Copyright basics and update 5 9 2013


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Copyright basics and update 5 9 2013

  1. 1. CopyrightWhat’s Happened Recently?How does it affect the Libraries?Elizabeth BrownThursday, May 9, 2013Binghamton University Libraries Brown Bag
  2. 2. Why care about copyright? It’s the law! (Title 17 of the US Code) Copyright exceptions make our jobs possible: Fair Use (Section 107) First Sale (Section 109) Preservation Copies (Section 108) TEACH Act and classroom activities (Section110) Access for the disabled (Section 121)
  3. 3. Recent Copyright Litigation1. Kirtsaeng v. Wiley & Sons (First Sale)2. Georgia State ereserves case (Fair Use, Licensing)3. Google Books and Hathitrust: Publishers v. Google Books (2005) Author’s Guild v. Google Books (2005) American Society of Media Photographers v. Google Books (2010) Author’s Guild v. Hathitrust (2011)4. UCLA (streaming course reserves) (Licensing, Classroom use)
  4. 4. Most works in libraries are undercopyrightURL:
  5. 5. U.S. Copyright Term ChangesURL:
  6. 6. When does copyright expire?URL:
  7. 7. URL:
  8. 8. Fair Use (Section 107)URL:
  9. 9. Code of Best Practices in Fair Usefor Academic and ResearchLibrariesURL: January 2012, Coordinated by:• Association of Research Libraries• Center for Social Media, School of Communication,American University• Program on Information Justice and IntellectualProperty, Washington College of Law, AmericanUniversity
  10. 10. Georgia State e-reserves case(Cambridge University Press et al. v. Patton et al.) Weighted fair use determination: 75 cases ofinfringement Sovereign status for Georgia State Licensing fees and practicality for portions of digitizesworks “10% rule” and determining a “safe amount” for Fair UseURL:
  11. 11. URL:
  12. 12. Google Books, Hathitrust Lawsuits1.Publishers v. Google Books (2005)2.Author’s Guild v. Google Books (2005)3.American Society of Media Photographers v. Google Books (2010)4.Author’s Guild v. Hathitrust (2011)Litigation Family Tree: (Library Copyright Alliance)
  13. 13. UCLA Streaming Video case(AIME v. University of California) Licensing streaming content Fair use and classroom use Sovreignity of University of CaliforniaURL: Summary of final decision from judge (Techdirt)
  14. 14. International Copyright (UK)URL:
  15. 15. International Copyright (South Africa)URL:
  16. 16. Why are Publishers bringingthese lawsuits? Licensing gives them more control over use Effect of global marketplace Ease of sharing digital content Value of intellectual propertyCONTROL
  17. 17. Updates and More information SCOTUS Blog: Kevin Smith, Scholarly Communications @ Duke: Kevin Dames, Copysense: Brandon Butler, ARL Policy Notes: Peggy Hoon, University of North Carolina, Charlotte: BU Libraries Copyright Site:
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