Why Analytics important for any business - EBriks Infotech
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Why Analytics important for any business - EBriks Infotech



Why Analytics important for any business - EBriks Infotech

Why Analytics important for any business - EBriks Infotech



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     Why Analytics important for any business - EBriks Infotech Why Analytics important for any business - EBriks Infotech Presentation Transcript

    • Analytics is like…
    • Gardening. Cute.
    • A two-way mirror.
    • An X-Ray. Clever.
    • Ahhh sports.
    • Huh?
    • What?!A… Drag Queen?!
    • Let’s start over.
    • Analytics…
    • Analytics Provides Data
    • (Should) Help Make Decisionsvs. ?
    • (Should) Measure Effectiveness
    • Stock Photo WarningJustifies Decisions Budgets
    • Justifies Decisions Budgets“Here’s yourbudget.”- Cheesy stock photo guy
    • But It’s Hard Work.
    • Why is it hard work?
    • Because analytics is like…
    • Analytics Is Like Buying Furniture AtIkea.
    • Useless Until Assembled
    • We’ve Made Progress
    • Analytics Used To Be Like THIS.Confusing.
    • Analytics Used To Be THIS.Poor data.
    • Then Came This…
    • We Can Still Do Better…Default reports not actionable.
    • Analytics For SEO
    • Verify Analytics CodeUse Screaming Frog Custom Filters To Check For Code - @rachaelgersonhttp://www.seerinteractive.com/blog/screaming-frog-to-verify-google-analytics
    • Verify Analytics CodeUse Browser PluginsAnalytics Debugger - http://bit.ly/Pw18sf
    • Verify Analytics CodeUse Browser PluginsAnalytics Helper - http://bit.ly/XbyJuL
    • Use Three Profiles
    • Filter Internal TrafficRange Of IP Address Toolhttp://support.google.com/analytics/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1034771
    • Filter Internal TrafficUsing RegEx from the tool, paste into a custom filter.
    • Increase Sample Size – Site SpeedData10 is 10% sample rate. Can go up to 100% (although notrecommended for very large sites).
    • Sharing Customizations Is HardDo you want to cut and paste all of these segments just to share them?
    • Managing Accounts With ChromeLoginsCreate Chrome Login for each client. Access analytics, WMT, G Docs all fromone account/Chrome Login.
    • Managing Accounts With ChromeLoginshttp://www.koozai.com/blog/search-marketing/seo-resources/my-top-tip-for-managing-multiple-seo-clients-browser-accounts/
    • Set Up Site SearchFinding the query parameter – perform a search on the site andlook at URL.
    • Set Up Site SearchGo to admin->Profile Settings->Scroll Down
    • Set Up Site SearchGo to content->site search->search terms
    • Lame.
    • Custom Report!Internal Search Performance Custom Reporthttp://bit.ly/SGoaw3
    • Custom Report – Top LevelFirst Level – Visits With/Without Site Search
    • Custom Report = Super Action-abilityFind high bounce / exit search terms. CREATE that content.
    • Segment Branded KeywordsDefault segment: not totally worthless but close.
    • Segment Brand KeywordsCreate advanced segment (this brand name is a simple example).Brand Name:VacuumSpot
    • Segment Non-Brand KeywordsEXCLUDE brand names segment – to measure only generic keywords.Brand Name:VacuumSpot
    • Organic Search NEW Non-Brand Acquisition FromGoogleBrand Name:VacuumSpot
    • Measure Social Media Traffic(?)Default GA Social Traffic ViewHow many of these are actually“social networks”?
    • Measure Social Media Traffic(?)Would you call this “social media”?
    • Segment Social Media TrafficBuild your own socialmedia segment.Don’t forget short URLs(ie: t.co)Use this segment as astarting point.http://bit.ly/RzKHdX
    • Segment # of Keywords In Search1 Word Searcheshttp://bit.ly/SqSR6j2 Word Searcheshttp://bit.ly/PwbGrk3 Word Searcheshttp://bit.ly/WnlUOO4+ Word Searcheshttp://bit.ly/PPRdPDRegEx for one word searches - ^s*[^s]+(s+[^s]+){0}s*$More on Avinash’s post - http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/advanced-analytics-visitor-segments-engagement-social-media-search-long-tail/
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudywww.admissionsquest.com
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudyWhich of these should they do more of? Less of?
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudyWhat’s bringing the most traffic for the least effort?
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudywww.admissionsquest.comData Needed:1. Site sections – Screaming Frog2. Number of pages indexed each section – Googlequeries3. Number of Google visits each section – analytics
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudywww.admissionsquest.comDesired End Metric ->Visits From Google Per Pages In Section
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudyFirst crawl the site with Screaming Frog. Export HTML to csv.
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudyIn Excel, tag each section (and sub-sections if you want) of the site.
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudyHopefully you’ll have about 8-12 main sections.
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudyFind out how many are indexed for each section with advanced queries. (Might betricky if site doesn’t have good URL structure)
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudyPut in spreadsheet – site sections and how many pages indexed per section.
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudyCreate segments for EACH section in analytics. Organic Google traffic only.
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudyApply segment to get number of visits from Google.
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudyAdd number of visits to spreadsheet.Divide Visits by Pages Indexed =(C2/D2)
    • Site Section Performance – CaseStudyGraph It. Long form evergreen articles perform amazingly well compared to blogging.
    • Case Study - SaaS – WPMU Premiumhttp://premium.wpmudev.org
    • Problem: Four User States1. Not logged in / not paying2. Logged in / not paying3. Logged in / paid4. Admin
    • Use Custom Variables - User Stateshttps://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/gajs/gaTrackingCustomVariables
    • Use Custom Variables - User StatesOriginal setup – not ideal.
    • Use Custom Variables - User StatesReference: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/other/quick-tip-the-power-of-google-analytics-custom-variables/Improved setup
    • Use An End To End Reporthttp://www.kaushik.net/avinash/actionable-web-analytics-custom-reports-advanced-segments/AcquisitionHow they foundyouSourceKeywordBehaviorWhat they didBouncesPages/visitOutcomeWhat happenedTransactionsPer visit value
    • Use An End To End Custom Reporthttp://bit.ly/Yrm71n
    • Use An End To End Custom Report(Note: yes, I meant acquisition – whoops!)http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/actionable-web-analytics-custom-reports-advanced-segments/
    • So Let’s Review
    • Analytics is could belike…
    • …assembled Ikeafurniture.