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  • Beyond the shelves e brown

    1. 1. Beyond the shelves:Measuring Impact with InstitutionalAssessment ToolsElizabeth BrownBinghamton University LibrariesJune 10, 2013Next Generation Sci-Tech Librarians:Helping Institutions and Researchers IncreaseTheir Impact2013 SLA Annual Conference
    2. 2. Our Users see us this way:Source:
    3. 3. We see ourselves supporting:URLs:;; Archives and CollectionsElectronic ContentResearch Data, supplementary researchmaterials
    4. 4. Our library databases fit and the campusinformation ecosystemLibrary journal indexes/databasesArticle citations, references and co-authors; Subject coverageResearch analytical toolsProgram, research and individual researcher/faculty strengthsInformal scholarshipReadership, contacts, outreach and discussion of work
    5. 5. Tools are evolving to move seamlessly between thesesources of personal and collective data
    6. 6. Indexing / Abstracting Databases• Scifinder Scholar• Scopus• Web of Science• Journal Citation Reports• Google Scholar Citations*• SciImago**Freely available sourceProvide analytical data from individual pieces of research output, plussome collective data
    7. 7. Scifinder ScholarLimited citationcountsorting, analysisSource: Scifinder Scholar, March 2012Get cited documentsCitation Sort
    8. 8. Web of Science/Web of KnowledgeSource: Web of Science , March 2012Impact over timeHigh Impact Articles
    9. 9. Journal Citation Report showsindividual journal performanceSource: Journal Citation Reports, Thomson Reuters, May 2013Impact Factor
    10. 10. Google Scholar Citations - Personal ProfilesSource: Google Scholar Citations, May 2013, URL:
    11. 11. SciImago (University of Granada)Source: SciImago web site, March 2012. URL:
    12. 12. Research Analytical Tools• Scival Spotlight• Academic Analytics• InCites• Microsoft Academic Search*Examine research productivity to identify• Current, emerging and interdisciplinary campus researchstrengths• Potential collaborators and peers• Unmet collections needs
    13. 13. SciVal Spotlight gives a visual image of researchoutput from citation and journal article dataData Source: SciVal Spotlight Global Data (2006-2010); Scopus citation data (2006-2010)Uses:Clustered Scopus citation datato create research profilegroupings and summariesCollexis’ semantic technologypurchased by Elsevier13“Wheel of Research” shows avisual map of:Normalized citation analysisof research outputSubject-identified researchareas Interdisciplinary research liescloser to the wheel’s center
    14. 14. SciVal Spotlight Faculty Peer RankingsLocate peers within specific research areas:Identify institutional peers from author listsTarget international recruitment to key peers and collaboratorsData Source: SciVal Spotlight Global Data (2005-2009); Scopus citation data (2005-2009)
    15. 15. High-Impact Research LeadersRankAuthors Department(s) Research Area(s)#pubs#cites1Wu N.E.; Klir G.J.; Zacks S. EE; SSIE; MathSignal Processing; Fuzzy Sets; Computer-AidedProcess Planning 44 178.82Spear N.E.; Miller R.R.; Arias C.M. PsychPsychopharmacology; Consciousness;Neurotoxicology 134 671.35Meng W.; Zhao H.; Gupta C. Comp Sci Data Mining 14 32.67Younis M.I.; Alsaleem F.M. MESensors & Actuators; Semiconducting Materials;Nanotechnology 48 1379Fridrich J.; Filler T.; Kodovský J. EE Data Mining; Image Processing 39 214.210Yammarino F.J.; Dionne S.D.; Gooty J. SOMLeadership & Organizational Behavior; StrategicManagement 22 37.311Zhong C.J.; Luo J.P.; Wang L. ChemSensors & Actuators; Nanotechnology;Electrochemistry 56 426.114Fordham B.O.; Cingranelli D.L.; ClarkD.H. Poli Sci International Conflict; Political Studies 12 10.919Zhou J.; Zhang Y.; Braiotta L.B SOM Financial Accounting 10 28.722Wilson D.S.; Dlugos M.J. Biol, EVoS Molecular Ecology; Consciousness; Bioethics 15 126.425Long B.; Zhang Z.M. Comp Sci Machine Learning; Data Mining 15 40.7Data Sources: SciVal Spotlight Global Data (2006-2010), Scopus Citation Data (2006-2010)Faculty research impacting future collections growthHigher priority research data to preserveInterdisciplinary strengths and relationships
    16. 16. SciVal Spotlight Faculty, Program ComparisonsFaculty rank, productivity and representation in Spotlightcompetencies shows loci of future high-impact researchRankAvg Pub/DateRangeAvg % of art incomp.Professor 57 78%Professor 16 34%Professor 30 25%Associate 40 24%Professor 37 21%Associate 29 17%Professor 13 8%Professor 15 2%Distinguished 21 0%Rank Avg Pub/Date Range Avg % of art in comp.Associate 34 90%Assistant 13 85%Distinguished 18 51%Distinguished 65 51%Research 12 43%Assistant 16 39%Distinguished Teaching 14 29%Associate 34 22%Associate 21 11%Associate 35 3%Professor 18 0%Mature Department Newer, growing DepartmentSources: SciVal Spotlight (2004-2010), Binghamton University Campus Directory andDepartment Web Site data, July 2011
