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Beyond the shelves e brown
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Beyond the shelves e brown


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Beyond the shelves:Measuring Impact with InstitutionalAssessment ToolsElizabeth BrownBinghamton University LibrariesJune 10, 2013Next Generation Sci-Tech Librarians:Helping Institutions and Researchers IncreaseTheir Impact2013 SLA Annual Conference
    • 2. Our Users see us this way:Source:
    • 3. We see ourselves supporting:URLs:;; Archives and CollectionsElectronic ContentResearch Data, supplementary researchmaterials
    • 4. Our library databases fit and the campusinformation ecosystemLibrary journal indexes/databasesArticle citations, references and co-authors; Subject coverageResearch analytical toolsProgram, research and individual researcher/faculty strengthsInformal scholarshipReadership, contacts, outreach and discussion of work
    • 5. Tools are evolving to move seamlessly between thesesources of personal and collective data
    • 6. Indexing / Abstracting Databases• Scifinder Scholar• Scopus• Web of Science• Journal Citation Reports• Google Scholar Citations*• SciImago**Freely available sourceProvide analytical data from individual pieces of research output, plussome collective data
    • 7. Scifinder ScholarLimited citationcountsorting, analysisSource: Scifinder Scholar, March 2012Get cited documentsCitation Sort
    • 8. Web of Science/Web of KnowledgeSource: Web of Science , March 2012Impact over timeHigh Impact Articles
    • 9. Journal Citation Report showsindividual journal performanceSource: Journal Citation Reports, Thomson Reuters, May 2013Impact Factor
    • 10. Google Scholar Citations - Personal ProfilesSource: Google Scholar Citations, May 2013, URL:
    • 11. SciImago (University of Granada)Source: SciImago web site, March 2012. URL:
    • 12. Research Analytical Tools• Scival Spotlight• Academic Analytics• InCites• Microsoft Academic Search*Examine research productivity to identify• Current, emerging and interdisciplinary campus researchstrengths• Potential collaborators and peers• Unmet collections needs
    • 13. SciVal Spotlight gives a visual image of researchoutput from citation and journal article dataData Source: SciVal Spotlight Global Data (2006-2010); Scopus citation data (2006-2010)Uses:Clustered Scopus citation datato create research profilegroupings and summariesCollexis’ semantic technologypurchased by Elsevier13“Wheel of Research” shows avisual map of:Normalized citation analysisof research outputSubject-identified researchareas Interdisciplinary research liescloser to the wheel’s center
    • 14. SciVal Spotlight Faculty Peer RankingsLocate peers within specific research areas:Identify institutional peers from author listsTarget international recruitment to key peers and collaboratorsData Source: SciVal Spotlight Global Data (2005-2009); Scopus citation data (2005-2009)
    • 15. High-Impact Research LeadersRankAuthors Department(s) Research Area(s)#pubs#cites1Wu N.E.; Klir G.J.; Zacks S. EE; SSIE; MathSignal Processing; Fuzzy Sets; Computer-AidedProcess Planning 44 178.82Spear N.E.; Miller R.R.; Arias C.M. PsychPsychopharmacology; Consciousness;Neurotoxicology 134 671.35Meng W.; Zhao H.; Gupta C. Comp Sci Data Mining 14 32.67Younis M.I.; Alsaleem F.M. MESensors & Actuators; Semiconducting Materials;Nanotechnology 48 1379Fridrich J.; Filler T.; Kodovský J. EE Data Mining; Image Processing 39 214.210Yammarino F.J.; Dionne S.D.; Gooty J. SOMLeadership & Organizational Behavior; StrategicManagement 22 37.311Zhong C.J.; Luo J.P.; Wang L. ChemSensors & Actuators; Nanotechnology;Electrochemistry 56 426.114Fordham B.O.; Cingranelli D.L.; ClarkD.H. Poli Sci International Conflict; Political Studies 12 10.919Zhou J.; Zhang Y.; Braiotta L.B SOM Financial Accounting 10 28.722Wilson D.S.; Dlugos M.J. Biol, EVoS Molecular Ecology; Consciousness; Bioethics 15 126.425Long B.; Zhang Z.M. Comp Sci Machine Learning; Data Mining 15 40.7Data Sources: SciVal Spotlight Global Data (2006-2010), Scopus Citation Data (2006-2010)Faculty research impacting future collections growthHigher priority research data to preserveInterdisciplinary strengths and relationships
    • 16. SciVal Spotlight Faculty, Program ComparisonsFaculty rank, productivity and representation in Spotlightcompetencies shows loci of future high-impact researchRankAvg Pub/DateRangeAvg % of art incomp.Professor 57 78%Professor 16 34%Professor 30 25%Associate 40 24%Professor 37 21%Associate 29 17%Professor 13 8%Professor 15 2%Distinguished 21 0%Rank Avg Pub/Date Range Avg % of art in comp.Associate 34 90%Assistant 13 85%Distinguished 18 51%Distinguished 65 51%Research 12 43%Assistant 16 39%Distinguished Teaching 14 29%Associate 34 22%Associate 21 11%Associate 35 3%Professor 18 0%Mature Department Newer, growing DepartmentSources: SciVal Spotlight (2004-2010), Binghamton University Campus Directory andDepartment Web Site data, July 2011
