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Engineering Design WTSN 104 2 2011
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Engineering Design WTSN 104 2 2011


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Published in: Education

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  • Show navigation.Science Direct:-renewable energy and nepal (you may not find research on your country/region and may need to search for places similar to yours)-Look at the number of results. How can I narrow my search? (add more search terms, use limiters such as journal articles, topic (developing country), year)-Find an article: read the abstract, what is a pdf? “Email Article” sends a link not the pdf, related articles was just a teaser the content was not available-export citations-searching is serendipitous, the articles you find today may not be the same articles you find tomorrow, even when doing the same search. This is because database content is frequently updated. So if you find something that might be useful, download it or record the citation information.-Search > Journals > boolean searching-Help OR Librarian
  • For a list of a variety of reference management tools look at the “Reference Management Tools Guide”
  • Login screen. The first time you login you must be on-campus. Can set-up as many logins as you like.RefWorks is nice because once you create a login and password, you can login from anywhere you have internet access. Many citation management tools have to be downloaded onto your machine.The following screenshots are from the original RefWorks interface, it will be upgraded to RefWorks 2.0 later this year.
  • If you are asked for a group code, such as for a mobile device, it is here.
  • To add references manually, or typing them in yourself.
  • Here you can decide if you would like to add any information to the citations you are importing such as a database name.
  • You can organize your citations into folders, say for different research projects. This is also useful because you can share certain folders with team-mates.
  • Screen if you click on a folder.
  • Menu for creating a bibliography at the end of your paper. You can create a bibliography from a folder, or from citation script coding that you paste into your paper.
  • This is an example of references from a folder.
  • Point-out in-text, end of text citations, end of text with multiple authors.
  • Point-out “retrieved from…” and “doi”
  • Clues : nomenclature list, upon reading the abstract too many words that are unfamiliar to you, title is very long which usually means a very specific/narrow topic, formulas in the article
  • Transcript

    • 1. Engineering Design WTSN 104Library Instruction Session
      Spring 2011
    • 2. Databases
      BU Libraries Subject Guides
      • Engineering Design guide
      “Articles & Databases” tab
      • Libraries’ homepage
    • 3. Citation Management Tools
      Reference Management Tools Guide
      Citations can be exported from most databases to citation management tools such as RefWorks.
    • 4.
    • 5. Create an Account
      Access RefWorks:
      • Citation Help tab on Engineering Design guide:
      • Libraries’ Research Help page:
      Create an account
      Begin importing references
      GroupCode: RWSUNYBinghamton
    • 6. Add a New Reference
    • 7. Adding Records
      Search a database (e.g., Science Direct or Academic Search Complete)
      • Export citation directly from the database
      Find citations on Google Scholar
      • Import via link on Google Scholar results screen using Scholar Preferences OR using the GetIt@BU link
    • Import Records
    • 8. Organize Folders
    • 9. Folder References
    • 10. Create a Bibliography
    • 11. Final Sources Cited List
    • 12. APA In-Text Citations
    • 13. Example of APA References
    • 14. Article - Too Technical