    17. 17. 2005-2009 SciVal Subject Categories% of Binghamton Collections Budget(2008-2009)Biology 11%Earth Sciences 6%Engineering 8%Chemistry 9%Math + Physics 14%Computer Science 4.1%Social Studies 26%Brain Research 7%Health Sciences 5%Medical SpecialtiesHumanities 10.5%Source: SciVal Spotlight Data, (2005-2009), BU Libraries Collections Budget Data (2009)SciVal competencies and library budget support
    18. 18. SciVal Spotlight Collections DataJournal (Proceeding)Ave #pub/5yearsLibraryAvailabilityLecture Notes in Computer Science 57 PrintProceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 48 NoMaterials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings 26 PrintAlcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 24 Print/ElecProceedings - Electronic Components and Technology Conference 24 Yes*ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Proceedings 17 Yes*Langmuir 16 Print/ElecPhysical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 15 Print/ElecJournal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes 15 Print/ElecDevelopmental Psychobiology 13 Print/Elec2006 IIE Annual Conference and Exhibition 13 NoPharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior 13 Print/ElecJournal of Electronic Packaging, Transactions of the ASME 12 Print/Elec2010 12th IEEE Intersociety Conference, ITherm 2010 12 ElecData Sources: SciVal Spotlight Global Data (2006-2010); Scopus Citation Data (2006-2010); Library Catalog Holdings, 1/2012Aggregated publication lists identify key journals, proceedings andbooks to strategically build the Libraries’ collections18
    19. 19. SciVal PeerInstitutionAnalysisVerdict: Binghamton maysuffer from Aspirational PeerSyndromeUniversity of Delaware UC, Santa BarbaraCollege of William and Mary Binghamton (SUNY)Data Source: SciVal Spotlight Global Data (2006-2010); Scopus citation data (2006-2010)Indicates:Quantity of researchExtent of interdisciplinaryresearchAreas of researchstrengths
    20. 20. Academic Analytics uses additional variables tocompare academic programsSource: Copyright © 2012, Academic Analytics, LLC; Binghamton University Graduate School report, 2012Doctoral Program # Faculty PercentileBehavioral Neuroscience 12 88Electrical Engineering 15 79Political Science 18 76Clinical Psychology 10 74Materials Science &Engineering 23 70Mechanical Engineering 16 70History 28 68Chemistry 16 67Art History 7 64Binghamton’s 2009 reportGrantFundingAwardsArticle CitationsBook AuthorshipArticle Authorship
    21. 21. Microsoft Academic SearchSource: Microsoft Academic Search website, March 2012, URL: data comparisons are possible, plus author comparisons and conferenceadvisory tools
    22. 22. Conclusions• Research Analytical Tools provide comprehensive data on facultyperformance and impact• Library Databases show article and journal-level impact and providesome analytical data• Alternative metrics complement and provide additional informationto licensed products• Need to provide both personal and collective performance metrics
    23. 23. Future Directions / Predictions• Faculty Productivity Data Collection• Further analysis of Academic Analytics data• Identify specialized reports /data from InCites andSciVal to complement Academic Analytics
    24. 24. Sources• Angela van Barneveld, Kimberly E. Arnold and John Campbell, Analytics in Higher Education:Establishing a Common Language, ELI Paper 1: January 2012, URL:• Using Bibliometrics: A Guide to Evaluating Research Performance with Citation Data, ThomsonReuters, 2008. URL:• Co-Citation Analysis: The Methodology of SciVal Spotlight, Elsevier, June 2009. URL:• Kristen Fisher Ratan, Metrics: The New Black?, PLoS, NFAIS 2012. URL:• Jennifer Howard, Tracking Scholarly Influence Beyond the Impact Factor, Chronicle of HigherEducation, February 28, 2012. URL:• Advanced Computing Infrastructure: Vision and Strategic Plan, National Science FoundationCyberinfrastructure for 21st Century Science and Engineering (CIF21), February 2012. URL:• Paul Wouters and Rodrigo Costas, Users, Narcissism and Control – tracking the impact of scholarlypublications in the 21st Century, SURFfoundation, February 2012. URL:• Social Media and research workflow, CIBER, University College London, December 14, 2010.
    25. 25. Thank You!• Binghamton University Libraries• Dean John M. Meador• Senior Vice Provost Michael McGoff• Binghamton University Graduate SchoolElizabeth Brownebrown@binghamton.eduTwitter: eabrown25Slideshare: