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CiO Cloud Summit  Thought Leadership   Cloud Services Brokerage
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CiO Cloud Summit Thought Leadership Cloud Services Brokerage


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Review of role of Cloud Services Brokerage organizations (CSBs)and selection consideration criteria. …

Review of role of Cloud Services Brokerage organizations (CSBs)and selection consideration criteria.
(Thanks to Gartner!)

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  • 1. CIO Cloud Summit CIO Thought Leadership SessionThe Role of Cloud Services Brokerage Companies in Cloud Services Presented By : Murali Swamy and Eugene Breger
  • 2. About Us Corporate Overview Our Mission Dayton, OH Headquarters To be our Clients’ Partner of Specialize in: Choice through our - Advisory Services Centers of - Outsourcing Process Transformation, and to - IT Led Business drive continuous Enablement improvement through the professional growth Multi-shore Delivery Model and active involvement of Provide Services Globally our people.
  • 3. Our Practice Lines Business Analytics Cloud Enablement Digital Marketing Independent E-Commerce Mobility Solutions Validation Services Project Management Supply Chain & Web Application Office Procurement Development Solutions
  • 4. Cloud Services Brokerage - 1 • Cloud is about self-service so why are intermediaries needed? – Consumers may need help unless they are always dealing directly in peer to peer fashion • What does the Cloud Services Broker (CSB) provide? – Technical level • Aggregates and adds value to cloud services; brings multiple cloud services together to service consumers in a unified way (e.g., by business process, industry or region) • Integrates – addresses all combinations of cloud, e-commerce, on-premises data and application integration requirements. (e.g., acts as a single point of entry – billing, security) • Customizes – implements unique services or capabilities beyond the original cloud services capabilities (e.g., tools that manage and simplify provisioning cloud services to many users) – Business level • Interacts with and represents the services being delivered • Offers Professional services, managed services, BPO
  • 5. Cloud Services Brokerage - Aggregation • Aggregation Brokerage – Does what the traditional IT services provider does and ALSO assumes role of orchestrating outcomes and validating performance • Provisioning in Scale • Management of Proliferation of Solution Assets • Proliferation of Relationships and Complex Interdependencies of SLAs • Intellectual Property and Compliance Risk • “Enriched” Services: making services more usable, accessible or consistent in their delivery of value • Many-to-one or many-to-many connections
  • 6. Cloud Services Brokerage - Integration • Integration Brokerage – Much like work of traditional SI in that new solutions are created as a result of integration of data, process and user experience • Integrate cloud endpoints in scale • Governance • Community Management • Migration skills • Consumer gets integrated result • One-to-many, many-to-one, many-to-many
  • 7. Cloud Services Brokerage - Customization • Customization Brokerage – Generally done around the edges of the service – Alters or adds to capabilities of a service to perform its function. – New look and feel or layering new data and process functions on top . – If your solution requires a cloud service coupled with some traditional IT services (e.g., consulting, applications or business process outsourcing) – Analytics (messages, services, processes, etc.)
  • 8. Cloud Services Brokerage - 2 • Who is the right CSB vendor to consider? – Makes the relationship worthwhile by providing • Aggregation services • Removes complexity – interoperability and federation – Provides enough value-add • Takes out complexity • Embeds value – e.g., mash-ups, enriched applications • Delivers value – implementation services, BPO, etc.
  • 9. Cloud Services Brokerage - 3 • New and Expanded Evaluation Criteria – Part I – CSB Capabilities • Disaster recovery • Integration • Migration / transition • Security • Transparency – CSB Track Record • Experience • SLAs and service reporting • Help desk (support) • Upgrades
  • 10. Cloud Brokerage Services - 4 • New and Expanded Selection Evaluation Criteria – Part II – CSB Commercial Issues • Pricing • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) • Risk • Intellectual Property (IP) protection • Compliance • Recourse for nonperformance • Switching
  • 11. Eugene Breger Murali SwamyDirector, Sales VP, IT Sales and mswamy@corbus.com847.331.5554 937-610-4083