    • 17. 2005-2009 SciVal Subject Categories% of Binghamton Collections Budget(2008-2009)Biology 11%Earth Sciences 6%Engineering 8%Chemistry 9%Math + Physics 14%Computer Science 4.1%Social Studies 26%Brain Research 7%Health Sciences 5%Medical SpecialtiesHumanities 10.5%Source: SciVal Spotlight Data, (2005-2009), BU Libraries Collections Budget Data (2009)SciVal competencies and library budget support
    • 18. SciVal Spotlight Collections DataJournal (Proceeding)Ave #pub/5yearsLibraryAvailabilityLecture Notes in Computer Science 57 PrintProceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 48 NoMaterials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings 26 PrintAlcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 24 Print/ElecProceedings - Electronic Components and Technology Conference 24 Yes*ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Proceedings 17 Yes*Langmuir 16 Print/ElecPhysical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 15 Print/ElecJournal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes 15 Print/ElecDevelopmental Psychobiology 13 Print/Elec2006 IIE Annual Conference and Exhibition 13 NoPharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior 13 Print/ElecJournal of Electronic Packaging, Transactions of the ASME 12 Print/Elec2010 12th IEEE Intersociety Conference, ITherm 2010 12 ElecData Sources: SciVal Spotlight Global Data (2006-2010); Scopus Citation Data (2006-2010); Library Catalog Holdings, 1/2012Aggregated publication lists identify key journals, proceedings andbooks to strategically build the Libraries’ collections18
    • 19. SciVal PeerInstitutionAnalysisVerdict: Binghamton maysuffer from Aspirational PeerSyndromeUniversity of Delaware UC, Santa BarbaraCollege of William and Mary Binghamton (SUNY)Data Source: SciVal Spotlight Global Data (2006-2010); Scopus citation data (2006-2010)Indicates:Quantity of researchExtent of interdisciplinaryresearchAreas of researchstrengths
    • 20. Academic Analytics uses additional variables tocompare academic programsSource: Copyright © 2012, Academic Analytics, LLC; Binghamton University Graduate School report, 2012Doctoral Program # Faculty PercentileBehavioral Neuroscience 12 88Electrical Engineering 15 79Political Science 18 76Clinical Psychology 10 74Materials Science &Engineering 23 70Mechanical Engineering 16 70History 28 68Chemistry 16 67Art History 7 64Binghamton’s 2009 reportGrantFundingAwardsArticle CitationsBook AuthorshipArticle Authorship
    • 21. Microsoft Academic SearchSource: Microsoft Academic Search website, March 2012, URL: data comparisons are possible, plus author comparisons and conferenceadvisory tools
    • 22. Conclusions• Research Analytical Tools provide comprehensive data on facultyperformance and impact• Library Databases show article and journal-level impact and providesome analytical data• Alternative metrics complement and provide additional informationto licensed products• Need to provide both personal and collective performance metrics
    • 23. Future Directions / Predictions• Faculty Productivity Data Collection• Further analysis of Academic Analytics data• Identify specialized reports /data from InCites andSciVal to complement Academic Analytics
    • 24. Sources• Angela van Barneveld, Kimberly E. Arnold and John Campbell, Analytics in Higher Education:Establishing a Common Language, ELI Paper 1: January 2012, URL:• Using Bibliometrics: A Guide to Evaluating Research Performance with Citation Data, ThomsonReuters, 2008. URL:• Co-Citation Analysis: The Methodology of SciVal Spotlight, Elsevier, June 2009. URL:• Kristen Fisher Ratan, Metrics: The New Black?, PLoS, NFAIS 2012. URL:• Jennifer Howard, Tracking Scholarly Influence Beyond the Impact Factor, Chronicle of HigherEducation, February 28, 2012. URL:• Advanced Computing Infrastructure: Vision and Strategic Plan, National Science FoundationCyberinfrastructure for 21st Century Science and Engineering (CIF21), February 2012. URL:• Paul Wouters and Rodrigo Costas, Users, Narcissism and Control – tracking the impact of scholarlypublications in the 21st Century, SURFfoundation, February 2012. URL:• Social Media and research workflow, CIBER, University College London, December 14, 2010.
    • 25. Thank You!• Binghamton University Libraries• Dean John M. Meador• Senior Vice Provost Michael McGoff• Binghamton University Graduate SchoolElizabeth Brownebrown@binghamton.eduTwitter: eabrown25Slideshare: