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Product brochure for the new Enviroscreen 20-20.

Product brochure for the new Enviroscreen 20-20.

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  • 1. Ebsford Environmental Ltd“more than just knotweed”Ebsford Environmental is so much more than justanother knotweed contractor and offers a range ofspecialised solutions; specifically tailored for theconstruction, development and land management Cost effectivesector. in-situ treatment ofWith a team of in-house consultants and regionaloffices in Yorkshire, Midlands and South West we are Japanese knotweedable to offer a national coverage with all the customer 1200 Century Wayservice ethos of a small family business. Thorpe Park Business ParkAdd to this our FOC, guaranteed 48 hours survey Leedspromise and surely it’s time you gave Ebsford LS15 8ZAEnvironmental a try? Phone: 0113 2515015 E-mail: info@ebsford.co.ukEbsford Environmental Services Include: Vegetation management Site preparation Invasive weed eradication Aquatic Enhancements Silt management, pumping and dredg- ing Lake and pond restoration Ecological fencing Ebsford.co.uk Ebsford.co.uk
  • 2. Fast and effective Enviroscreen 20-20 Enviroscreen 20-20“Certainty in an uncertain market” How does is work? How does it compare?Simply put, the Enviroscreen 20-20 is a revolution in Using lightweight equipment and managed by qualified staff, Process Timescale Costthe field of Japanese knotweed treatment. A mobile, the Enviroscreen 20-20 is able to give a pragmatic solution;unique, mechanical solution which doesn’t punish a which is comparable in time to a disposal option whilst being Residual Herbicidal 1 Season £2-3,000client for requiring a quick resolution. as cost effective as relocation or burial. Non Residual Herbicidal 2-3 Season £2-3,000The Enviroscreen 20-20 has been developed by Mark Contaminated soil is target excavated under close supervisionProut WAMITAB, who has over 10 years experience of and transported to the Enviroscreen 20-20 treatment area. Burial 2-3 Days £5-6,000dealing with Japanese knotweed on some of the The Enviroscreen 20-20 is then loaded with the contaminatedhighest profile and most logistically complex soil in order to separate it into three varying grades of Relocation and spraying 2 Seasons £4-5000construction projects in recent times. material. This material is then manually sorted and viable rhizome is removed from the soil and segregated for later Off site disposal 1 Day £8-10,000Using the knowledge gained from these sites and a disposal at a licensed facility.deep understanding of the biology of the plant, he was ENVIROSCREEN 20-20 2 Days £4,000able to find a solution which would offer the samelevel of highly technical treatment but on smaller, *Above is calculated on a 5mx5m stand of Japanesemore constrained projects. knotweed using 3.5m x 2m excavation calculations andAnd so the Enviroscreen 20-20 was born. a total volume of 112.50m³ Ebsford Environmental Ltd 1200 Century Way Thorpe Park Business Park Enviroscreen 20-20 staff picking Japanese knotweed rhizomes from con- taminated soil Leeds LS15 8ZA Upon completion of the soil separation and picking element of the project, the material is re-engineered into low impact Phone: 0113 2515015 areas of the site and capped under 500mm of clean cover and E-mail: info@ebsford.co.uk monitored for five years as standard.Enviroscreen 20-20 with modified conveyor processing heavysoils