Wawa Subway Comparison October 2012


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VitaminSpice added to QSR, and restaurant food increases nutritional benefit, leaves company\'s like Subway behind curve.

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Wawa Subway Comparison October 2012

  1. 1. Eat right with every bite.PIONEERS OF THE EMERGING FOODCEUTICAL INDUSTRY VitaminSpice, Inc. Confidential October 2012 www.vitaminspice.net 1
  2. 2. SAFE HARBOR STATEMENTStatements in this presentation are forward-looking statements as that term isdefined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-lookingstatements are based on current expectations that could be affected by risks anduncertainties from time to time in VitaminSpice, Inc.’s reports to the Securities andExchange Commission, which include VitaminSpice, Inc.’s Annual Report on Form 10-KSBand Quarterly Reports on Form 10-QSB. Eat right with every bite. www.vitaminspice.net 2
  3. 3. FirsttoMarket Eat right with every bite.VitaminSpiceis first to market with our unique andproprietaryprocessof microencapsulatingvitamins,antioxidantsand mineralsfor the purpose of enhancingeverydayfood products-- starting with Spices. • Gourmet Quality Spices • Gluten-Free • 100% Vegetarian • 100% All Natural • Calorie Free • Kosher • No Sugar • No Artificial Sweeteners • No Preservatives 3
  4. 4. TheVitaminSpiceFactor! Eat right with every bite. Seethe %DV difference when VitaminSpice Black Pepper is added to Wawa 6” TurkeyShorti. vs. SERVINGSIZE: SHORTI ROLL 6” / TURKEY SERVINGSIZE: 6” / TURKEY Calories:200/ Fat Cal: 20 Calories:280/ Fat Cal: 30AMOUNTPER SERVIN w/VITAMIN SERVING %DV AMOUNTPER SERVIN %DVSERVING G SPICE (2.1G) SERVING GTotalFat 2g VitaminC: 49.0mg 82% TotalFat 3.5g 5%Sat.Fat 0.5g Niacin: 10.9mg 54% Sat.Fat 1g 5%TransFat 0g Pantot.Acid: 5.4mg 54% TransFat 1gCholesterol 0mg Pyridoxine: 1.1mg 54% Cholesterol 20mg 7%Sodium 530mg Riboflavin: .9mg 54% Sodium 810mg 34%VitaminA:0% Vitamin Thiamin: .8mg 54% C:0% VitaminA:8% Vitamin C:20%Calcium:2% Iron:15% FolicAcid 217.6mcg 54% Calcium:30% Iron:15% VitaminB12 1.3mcg 22% 4
  5. 5. Wawa+VitaminSpice Eat right with every bite.Wawa Fresh Food +VitaminSpice• Breakfast: BlackPepper, CrushedRed Pepper, GroundCinnamon• Soups,Sides& Bowls: BlackPepper, CrushedRed Pepper• Salads: BlackPepper,CrushedRed Pepper, GarlicPowder• Hoagies& Sandwiches: BlackPepper, CrushedRed Pepper• ToastedWraps&Flatbreads: BlackPepper,CrushedRed Pepper• Wraps: BlackPepper, CrushedRed PepperWawaCoffee+ VitaminSpice• Coffee:GroundCinnamonWawaRetail+VitaminSpice• VitaminSpiceRetailDisplay• Shop Online 5
  6. 6. Recommended(RDA) Eat right with every bite.VitaminSpiceis the ONLY Spice Enrichedwith Essential Vitamins!Justone servingof VitaminSpicegives you and your kids as much ashalf(50%) ofthe RecommendedDaily Allowance(RDA) of essentialvitaminsand minerals. 6
  7. 7. MarketPosition Eat right with every bite.VitaminSpiceis uniquely positioned between the:1)health food, 2) vitamin supplementand,3)traditional food industries. • U.S. consumers spend approximately $1.7 Trillion in these industries annually1 • Processed food sales worldwide are approximately $4 Trillion Globally (2008)2 • The health food/supplement industry is approximated to be a $91 Billion market.31. Plunket Research, Feb 17 2006, Food Industry Overview2. BNET, http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0EUY/is_1_9/ai_96501035/3. http://www.healthcare.reachinformation.com/Nutraceutical.aspx 7
  8. 8. SupplementFacts Eat right with every bite.Noother Spice or Condiment on the Market canmakethis claim other than VitaminSpice. PatentPendingproprietaryproduct.SupplementFacts Label. 8
  9. 9. IntellectualProperty Eat right with every bite.• Registered with UnitedStates Patent and TrademarkOffice.• US and WorldwidePatents Filed.• Design IP, AllentownPA (Intellectual Property Counsel) 9
  10. 10. AwardWinningVitaminSpice Eat right with every bite.AmericanMasters of TasteOrganizationrepresenting 10,000Chefs EndorsesVitaminSpiceIndependent Panel of Judges performedBlind Taste Tests of the VitaminSpiceProducts. VitaminSpice was declared aWorld Taste Champion by the Chefs InAmerica Awards Foundation, whoseprofessional Board Members conduct tasteteststo identify those food products thatmeet their exacting standards2011 10
  11. 11. ProofofMarketPotential:1 Eat right with every bite.FLEX MagazineJuly 2011 Comparison 11
  12. 12. ProofofMarketPotential:2 Eat right with every bite.Food Network Magazine:Top 10 VitaminSpice(April 2011) 12
