Chem496 lecture 1 1 30 2013

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  • 1. Chemical Literature Searching and Library Research Elizabeth BrownCHEM 496 ebrown@binghamton.eduJanuary 30, 2013 (607)777-4882February 6, 2013 LS-2304C
  • 2. Class Discussion TopicsLecture 1:1. Pre-Test Review & Discussion2. Library and Web-based Chemistry Research Tools: – Scifinder, Web of Science, Scopus, Reaxys, ChemDraw – Chemspider, Google Scholar1. Searching for Journal ArticlesLecture 2:1. Review Assignment2. The Peer Review Process3. Identity Management4. Citation Reference Management
  • 4. The Libraries’ collections and services1. _________ The Libraries has licensed access to three primary databases for searching chemistry research: Web of Science, Scifinder Scholar, and Reaxys.2. _________ Services that the Libraries provide include email and chat messaging help for students, group study rooms and interlibrary loan for items not in our collections.3. _________ The Libraries spends over $100,000 to provide books, journals, databases and other materials for chemistry.4. _________ Citation (or reference management) software is licensed through the Libraries to help everyone on campus compile bibliographies, footnotes and links to journal articles and websites.5. _________ The Libraries is open 24 hours a day from Sunday through Thursday of the general semester.
  • 5. Searching for journal articles1. _________ Google Scholar has links to the same number of articles and patents as Scifinder Scholar and Web of Science.2. _________ Scifinder Scholar has several databases to search chemistry research by topic, structure and reaction.3. _________ A citation to an article is when it is mentioned or referenced in another paper.4. _________ Reaxys indexes organic substances only, not inorganic substances or biological compounds.5. _________ There are special notations in Scifinder for naturally derived versus synthetic substances.
  • 6. The Peer Review Process1. ________ Chemists publish lots of different types of publications, like patents, conference proceedings, technical reports and books, in addition to journal articles.2. ________ A well-known chemistry researcher can publish up to 20 journal articles in a given year.3. ________ Review articles are noted for their brief treatment of a topic and a limited number of references provided.4. ________ The order of authors listed on a scientific paper is significant – it can show who has contributed the most to the project.5. ________ Reviewers for scientific articles always sign their names to each review, so if authors have questions they can contact them afterwards.
  • 7. Bonus Questions:• How many volumes are held by the Binghamton University Libraries? (Hint: this is on the Libraries’ website) ____________• Name a library database you can use to search for chemical substances that isn’t mentioned in this pre-test. ____________
  • 9. Chemistry Library Databases Reference Books Article Databases
  • 10. Scifinder Scholar
  • 11. Explore References – 34 million references – 10,000 major scientific journals, books, proceedings – References from 61 patent authorities worldwideExplore Substances – CAS Registry – 61 million substancesExplore Reactions – 49 million reactions organometallics, natural products, biotransformations – Reaction conditions, yields, and catalysts
  • 12. Web of Science (Web of Knowledge)
  • 13. Reaxys
  • 14. Chemspider
  • 15. Google Scholar
  • 16. Wikipedia Chemistry Portal
  • 17. Summary: Research Tool FeaturesDatabase Name Chemical Journal Author, Citation Registry Structure Impact Group Searching Numbers Searching Factors H-index Chemspider X X Google Scholar X Reaxys X XScifinder Scholar X X XWeb of Science X X X Wikipedia XChemistry Portal
  • 19. Structure Drawing Tools• Marvin Sketch nsketch/
  • 20. Structure Drawing Tools• Symyx Draw:
  • 21. Scifinder Scholar Registration• Link: ml?corpKey=5BBBCBBC-86F3-50AB-7A26- E9BDEBEC8820• Use Binghamton Email address• Save username and password
  • 22. The Libraries’ WebsiteURL:
  • 23. Web of Science
  • 24. Citation Searching
  • 25. Citation Reports
  • 26. Scifinder Scholar Structure Search
  • 27. Scifinder Structure Search
  • 28. Scifinder Scholar Structure Search
  • 29. Scifinder Scholar Reaction Search
  • 30. Scifinder Substances (Registry)
  • 31. SciImago URL:
  • 32. Microsoft Academic Search
  • 33. Microsoft Research: Chemistry Add-inURL: