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Training presentation of FDA Consumer Representative Advisory Committee. Election process, candidates and the FDA network.

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12 08 14 consumer repv2

  2. 2. Mission StatementMake product recall information easily accessible for companies and consumers Making Safety Easier
  3. 3. CommunityWOMEN2.0:Support female owned and ran businesseshelp with Founder Friday and other eventsDraw support for female health issues AIDS Policy Project: Collaborate on campaigns related To Awareness and public health Retweet / Share mediaMom2.0 // BlogherWork closely with influential bloggers inthe food and children’s spacePartner with various publishers Making Safety Easier
  4. 4. SearchWe find various ways to connect with consumers about health issues and shareimportant information.Inventory Monitoring:We have a product that works with companies selling products online tohelp them know if they are shipping out recalled items or similar itemsThat could produce hazards- We also help them in cases of recallsEmail Notifications:We run regular email alerts and campaigns to help spreadThe word about special information- We have a product in beta integrating this into larger systems Making Safety Easier
  5. 5. ConnectConsumers love connecting with us in both traditional and non-traditionalchannels. Making Safety Easier
  6. 6. Partnerships“Collaborating with a reputable company like ConsumerBellprovides an extra layer of safety and security.” - Markus Rauschnabel, Bluum CEO Making Safety Easier
  7. 7. RecruitingWe’re always looking for talented candidates tobe FDA reps We evaluate open positions and areas of expertise Then Search our Preferred Vendor database to see any areas or qualifications that are a match and encourage those to apply Advisors and Investors: we also reach out to our network of Advisors of Investors for potentially qualified candidates (some of our investors are notable in health and other health organizations) Our Blog: if the FDA is having issues filling positions or getting enough candidates in we will also post the calling on our blog: http://bit.ly/PlmOXp Making Safety Easier
  8. 8. Candidate Selection ProcessWhen reviewing candidates for ranking we take into consideration the followingthings:THINGS WE CHECK DON’T CHECKGeneral Knowledge: quickly scanning Validate Education: we don’t verifycandidates CV for knowledge in related degrees or certificationsareaStability and Dedication: serving on Conflicts of Interest: we accept that it’sboards and organizations for long the DFO’s role to judge whether or notdurations of time there is a conflict of interestOnline reputation: checking social Family Life: we don’t examine amedia channels, googling, and other candidates personal or relationshipresources to make sure we can be status as a factor for selection, even in theassociated with the candidate case of family health. Making Safety Easier
  9. 9. Ranking ProcessWhen reviewing candidates for ranking we take into consideration the followingthings:1. Direct Experience- Current and direct experience to the eligible position2. Publications and RelevanceSearching online and finding publications and published material. Many times thereare several published works, we give higher ranking to those that have publishedworks related to the topic to which the nominee is submitted for3. Association with OrganizationsWe look at any associated organizations, time with the organization and therelevance to the position the candidate is nominated for.4. Any related connectionsIf we have relation or are familiar with an organization the candidate is associatedwith, we might call that organization or rank them appropriately. Making Safety Easier
  10. 10. Future Increase coalitions and involvement Encourage potential representatives to apply Knowledge share with the FDA and other committees involved Support the Consumer Representative Nomination Process  Additional information, please email: ellie@consumerbell.com Making Safety Easier