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  • 1. School Name<br />Phone:<br />Fax:<br />Individual Education Plan<br />2010-2011<br />DATE OF IEP MEETING: 7 July 2010<br />NAME OF STUDENT: Fred Brown<br />BIRTH DATE: 1997 AGE: 13 GENDER: M<br />MAILING ADDRESS:<br />c/o Auntie Frieda Brown<br />GRADE: 7<br />PHONE: xxx xxxx<br />PARENT/GUARDIAN: Mr & Mrs Francis Brown<br />STUDENT PROFILE<br />
    • ASSESSMENT INFORMATION:Informal: Reported initiation of physical assault on other students.Small statureurinary incontinence to gr. 6repeated medical suspensionconference with family re family historyMother is deceasedBereavement issuesTrauma issuesMiddle ear infections and tubesIn Behavioural placements—not successfulFormal: Psychological testingIQMild verbal impairmentVisual-motor in average rangeAE adaptive between 6 & 7SocialisationDaily livingDiagnosed as having FAS, 2009, Sunny Hill Health Centre, Dr. Christine Loock
    • 2. STRENGTHS:Reads wellVisual abilitySlow and careful workerAcademically not impulsiveAverage math and numerical skillsGood visual memory
    DESCRIPTORS: Chronic Health Designation (D), Behavioural issues identified, <br />
    • LEARNS BEST WHEN: Given timeVisualsNeeds spaceNeeds QuietIndependent better than group activities
    MEDICAL HISTORY:FASD DiagnosisOtits mediaUrinary incontinence (resolved for now)<br />
    • SCHOOL HISTORY:CounsellingSchools attended Beh program at North Sockeye ElementaryMedical suspensions (date)
    Areas of Need<br />Academic: Needs quiet learning environment (adaptations)—time and space, organisationProgram in resource room, some assistance in transitioning classrooms<br />Behavioural: Needs time, needs emotional support, outlets, breaks <br />Social/Emotional: outlets; needs assistance and support with social interaction<br />Language Communication: Visuals to support oral language instruction<br />Physical: Outlets, activities<br />Life skills: <br />
    • Long-term Goals/Dreams/DesiresReduce violent behaviourDevelop life and community skills
    What Do We Want to Accomplish This Year?Successfully become a part of the school.Show academic progress.<br />FOUR COLUMN GOAL CHART<br />
    • NEED(From above list of areas)Goal for the StudentStrategy & Team ResponsibilitiesMeasurement of ProgressSocial-emotionalDevelop peer relationsWill participate in lunchtime group.SEAPlayed basketball with one other (also short) studentGym teacherForm Friendship with basketball partner.Takes part in lunch program.Academic
    NEED(From above list of areas)Goal for the StudentStrategy & Team ResponsibilitiesMeasurement of Progress<br />SUPPORT TEAM<br />RoleParticipant NameContact InformationParentAuntieTeacherMaddie PricePrincipalJoe SturgeonResource room teacherTom Trout(add participants as needed)<br />SIGNATURES<br />________________________________________________<br />Parent/Guardian Date<br />_________________________________________________<br />Principal Date<br />Review Date: _____________________<br />