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Ebsford Environmental Brochure (1)

  1. 1. Ebsford Environmental achieving excellence in land preparation and managementDIVERSE IN NATURE, SUSTAINABLE BY DESIGN ...A wealth of experience, a multitude of services, one simple vision
  2. 2. Ebsford Environmentalachieving excellence in land preparation and management
  3. 3. About Ebsford Ebsford Environmental brings together a wealth of experience andspecialisms and is able to offer bespoke Environmental and Ecological solutions throughout the UK. Ebsford offers services and consultancy to a range of markets: Construction and development Public sectors, local and central government Medium to large land and estate owners Consultants, Architects and SurveyorsEbsford offers expertise in five main pre-construction phase services: Ecological consultancy and mitigation Aquatic remediation, bio engineering and green solutions Site clearance and preparation Invasive species and vegetation management Remediation and ground workingFrom first contact, meeting our technical consultants and all the waythrough to full completion, you will find Ebsford offer a high level of service, support and excellent project delivery skills. 1
  4. 4. Ecological Consultancy & Mitigation Using a combination of in-house capabilities and a network of approved consultants, Ebsford Environmental is able to manage a full range of development based ecological issues including: Phase 1 Habitat Surveys Range of extended specific surveys Code for sustainable homes and BREEAM assessments Environmental Impact and Ecological Impact Assessments Complete range of mitigation license work Once your surveys are completed and should mitigation works be required, Ebsford Environmental is able to provide both advice and practical completion of these works offering continuity and added security in a number of areas. Protected species translocation Habitat creation and hibernacula Receptor Pond Creation Ecological screening and fencing2
  5. 5. Ecological FencingAs an addition to our portfolio of mitigation capabilities and usingour team of experienced installers, Ebsford is able to offer a range ofEcological Fencing products which can all be purchased as either asupply only or as part of a supply and install package.Reptile and Amphibian Fencing Ebsford Seasonaldesigned for short-term projects Ebsford Cross-seasonaldesigned to withstand difficult environments Ebsford Permanentdesigned to offer long-term, low-maintenance solutionsWater Vole Fencing Short and long-term solutions Economy and fully recycled versionsBadger Fencing High-tensile wiremesh system Badger gatesAll our products are UK sourced and manufacturedfrom recycled and recyclable materials. 3
  6. 6. Vegetation Management Highly knowledgeable in the identification, establishment or eradication of all vegetation found on both Greenfield and Brownfield sites, Ebsford Environmental are skilled in all elements required to preserve our country’s bio-diversity and protect its habitats. A selection of our general vegetation management services include: Consultancy and flora surveys Design and implementation of aquatic and terrestrial planting schemes Arboriculture surveys and works Large and small scale vegetation clearance Wildflower meadow specification and installation Seed collection, sowing and re-installation Long term maintenance strategies All our team and contract managers hold relevant qualifications associated with vegetation management and have a combined total of 45 years experience, enabling them to provide specifications for even the most challenging of sites.4
  7. 7. Invasive VegetationSince the amendments to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981(Variation of Schedule 9), the laws relating to the management ofInvasive Vegetation have become both clearer and more enforceable.Ebsford Environmental has combined its experience of both ecology,taxonomy and the construction process to put together a range of themost technologically advanced eradication and control solutionscurrently available in the UK market.These solutions cover all of the vegetation covered under the amendedAct but specifically we are skilled at providing advice relating to thefollowing: Japanese Knotweed Fallopia japonica Giant Hogweed Heracleum mantegazzianum Himalayan Balsam Impatiens glandulifera Horsetail Equisetum arvense Rhododendron Rhododendron ponticum Canadian Pond Weed Elodea canadensis Australian swamp Stonecrop Crassula helmsii Parrots Feather Myriophyllum aquaticum Creeping Water Primrose Ludwigia grandiflora 5
  8. 8. Remediation Ebsford Environmental understands the requirement to consider contaminated land issues and adopt practical strategies at pre-construction stages of a project. Our experience of construction works and early site access whilst assessing Ecological, vegetative and aquatic issues on a site can place us ideally to design and deliver uniquely commercial schemes whilst being aware of our clients’ legal and statutory obligations. We are able to offer assistance in the following areas. Feasibility studies and option appraisals Site investigations and specialised consultancy Contaminated land and groundwater assessments Project design Upon satisfactory completion of design work and the agreement of a remediation strategy, Ebsford Environmental is suitably placed to extend its service offering to include project delivery using a network of construction and remediation partners with an abundance of contaminated land and waste management experience.6
  9. 9. In-situ remediation Full site clearance and vegetation strip Mechanical screening and complex sorting Waste separation and reduction On-site treatments Re-stabilisation and chemical bindingEx-situ and Earthworks Off-site disposal of controlled and hazardous materials Recycling and transportation of top soil and suitable materials Bulk earthworks Groundworking and site level Site preparation and strips Demolition 7
  10. 10. Aquatic Enhancement Ebsford Environmental is committed to working with our clients providing on-site, green solutions to water quality and environmental issues. Using a range of unique machinery and bespoke products we are able to recommend solutions which can offer substantial cost savings whilst being the most environmentally sustainable in the market. We work closely with some of the highest quality material and machinery suppliers in the UK and have formed links which allow us to offer an unrivalled range, including: Aquatic restoration and bio-engineering Dredging, silt pumping and management Floating and phytoremediation reedbeds Landscape plans and planting schemes Native plant supply Coir and erosion control products Lake lining and water storage reservoirs Wildflower plant and seed supply Wildflower meadows Biodiverse Green Roofs Rainfall recycling8
  11. 11. Bio-diversity2011-2021 has been declared the decade of Bio-diversity. In additionto our Company Charter which covers all the work we do and can befound on our website Ebsford.co.uk. we are also committed toimproving the bio-diversity in every project that we deliver.We do this by promoting the following on all our projects asstandard: Designing and specifying systems with proven environmental benefits Only using UK native flora Limiting herbicidal use Monitoring bio-diversity on all Ecological works as standard Reducing waste removed to landfill Limiting carbon footprint by specifying on site solutions Promoting the use and supply of additional diverse enhancements Using recycled materials and recycling where possible Promoting and using sustainably sourced timber 9
  12. 12. Ebsford Environmental 1200 Century Way Thorpe Park Leeds LS15 8ZA Tel: 0113 251 5015 | Fax: 0113 251 5100 www.ebsford.co.uk