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Planserve Common Remitter

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Relevant Remitter

  1. 1. 401a plans 403b plans 457 plans 401k plans<br />Insurance Premiums Common Remitter<br />
  2. 2. PlanServe Data Systems<br />Provides E-Business Products for the Retirement and Financial Services Market<br />Experienced Management Team<br />Managed the development and support of large, complex recordkeeping systems<br />Managed day –to- day recordkeeping operations with thousands of plans and participants<br />Developed and supported e-business solutions for retirement services and other markets<br />Located in Birmingham, AL<br />
  3. 3. PlanServe Data Systems<br />All PlanServe Products based on Common .Net<br />Relevant Remitter<br />A Browser-based Common Remittance Platform for Multi-Vendor Benefit Plans<br />Supports 403(b), 457, Life Insurance and other deductions<br />Rules defined based on contribution or premium type<br />Fresh approach to meet the demands of the new regulations and B2B formats. <br />Relevant File Exchange Portal<br />B2B System to automate the collection of data and files from clients and to publish both data and print files. <br />Advanced roles-based security model to support the different relationships<br />
  4. 4. PlanServe Data Systems<br />Relevant Pension Portal<br />A single portal to consolidate data from multiple data sources for your participants, plan sponsors and investment advisors.<br />Relevant Web<br />A platform for developing e-commerce products for different markets. Based on powerful CRM system and role based security model . Clients include banks, retail product suppliers, associations, etc. <br />
  5. 5. Your Common Remitting?<br /><ul><li> Can you manage all of your remittances on a single system?
  6. 6. Are you losing business because of system limitations?</li></ul> <br /><ul><li> Are manual steps keeping your costs high and limiting your growth?</li></ul>Forward thinking providers are repeatedly turning to PlanServe as a trusted partner to upgrade their common remitter delivery platform to the next generation.<br />
  7. 7. Relevant Remitter – Solution Components<br />Enabled with a customer relationship management (CRM) engine<br />Based on employer for multiple plan type support<br />Allows unlimited local or global vendors<br />Connects participants with multiple relationships<br /> <br />Steamlined with a file exchange portal<br />Collects and imports employer and vendor files<br />Transforms files with BPM and ETL tools for straight through processing<br />Publishes files to employers and vendors with full security<br /> <br />Developed on a workflow engine<br />Money source based rules engine for scalability and flexibility<br />Expandable and flexible workspaces <br />Quality assurance auditing<br />Handles 401k, 403b, and 457 plans<br />Empowers providers to cost-effectively manage the multi-vendor payroll deduction requirements for the 403(b) and 457 plan market as well as other multi-vendor employer benefit programs. <br />
  8. 8. Relevant Remitter – Solution Components<br />Focused on remittances for contributions and premiums <br />Billing on paper and online<br />Remittance on paper, online, and upload<br />Allocation or pass through<br /> <br />Configured for transaction review and compliance<br />Paperless processing and review<br />Online form completion<br />Electronic form archival<br /> <br />Controlled with reporting for management dashboard <br />Allows seamless presentation to CSV, html, or PDF<br />Compliance reports and real-time monitoring as transactions are input<br />User configurable templates<br /> <br />Enables quality with tailored screens and content<br />Browser-based XML and XLST<br />Real time connection to vendor API with a communication adapter<br />White labeled sites for employers and vendors<br />
  9. 9. Relevant Remitter - Overview<br />
  10. 10. Relevant Remitter – End to End Efficiency<br />Relevant Remitter will allow service providers using Relevant Remitter to improve service levels and deliver enhanced services at lower costs<br />
  11. 11. Your Pension Portal?<br /><ul><li>Are you setting up separate rules for back-office process and your web?
  12. 12. Are you able to change your content on your web daily without program recompiles?
  13. 13. Do you have full control over your key web delivery channel to your customers?
  14. 14. Does your budget not have room for massive IT upgrades with unnecessary middleware?
  15. 15. Are you overwhelmed with duplicate control files?</li></li></ul><li> What is Relevant Pension Portal?<br /><ul><li>A web based service platform – designed to support
  16. 16. Plan Administrators
  17. 17. Plan Advisors
  18. 18. Plan Sponsors
  19. 19. Plan Participants
  20. 20. New approach with ‘right’ technology.
  21. 21. New architecture for rich and relevant content.
