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How 21 cei works
How 21 cei works
How 21 cei works
How 21 cei works
How 21 cei works
How 21 cei works
How 21 cei works
How 21 cei works
How 21 cei works
How 21 cei works
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How 21 cei works


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. “How It Works”ipsa scientia potestas est
    21st Century Entrepreneurial Institute
  • 2. Search for an online 8-week course that interests you on our Course Catalog.
    Click on the course title you want to take (All available courses are highlighted).
    Review the course information, and decide if it’s the one for you.
    Each 8-week course offering is focused on providing students transferable skills for every class offered. If you didn’t learn anything, let us know
    Find a Course
    21st Century Entrepreneurial Institute
  • 3. Join a course in less than 5 minutes:
    Click ‘Join Course’.
    Enter only details necessary to confirm academic status. (Your information is secure, and will never be shared with third parties).
    Finally complete registering for a course by using our payment gateway.
    Sign up for a Course
    21st Century Entrepreneurial Institute
  • 4. Learn (Part 1 of 4)
    Engage in a dynamic learning experience.
    Professionally shot and edited videos from the instructor in four different views:
    Whiteboard only view (with audio from the instructor)
    Instructor only view (with audio)
    PowerPoint only view (with audio from the instructor)
    Mixed view (view combining all of the above views)
    Classes taught by subject matter experts, celebrities, authors, professors.
    Multiple videos per week with optional video responses to students. Watch as many times as you’d like!
    21st Century Entrepreneurial Institute
  • 5. Learn (Part 2 of 4)
    Engage in a dynamic learning experience.
    Quizzes from the videos to ensure understanding.
    All videos are transcribed so that you can search, read, and better understand the content.
    Weekly office hours with real-time interaction with instructors, subject matter experts, and learn “real life” application of course content
    21st Century Entrepreneurial Institute
  • 6. Learn (Part 3 of 4)
    Engage in a dynamic learning experience.
    Midterms and Final Exams.
    Weekly Discussion Threads, furthering the conversation from the weekly Lectures (minimum three postings per topic).
    Weekly projects to add to your professional portfolio and case study analysis from Harvard Business School.
    It’s where theory and practical application meet!
    21st Century Entrepreneurial Institute
  • 7. Learn (Part 4 of 4)
    Engage in a dynamic learning experience.
    Pre-class and Post-class assessment tests to showcase how much you've learned this session.
    You’ve taken our class. We need to show how much you’ve learned
    Collaborative social voting on questions (similar to for additional course content.
    Promotes more engaging interaction for real-time situations with real-time answers. Ask anything.
    Engage with peers, subject matter experts, celebrities, authors, and professors.
    21st Century Entrepreneurial Institute
  • 8. A, B, C, No Credit Grading Scale.
    10 classes for basic certificate (Level 1)
    15 classes for gold certificate (Level 2)
    20 classes for platinum certificate (Level 3)
    Certificates display that you have received a passing grade in a certain number of courses, which indicates your amassing of tangible skills.
    21st Century Entrepreneurial Institute
    Certificate Program
  • 9. Use the power of your social graph to earn credits, or funding towards paying for courses.
    Share 21CEI with friends on Facebook, Twitterand Google+andreceive cash credit for others that signup for a course.
    Share your crowdfunded education page (similar to Kickstarter) on Facebook, TwitterandGoogle+to raise funds towards your courses.
    Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook
    Share and Connect
    21st Century Entrepreneurial Institute
  • 10. “How It Works”ipsa scientia potestas est
    21st Century Entrepreneurial Institute