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WSI Facebook Social Media Presentation

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  • Fe3edback from our last couple presentations, people want real life case studies and examples. We are going to cover 4 real cases. Also, don ’t worries about taking screen shorts or frantic note taking. Everyone on this call with get a electronic resource kit with all the slides, a short feedback survey, and about 4 or 5 other resources. As you can see from the agenda, we are going to cover these 5 areas. The 6 steps are going to go over very quickly, we have included those as a guide or reference for you to go back to after the presentation. One is going to be how the largest campaign is the World WON Big Using Social Media As you can see from the agenda, we are going to cover these 5 areas. The 6 steps are going to go over very quickly, we have included those as a guide or reference for you to go back to after the presentation. At the end of the Presentation you will walk away with a good understand of How and Why you should be using Social Media marketing to market your business, Generate Leads and BOOST Sales!
  • We got the business side of things out of the way, let ’s get into some of the fun stuff – WHY Social Media Marketing Just a couple of mind blowing statistics 184 Million Bloggers, YouTube…FaceBook has 24 million…
  • We Call Social Media – Fishing where the fish are with great bait. – People are talking – Companies need to listed and join the conversation. It is a great way to engage your customer. This part of the presentation we are going to discuss the current economy as it relates to social media, lead generations and why you should adopt a smart social media marketing campaign for your busuibness. We are going to get into the different things you can do to grow your business. Before that we need to understand HOW people make buying decision buy? Let ’s be clear Social Media Marketing will not replace real live human action. As far as I know, everyone CTO, CIO Office Manage sill has a phone on their desk and probably a phone if their pocket. I believe the best way to grow a business is picking up the phone and calling people. Also, the best business are built from referrals and word of mouth. Social media marketing will NOT replace how people will buy, although, referrals, word of mouth, and your sphere of influence will only take you so far. Here you can see traditional media vs new media! This show where people are getting their invormation.
  • Go over basics - Sm will not replace your current internet martekting strategy, it will enhance and strengethein it.
  • Generating Traffic to your webiste. We recommend having one central place to point people for more information.
  • Number 1 photo sharing webiste – 24,000 applications widgets built and 140 added daily – fastest growing demo is 25 and older.
  • The point here is what even business you are in, you will find a community on all of these newtorks. If you are a selling widgets, manuifzacturing steel, selling water, plumber, ciropractor, cosmetic surgen…there is a communitiy on the internet for your business. Actually the more your businss is a niche, the better and targeted social networks is. Have a purpose and a strategy – you will learn the 6 steps to get started in the coming slides. We will talk about target market Take Away – Get Connected!
  • Facebook Social Media

    1. 1. Today’s Agenda• What is Social Media• Types of Campaigns• Top 10 Facebook Features• Getting Started and Case Studies
    2. 2. 184 million bloggers 73% of active online users have read a blog YouTube has 68 million visits/month 57% have joined a social network 55% have uploaded photos FaceBook 24 million photos uploaded daily 39% subscribe to an RSS feedSource: Universal McCann Comparative Study on Social Media Trends April 2008
    3. 3. Top Four NetworksWhere do you begin?• Facebook• LinkedIn• YouTube• Twitter
    4. 4. Internet Marketing Flowchart
    5. 5. Effective Facebook Strategy Will Help With
    6. 6. • Only 4 years old• Market value of 15 Billion• Over 100 million active users• 24 million photos uploaded daily• Powerful pay per clickadvertising platform
    7. 7. Are Your Customers Interested in Any of the Following?• Cars • Music• Books • Video Games • Sports• Fashion • TV• Health & Fitness • Food• Movies • Gadgets