  13. 13. ProofofMarketPotential:3 Eat right with every bite.VitaminSpiceadds value benefits within National RestaurantAssociationNewMenu Labeling. (FOODSERVICE)The National Restaurant AssociationonJuly 5, 2011is filing comments regardingthe Foodand Drug Administration’s(FDA)draft menu labeling regulations.The Associationwasa primary advocateforthe menu labeling law,passed inMarch 2010,which will requirerestaurant chains with 20 or morelocationsoperating under the samebrand to provide detailed nutritioninformationto consumers, and displaycalorieson the menu, menu board, ordrive-thru. Under the law supported bythe Association, nutrition information ENDORSED BY NEW JERSEYandcalories onthe menu and menu RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION!boardwill be available in morethan250,000restaurant locationsnationwide.http://www.restaurant.org/pressroom/pressrelease/?ID=2134 13
  14. 14. ProofofMarketPotential:4 Eat right with every bite.VitaminSpiceImpact Potential on Pizza Industry.Individual size packets of VitaminSpice Granulated Garlic or Red Crushed Peppers.Packed in Foodservice size containers, table display/shakers and individual servings. Individual serving packets. 14
  15. 15. MultiVitamin for Kids Eat right with every bite.“Shake some Red Crushed Pepper VitaminSpice on your kids slice of Pizza, Spaghettior Meatball Sandwich. Kids just enjoyed a multivitamin.” Everyone wins. Kidsget their Pizza. Momknows they’re getting the additional nutrition. 15
  16. 16. VitaminSpice-Up Salads Eat right with every bite.“Shake VitaminSpice Black Pepper, Red Crushed Pepper or Garlic Powder onto yourfavorite salads. You just enjoyed a multivitamin.” It’s easy to add VitaminSpice to any of my salad meals while dieting. It provides me with extra multi-vitamins on the go. 16
  17. 17. NewBreakfastVitamins Eat right with every bite.“Cinnamon VitaminSpice is great on your favorite breakfast items such as French Toast,Pancakes, Waffles, Oatmeal, Coffee and Hot Chocolate. Add VitaminSpice BlackPepper and VitaminSpice Ketchup to your eggs and hash browns.” The New flavor of Chewable Vitamins for breakfast. 17
  18. 18. Guilt-FreeFare Eat right with every bite.“Shake a little VitaminSpice Sea-C-Salt, VitaminSpice BBQ, VitaminSpice RanchSeasonings on your French Fries, Potatoes and Chicken Nuggets. Food at home or thesports game just got better and healthier.” No need to feel guilty. The new chewable vitamin for kids of all ages…..French Fries. 18
  19. 19. VitaminSpiceCondiments Eat right with every bite.“Squeeze VitaminSpice Ketchup and Mustard on your Dog, Brat, Burger or Philly CheeseSteak at the Game, tailgating party or home. You just enjoyed a multivitamin.” VitaminSpice Ketchup & Mustard. The new fan favorite during sports and tailgating events. 19
  20. 20. RetailMerchandiser Eat right with every bite.24 QTY. VITAMINSPICE COUNTERTOP RETAIL MERCHANDISING DISPLAY 20
  21. 21. Retail Products Eat right with every bite. Eat right with every bite.VitaminSpiceRetail Products• VitaminSpiceGarlic 3.4oz• VitaminSpiceCinnamon 2.8oz• VitaminSpiceBlack Pepper 2.7oz• VitaminSpiceCrushed Red Pepper 1.5oz• VitaminSpiceKetchup 13oz• VitaminSpiceMustard 9oz No negative taste affects from Vitamins. Great tasting gourmet quality Spices. Bioavailability of Vitamins increase. 21
  22. 22. CelebrityChefs Eat right with every bite.• ChristinaPirello has been astarredin the longestrunningcookingprogramon television.www.ChristinaCooks.com• ChefDaniel Young was asked tobeBarrackObama’sChef at theWhiteHouse. Chef“D” is alsothepersonalchef to athletessuchas CarmeloAnthony.More to come! 22
  23. 23. MediaRecognition Eat right with every bite.VitaminSpicehas receivedNational and RegionalMediaattention:Print,Television,Internetand SocialMedia.VitaminSpiceis in PR talks withnationalnews organizationsandfirsttier televisionshows.(e.g.:TodayShow)WATCH VIDEO: Bringing Spice to Denver Spothttp://www.youtube.com/VitaminSpice/Denver 23
  24. 24. GameDayAdvertising Eat right with every bite.Program Leagues Co-MarketingProfessional NFL,MLB,NBA,NHL LogoplacedonFull Page4coloradCollege Top300NCAADiv1,2,3Footballand Tensofthousandsof Basketball uniqueconsumers Regional/National24Yearbooks ProfessionalandCollege Exposure
  25. 25. GivingBack Eat right with every bite.• Childhood Obesity• School Nutrition• Cancer Research 25
  26. 26. Board and Advisors Eat right with every bite.Edward Bukstel, CEO, Founder25 + Years, Entrepreneurial Experience, Healthcare, IT, Nutrition .Dr. Marc Meyer, Chief Science Officer38 Patents in Food Technology and Microencapsulation.Robert Wilke, Chief Marketing Officer30+ Years Experience Fortune 100 Clients and fast growing businesses.Michael McDermott, Chief Product Strategist30 yrs. Chef to the Chef’s, Food Service specialty retail and grocery distribution experience.Shan StrattonNutritionist to New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox in addition to several high profileathletes and professional sports teams.Christina PirelloNationally recognized Celebrity Chef specializing in nutrition and whole foods. 26
  27. 27. Thankyou. CONTACT INFORMATION: EdBukstel,CEO &Founder,VitaminSpice,Inc. ebukstel@vitaminspice.net m.215.498.4453 | o. 484.367.7401 www.VitaminSpice.netEat right with every bite. 27