  22. 22. New design focused on participant experience rather than old paper process or host system limitations.</li></li></ul><li>Relevant Pension Portal: Product Benefits<br />Avoid being locked into a proprietary web tightly coupled to a legacy host<br />Avoid complicated and bloated middleware<br />Avoid expensive consulting engagements<br />Allows Recordkeeper to control the web content and functions<br />Leverage existing rules for minimum rule duplication<br />Leverage data in place for minimum data duplication<br />Use of industry standard, proven technology with XSLT and XML<br />Clean and clear separation of presentation from data for easy and quick screen changes and skinning<br />Use of host based business services<br />Easy integration with multiple data sources<br />Avoids complicated multiple tier middleware<br />
  23. 23. Relevant Pension Portal: Product Benefits<br />Designed you web to fit your participant’s not the system<br />Integrated into your overall web presence<br />Use industry standard technology<br />Reduce to a minimum the number of possible points of failure<br />Reduce to a minimum the number of interactions with host for each business event<br />Easily integrate with other data sources <br />Recordkeeping; Investment Advice; reporting databases; and other internal/external systems<br />Business team can manage content<br />Maintain content without program compiles<br />Private label web presentation<br />Setup alerts and messages at different levels<br />
  24. 24. Relevant Pension Portal: Components<br />Integrated with Relevant File Exchange System for controlling the exchange of files and data with clients, participants and other business relationships<br />Publish full cycle confirms for complete integration (i.e., address changes, deduction changes, loan initiation)<br />Allow selectable formats for download<br />Distribute documents across plans by role<br />Business Process Management tool (ETL) to automate movement of data between systems. Works with Relevant File Exchange or other system to push straight through processing.<br />
  25. 25. Relevant Pension Portal: Technology<br />Highly flexible and scalable platform<br />XML/XSLT for data access and transformation<br />XML-based integration with OmniPlus™ via OmniConnect™, DDMS or Operational Data Store (SQL Database)<br />Browser-based development environment for developing and testing OmniScript for XML data integration <br />XSLT used for generating HTML, PDFs, comma delimited files (CSV) or XML<br />Microsoft .Net framework to easily add new technology to platform on your schedule<br />
  26. 26. Relevant Pension Portal: Unique Design<br />Separates the data from presentation for lower maintenance and support costs<br />Change content and graphics without program compiles. <br />Source code provided to protect investment<br />No proprietary code to impact product evolution <br />Easy and quick deployment for updates<br />
  27. 27. Relevant Pension Portal: Designed for ease of use<br />
  28. 28. Relevant Pension Portal: New Approach<br />Managed by content management system (CMS)<br />Driven by contact management structure (CRM)<br />Host control file configured<br />Make daily updates to only selected portion without recompiles<br />Phase in rollout to avoid risk<br />Source code provided for greater control<br />Updated proven technology without jumping to latest fad<br />
  29. 29. Relevant Pension Portal: Participant Web<br />Customizable summary page with<br />Current allocation graph & Balance history<br />Contribution snapshot & Dynamic teasers<br />As of balance inquiry by investment, source, or asset class<br />Searchable activity history<br />As of pricing comparison<br />Investment performance snapshot for past 90 days<br />Loan Center<br />Loan modeling with frequency and next payment dates<br />Current amortization downloads with payment history<br />Dynamic loan applications & Online loan requests<br />Payoff wizard<br />Contribution center<br />Current snapshot of last amounts, last dates, and year to date amounts<br />Graphical display of contribution history & Online deduction transactions<br />Investment center<br />Personal action wizards to guide the user through process<br />Configurable transaction combinations & Scheduled transaction events<br />Manage pending activity & Prospectus receipt validation<br /> <br />Personal profile with Display employer branding & Allow edit of selected personal details<br />Alert center<br />Customized global, plan, or participant alerts<br />Allow acknowledgement & Linkable to calls to action<br />Portfolio details with Shows underlying securities in a portfolio & Branded documents and prospectuses <br />
  30. 30. Relevant Pension Portal: Sponsor Web<br />Used by Call Center Staff<br />Employer Access<br />Administrative Access<br />Take on the participant’s view<br />Payroll upload and validation<br />Secure file exchange<br />Publish full cycle confirms for complete integration (i.e., address changes, deduction changes, loan initiation)<br />Allow selectable formats for download<br />Distribute documents across plans by role<br />Plan browse<br />Participant search<br />Multiple occurrence support<br />
