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Open source e business promotion

  1. 1. Business PlanProfessional , Creativity , Peoples Zaka Ullah (C.E.0)
  2. 2. Outline• Idea in a Nutshell• Vision and mission• Strategy• Markets: Drivers, Competition and Opportunities• Market Strategy and Marketing Plan• Business Model• Team and Organisation• Financial Plan• Main Risks• Roadmap and Next Actions• Summary
  3. 3. Idea in a Nutshell• Open Source eBusiness Promotion in a Nutshell• Problem eBusiness Promotion analyses your website and identify the problems, and tackle them, to achieve better search rankings on keywords related to your business• Solution The idea behind Open source ebusiness promotion is to make data on web pages and in online databases better able to be read and understood by computers and used and shared by different software applications. The Open source ebusiness promotion will do for data what the web did for virtual marketing. It will make it universally and instantly searchable and sharable. Social networking sites, wikis and other communities featured with mash- ups, podcasts, long tails, AJAX, weblogs, social bookmarking, wikis, RSS feeds, social software, Web APIs, Web standards and online Web services. ebusiness promotion supports the collaboration and sharing between users. eBusiness promotion is an improved your website and provide better ROI.
  4. 4. Vision & Mission• Vision To Provide Unlimited Business growth With Web technology solutions providers & excellent Customer-employee relationship.• Mission To provide quick and apt solutions to customers. To encourage, motivate and teach analytical skills and recent trends to the entire team. Latest technologies and their strategies to be implemented with Innovative Web Solution• Fundamental Values Integrity Trust Fairness Passion for Excellence Unity Innovative Ideas Responsibility Understanding Become one of the Top innovative, effective offshore development solutions providers
  5. 5. Strategy• Open source ebusiness promotion basically combination of three thing SEO, SEM and SMO." To have your site ebusiness promotion for the search engines means to attempt to have top placement in the results pages whenever a specific keyword is typed into the query box. The foundation of a successful our ebusiness promotion program consists of the following building blocks:• Keyword-rich text. The majority of a sites pages should contain the words and phrases the target audience types into search queries. Pages should appear somewhat focused on these important keyword phrases, and the phrases should be featured prominently on the page. Otherwise, the page wont convert well or receive consistent search engine traffic over time. Keyword research and copywriting for individual HTML tags are a part of this building block.• Information/site architecture and page layout. Search engines and end users must be given easy access to keyword-rich content. How text, graphic images, and multimedia files are arranged on a page tells search engines and site visitors which content the site owner believes is most important. URL structure and technical architecture figure into that as well.• Link development. Commonly referred to as link popularity, this is the number and quality of objective, third-party links pointing to a URL or Web site. Of course, not all links pointing to a site are objective, third-party links, but those types of links arent always the most credible.
  6. 6. Market: Drivers Competition and OpportunitiesWhile there are many factors that go in to a successful ebusiness project, knowing what your competitorsare doing to promote their products and services on the Internet is crucial to a successful our strategy.Using specialized research tools, we will analyze your top competitors to determine what level of ebusinesspromotion and Online Marketing strategies they are using so that we can properly recommend whichstrategies are going to be the most beneficial to your websites products and services.• Analyze competitor sites, landing pages and keywords which are driving traffic.• Analyze competitor search rankings for highly targeted keywords.• Determine which competitors are utilizing PPC campaigns as an additional marketing method.• Identify which SEO strategies competitors are utilizing so that we can surpass their efforts.• Analyze competitor landing pages and conversion pages.If knowledge is power, knowing and understanding what makes your competition into a competitor willgive you the edge you need to make you their competitor and not the other way around
  7. 7. Market Strategy& Market PlanYour best eBusiness Promotion strategy is one that makes your web site fit within your marketing plan, one that bestmeets your goals and objectives. Your eBusiness Promotion site can be one that:• Is simply a brochure that introduces you to potential customers, channels or distributors.• Supplements your offline operation and talks to your audience, offering customer and sales service and support.• Displays an electronic catalogue for online shopping and sells your products and services directly on the web.• Connects your operation with your suppliers to increase efficiency and streamline delivery systems.Whichever suits your target, eBusiness Promotion can make your marketing work for you. Users are already in themarket for your product or service, they do a quick search, your site comes up first, they click, and you’ve got instant“pre-sold” traffic. GREAT! Sounds like a win-win situation right?
  8. 8. Business Model The ebusiness promotion provide business modeling canvas is a quick place to write down what really matters about your ebusiness promotion, for founder in search of a business model.Value Proposition Features Problem Customer Segments Channel Revenue ModelMarket External Risks Key Performance Indicators
  9. 9. Team and OrganizationPutting together a team of the right people for great eBusiness Promotion is just one step towards reachingorganizational. In my post at Blog storm I covered the concept of how great eBusiness Promotion starts with theright people, and what qualities you’re looking out for during your recruiting process. This post takes a step backand discusses the organizational layout of your team.
  10. 10. Financial PlanMany Internet-based businesses dont become profitable untilseveral years after theyre established. You have to estimate yourrevenues and expenses based on similar online businesses. Thefinancial section will include a profit-and-loss statement, abalance sheet, sales projections and cash-flow statement.
  11. 11. Main Risk• Move your Google Places location to the centre of your city• Blog Comments with Links• Unique Meta Keywords• Submit URL to Search Engines• Paid Directory Submissions• Invalid HTML• Creating a Google Plus Profile for Your Company• Private Who is Domain Registration• Paid Directory Submissions: Depends on the directory.• Build Internal Links: This is one of the most overlooked SEO tactics that can really help a website.• Build Local Listings: This is a must do item for local businesses.
  12. 12. Roadmap and Next Actions
  13. 13. SummaryThe open source ebusiness model can be climbed more easily than the other ebusiness model , because scaling isas easy as marketing a new site.Once that site is revenue positive, you can further increase its rankings, start another, and so on. Many of therequirements are easily outsourced and do not require extensive , time consuming client interaction.But again, there are only 24 hours in the day, so once youre up and rolling, try to outsource as much as possible.