Cathedral
    8. 8. Chartres Cathedral
    9. 9. Chartres Cathedral
    10. 10. Chartres Cathedral
    11. 11. Chartres Cathedral
    12. 12. Crusades, 1096-1204 1071, Holy Land conquered by Seljuk Turks 1095, Pope Urban II calls for a crusade 1096, First Crusade; conquers Jerusalm in 1099 1146, Second Crusade fails; Byzantium fails to capture Damascus 1187,Third Crusade, quot;Crusades of Kingsquot;: Frederick Barbarossa of Germany, Philip Augustus of France, Richard I, the Lion-hearted of England recapture Acre; ends in truce between Richard and Saladin Yusuf Ibn Ayyub, leader of the Seljuk Turks, granting right of pilgrims to enter Jerusalem for pilgrimages. 1198, Fourth Crusade, “the Trader Crusade”: plunders Byzantine Empire in 1204 1212, “Children’s Crusade” 1400s, Reconquista
    13. 13. Results of the Crusades: • Stimulated trade and towns • Strengthened kings and central power • Weakened the Church • Weakened serfdom • Encouraged learning
    14. 14. .2 Changes in Medieval Society
    15. 15. Identify key advances in agriculture, learning, and trade
    16. 16. Historical Inquiry Model 1. Question 2. Gather information 3. Analyze 4. Write thesis 5. Present 6. Reflect
    17. 17. Question What changes in Europe laid the foundations for the Renaissance? Gather information Review 14.2 notes and textbook Analyze Organize/ color-code findings and ideas into types of changes, such as economic, cultural, religious, political, technological. Write thesis Answer the question in one sentence! Present Be prepared to present to the class. Reflect Refine your thesis based on what you think after hearing others’ thesis statements.
    18. 18. .3 England & France
    19. 19. Be able to analyze how democratic traditions took shape in England and France. describe the various invaders who contributed to English culture explain how England’s government took the first steps toward democracy describe the Capetian dynasty in France
    20. 20. Key Names & Terms William the Conqueror Philip II Henry II Estates-General common law 1066, Battle of Hastings Magna Carta Eleanor of Aquitaine parliament King John Hugh Capet
    21. 21. .4 100 Years War & Plague
    22. 22. Describe the Black Death and the Hundred Years War and the effects they had on Europe. identify the problems faced by the church in the 1300s and 1400s describe the bubonic plague and its effects on Europe Explain the Hundred Years’ War and its impact
    23. 23. Key Names & Terms Avignon Joan of Arc Great Schism Crecy, Poitiers, and Agincourt John Wycliffe “twin pillars of the medieval world” Jan Hus bubonic plague Hundred Years’ War