  31. 31. Relevant Pension Portal: External Sources<br />NewKirk™ for performance history and prospectus information<br />Guidance Plus ™ for investment advice<br />Statement warehousing systems<br />Quicken downloads<br />External document libraries<br />Contact engines<br />Universal multi-factor security engines<br />Others….<br />Here are the possible external integration points commonly used with the suite, but each site has unique needs. However, the framework allows connections to multiple data sources in an easy and structured approach without complicated tools.<br />
  32. 32. Relevant Pension Portal: Architecture<br />
  33. 33. Relevant Pension Portal: Typical Network<br />
  34. 34. Relevant Pension Portal: Customization <br />Simple Control File Structure for each OmniScript to support client customization. <br />Add/Change Control Files and OmniScript to extend functionality <br />
  35. 35. Relevant Pension Portal: Sample<br />name=Contributions<br />activity=01<br />name=Realized Gain/Loss<br />activity=02<br />activity=03<br />activity=004<br />name=Disbursements<br />activity=23<br />activity=20<br />activity=25<br />name=Miscellaneous<br />activity=05<br />activity=06<br />activity=08<br />activity=09<br />activity=10<br />activity=12<br />activity=22<br />activity=24<br />activity=27<br />activity=28<br />name=Transfers<br />activity=07<br />activity=21<br />name=Fees<br />activity=26<br />activity=73<br />name=Loans<br />activity=35<br />activity=96<br />activity=97<br />activity=29<br />name=Unrealized Gain/Loss<br />activity=999<br />
  36. 36. Relevant Pension Portal: XML Sample<br /><instructions><br /> <instruct name="maxrange" value="500" /><br /> <instruct name="lowestdate" value="03/21/2009" /><br /></instructions><br /><balances><br /> <bal name="open" value="23615.87" date="02/01/2010" shares="52971.7359" /><br /> <bal name="close" value="285542.70" date="08/03/2010" shares="3014.4550" /><br /></balances><br /><activity><br /> <summary name="Contributions" expand="y" value="350.00" shares="42.7191" items="13" ><br /> <detail actcode="001" fund="1TA" fundname="Goldmanmidva/ Ee401K" name="Contributixn" tdate="02/02/2010" value="31.50" shares="1.0915" price="28.860000" /><br /> <detail actcode="001" fund="2BA" fundname="Fed Us Treas/ Ee401K" name="Contributixn" tdate="02/02/2010" value="14.00" shares="14.0000" price="1.000000" /><br /> <detail actcode="001" fund="3AA" fundname="Alliz Nfj Sm/ Ee401K" name="Contributixn" tdate="02/02/2010" value="17.50" shares="0.7237" price="24.180000" /><br /> <detail actcode="001" fund="3BA" fundname="Fa Real Esta/ Ee401K" name="Contributixn" tdate="02/02/2010" value="17.50" shares="1.2464" price="14.040000" /><br /> <detail actcode="001" fund="CDA" fundname="Europacific/ Ee401K" name="Contributixn" tdate="02/02/2010" value="59.50" shares="1.5986" price="37.220000" /><br /> <detail actcode="001" fund="CEA" fundname="Grth Fd Am/ Ee401K" name="Contributixn" tdate="02/02/2010" value="49.00" shares="1.8311" price="26.760000" /><br /> <detail actcode="001" fund="CFA" fundname="Wash Mutual/ Ee401K" name="Contributixn" tdate="02/02/2010" value="24.50" shares="1.0004" price="24.490000" /><br /> <detail actcode="001" fund="CWA" fundname="Inv Co Amer/ Ee401K" name="Contributixn" tdate="02/02/2010" value="24.50" shares="0.9585" price="25.560000" /><br /> <detail actcode="001" fund="D5A" fundname="D&amp;C Inc/ Ee401K" name="Contributixn“ </summary><br /> <summary name="Realized Gain/Loss" expand="n" value="0.00" shares="0.0000" items="0" ><br /> </summary><br /> <summary name="Dividends" expand="n" value="0.00" shares="0.0000" items="0" ><br /> </summary><br /> <summary name="Disbursements" expand="n" value="0.00" shares="0.0000" items="0" ><br /> </summary><br /> <summary name="Other" expand="n" value="0.00" shares="0.0000" items="0" ><br /> </summary><br /> <summary name="Transfers" expand="n" value="0.00" shares="0.0000" items="0" ><br /> </summary><br /> <summary name="Fees" expand="n" value="0.00" shares="0.0000" items="0" ><br /> </summary><br /> <summary name="Unrealized Gain/Loss" expand="n" value="261576.83" shares="0.0000" items="0" ><br /> </summary><br /></activity><br />
  37. 37. Relevant Pension Portal: Customization <br />Business Services for most common interactions<br />Over 50 OmniScripts , i.e., balances by investment, source, asset class, etc.<br />OmniScripts packaged to meet client’s presentation requirements and performance <br />Add/Change Scripts to extend functionality via browser-based development environment<br />
  38. 38. Relevant Pension Portal: Transactions <br />Relevant Pension Portal is the only solution which interacts with Omni via XML business-oriented packages. The XML-based business services provide the complete transactional details regardless of the underlying database records. The smart packages contain the processed data and interpreted rules. This allows for an ultra thin web which is easy to deploy and simple to maintain. Does this look like your Omni transactions?<br /> <br /><?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><br /><events><br /> <command businessevent="transfer" update="n" webudf1="rpp" webudf2="web" tradedate="" userid="" id="001" ref="xyz"><br /> <parameters planid="123456" partid="123456789" ><br /> <change source="*" /><br /> <change fromfund="3A" /><br /> <change frompercent="100" /><br /> <change tofund="D5" /><br /> <change topercent="100" /><br /> </parameters><br /> </command><br /></events><br />
  39. 39. Relevant Pension Portal: Development Utility<br /><ul><li>Run service scripts
  40. 40. Debug
  41. 41. Simulate parameters
  42. 42. Multiple stream development</li></li></ul><li>Contact Us<br />