Secrets Of The 200,000 Lead System


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Learn the secrets of an internet marketing lead system using state-of-the techniques to generate endless, effortless and automatic leads. Learn how to be guaranteed #1 in Google in your local market.

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Secrets Of The 200,000 Lead System

  1. 1. Leo J. Vidal, JD, MBA, CPA<br />Vidal & Assoc. Internet Business Consulting<br />Secrets of the 20,000 Lead System<br />
  2. 2. IntroductionI<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />2<br />Does Anybody Here Want to Be the #1 Producer in Town?<br />The Totally Unique Opportunity You Have Right Now If You Act Quickly<br />Let&apos;s Look at the Numbers: How Much Is It Worth to Have 5 Hot Leads Call you EVERY DAY? <br />Investing the Price of One Average Commission will Pay You Back At Least 12 New Commission Checks Within 12 Months (and Maybe Two or Three Times That)<br />How Much is It Worth to Cut Your Prospecting and Lead Generation Time by 50% or more? <br />
  3. 3. Discover Your Niche<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />3<br />About Time and Money -- the Importance of Choosing Your Correct Market Niche<br />Put it On AutoPilot: How the Internet Finds Your Highly Targeted Leads Automatically<br />How to Spend Your Time With Future Customers; Be Successful in Your Niche With Web Marketing Techniques<br />
  4. 4. Keywords are Key <br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />4<br />Search Engine Keywords & Real Estate Marketing Online<br />“Best Producer in Elkhart,” etc. -- Why You Must Know What Search Terms Are Used in Google<br />How Search Engines Bring Your Best Targets and Future Customers to Your Website Automatically, Endlessly, and Free<br />
  5. 5. Optimize Your Pages<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />5<br />Optimize Each Web Page For Producer SEO & Free Leads<br />What’s In a Name: Why Words on Your Web Pages Can Make or Break Your Success<br />More Than an Awkward Name: What Website Optimization is and How to Do It<br />
  6. 6. Get Linked<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />6<br />Build External Links For Great SEO<br />Make Your Website Popular So People Want to Visit<br />What External Links to Your Website Can Do for Your Free Traffic Count<br />Reach Out & Get Linked: The Best Ways to Get the Best Websites to Give You Free Links<br />
  7. 7. Money in the List (1) <br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />7<br />Capture the Email of Every Visitor<br />The Money is in the List: Why Email Capture is the Most Important Function of Your Website<br />Tricks and Techniques: How to Capture Every Visitor’s Email Address<br />
  8. 8. Money in the List (2)<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />8<br />How to Use a Free Follow-Up System to Get More Leads and Close More Sales<br />Staying in Touch: What a Follow Up System Will Do for Your Business<br />It’s Automatic: How to Set Up Your Follow-up System to Make Sure Your Prospects Call YOU<br />It’s Free: Say goodbye to stamps, envelopes, letterhead, and copying costs.<br />
  9. 9. When it Does Add Up<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />9<br />Get Highly Targeted Ads For Automatic Leads<br />Sometimes You Have to Pay the Piper: Why Buying Ads is Ok if They Are Highly Targeted<br />How to Use the Sniper Sales System to Bag Your Best Targets<br />Combining Pay Per Click With SEO to Create Web Traffic Synergy to Explode Your Email List and Make Your Phone Ring Off the Hook.<br />
  10. 10. Blogging <br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />10<br />Use Your Blog For Better Relationships and More Leads<br />No More Dialing for Dollars; Now its Blogging for Dollars<br />Blog-o-Mania: Why a Blog Should Be at the Center of Your Marketing Strategy<br />Blog-o-Mation: How to Make a Blog Part of Your System of Automated, Endless, and Free Lead Generation<br />
  11. 11. Going Public<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />11<br />Meet Your Future Customers on Public Internet Forums<br />Become a Groupie for Internet Marketing Success<br />Speak Softly and Carry the Big Stick of Being an Expert Authority in Your Field<br />How to Sell by NOT Selling<br />
  12. 12. Tweets and Twitter<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />12<br />Get With it on Twitter For Automatic Online Leads<br />Tweet Tweet? Why You Should Ride That Bird to Success<br />How I get 15,000 Twitter Followers to Click on My Tweet-Links 3,000 times per day<br />Secrets of Local Tweeting for Marketing Success<br />Secrets of Automatic Tweeting to Save You Time and Bring You More<br />
  13. 13. You Can Be a Movie Star!<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />13<br />Become a Movie Star on Your Own YouTube Channel<br />Yes, You Can Be a Star – And Why You Need to Do This NOW<br />“Break a Leg” - Making Your Own Movies is MUCH Easier Than You Think (if You Do it Right)<br />From Zero to 1.5 Billion in 18 Months: What YouTube’s Phenomenal Success Means to You<br />
  14. 14. Get a Buzz<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />14<br />Get a Buzz on With Free Online Publicity<br />Why Public Relations Is So Important Online<br />Have Your Heard the Latest Buzz? (Word of Mouth Advertising Works Better Than Any Other Form of Advertising)<br />And . . . . Yes, It Still is Free<br />(Psst – Wanna Know a Secret? You Can Buy “Free” Word of Mouth Advertising)<br />
  15. 15. Conclusion – Beginning a New Way of Marketing<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />15<br />The Future is NOW<br />You Can be the #1 Producer in Your Market<br />You can have an unending supply of free, automatic leads<br />You Can Have a Free Automatic Follow-up System to Never Lose Contact with a Lead<br />Closing more sales – This is up to you<br />Good luck and God Speed!<br />
  16. 16. What’s Next? Free Trial + Free Bonuses<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />16<br />Option 1: Try Out the “Weekly Action Plan Program” for Free; “Do It Yourself”<br />Sign Up Now and Get it for 2 Weeks Free Trial<br />Cancel at Any Time; No Risk & No Obligation<br />Each week you receive a customized action plan with step-by-step instructions; Easy!<br />Keeps you “On Track!” http://lea.dsnowonline or<br />
  17. 17. Option 2: Free Consultations for Coaching & Full Service Plans<br />Secrets of the 200,000 Lead System<br />17<br />You may apply for a position within our coaching program or “Done for You” full service program<br />Coaching is the Weekly Action Plan except you also receive personalized help & guidance too<br />“Done for You” full service is your way to delegate without hiring anyone. You get all the benefits.<br />Keeps you focused on what you do best – Selling<br />Please complete application form<br />