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EBWAY Creative Solutions is a full service Internet Marketing and Website Production agency located in Fort Collins, Colorado. With over 1,000+ successful projects under our belt we have the experience, the staff and the talent to help small business owners dominate their marketplace.

Visit www.ebwaycreative.com for more information.

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EBWAY Creative Solutions | Playbook 2014

  1. 1. We Create Experiences that Deliver Results. A guide to EBWAY - Who we are, what we do, and how we do it
  2. 2. Design Makes a Difference Design matters today more than ever before. It’s more than making things look good, it’s about creating an experience that stands out, delights users, and creates real value for your business. Which brands are winning with design today? Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Companies that put design first create massive value through compelling and delightful user experiences. Twitter expects $1 billion in ad revenue in 2014. Instagram sold to Facebook for $900 million. Pinterest valued at over $2.5 billion.
  3. 3. Finding great design talent is hard We’re here to help Finding an agency that can keep up with you is even harder. Project timelines are tight, plans are in flux and expectations are sky high. We get it. Our Design Services User Experience Design for Websites & Web Applications Our process is designed to make working with us User Interface Design here. We’ve eliminated the red tape so you can Responsive Website Development focus more on results and less on paperwork. We solve your toughest user experience design challenges. Our iterative, objective based methodology delivers high quality design that helps you scale your business. User Engagement Strategy Online Brand Development Digital Product Design
  4. 4. Finding web marketing talent is impossible We’ve Got You Covered Our online business gurus and web strategy experts have over 100+ years of combined experience. Whether you need to build your brand, promote your services or sell your products to a wider audience, we can help! We solve the toughest online marketing challenges. Our iterative, objective based methodology delivers revenue focused solutions that help you grow your business. Our Internet Marketing Services Internet Marketing Strategy, Consulting & Planning Search Engine Optimization Paid Search Marketing (i.e. PPC, AdWords) Social Media Marketing Video SEO Email Marketing
  5. 5. Working with EBWAY is Different Our model is different than a traditional agency. As a client, you subscribe to our service and get access to our entire team: </> DEVELOPERS DESIGNERS MARKETERS Every meeting you set the goals and objectives for our team. Tell us what you need, we help you get it done. It’s that simple. And why shouldn’t it be?
  6. 6. Revenue Focused Design The EB...WAY Revenue focused Design is about identifying the most important goals to achieve for your website or application, and then applying continuous strategy, execution, measurement and iteration to reach them. Work on single or multiple objectives based on your velocity and budget.
  7. 7. Focus on Results Not Scope Scoping projects before understanding the problem is working backwards. No one can predict the future. Fixed projects create overhead and waste that slow you down. It’s far better to create and test a hypothesis and quickly iterate to find success. That’s the lean methodology at the heart of our design process: REVENUE FOCUSED DESIGN. It’s an agile UX process that moves rapidly through the build-measure-learn cycle, reducing the time and investment needed to find success. Design is never done. We are always evolving.
  8. 8. We are What We Value soul camaraderie Everything we do has a purpose and is done with craft. We care for and connect with each other and those we serve. growth arete The purpose of our existence is to continually grow and improve. We strive to always act within our highest potential. These values are the foundation of everything we do. They are the fuel in our mission to make great design accessible to anyone by setting new standards for how people interact with any screen.
  9. 9. Get the Ball Rolling We love working with startups and small biz. We keep our client roster limited and only You’ll get access to our entire team of designers, accept new clients when spots open up. If developers and marketers. A senior strategist you’re ready, let’s talk. We’ll start by setting will be your internal advocate and focused on objectives, agreeing to timing and budget, and your success. Compared to hiring an internal then rolling up our sleeves and creating magic. staff member you get a lot of bang for your buck, starting the moment you say go. If the answer is a resounding yes, then please email us with details about your company, project and objectives. info@ebwaycreative.com or call 970.310.0993 www.ebwaycreative.com