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Mc Carthyyyyy Mc Carthyyyyy Presentation Transcript

  • Ericca Branch
    Yvonne Arevalo
    Luke Strother
    Tony Ramirez
    1st Period
    The McCarthy Era
  • McCarthy Era
    The McCarthy Era was a time when the Americans saw the Soviet Union as a threat because they were turning to Communism.
  • Joseph McCarthy
    Senate for Wisconsin
    Most famous political figure in the Nation after President Harry Truman.
    The most important issue during his time was the thought of Communism taking over the United States.
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  • Historian:The Alien Registration Acts
    It made it illegal to abet or teach anyone the desirability of overthrowing the government.
    It was a requirement of the “alien residents” of the U.S. to be registered(anyone over the age of 14) or there would be consequences.
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  • Historian:HUAC(House un-American Activities Committee)
    It was to investigate Americans of German origin and to keep an eye on subversive behavior in the U.S.
  • Made to insure that immigrants would adhere to the American way of life.
    Acted as a barrier to prevent Communists from becoming citizens.
    Was used to prevent Communism from gaining a foothold from outside influences.
    Analyst:Alien Registration Acts
  • Enacted to insure that all citizens were adhering to the American way of life.
    Acted as a way to suppress Communist activities within the border .
    Was used to prevent Communism from gaining a foothold from internal influence.
    Movie industry and Hollywood took a big hit because of their ability to influence all Americans.
  • If America is a junkyard, the Alien Registration Act is the barb wire fence and HUAC is the pack of watchdogs .
    In tandem, they enabled the government to protect America from Communist influences which is why many Americans supported and rallied behind these two things.
    Analyst:HUAC & Alien Registration Acts
  • Countries were falling one by one to Communism this is known as the domino effect.
    Americans saw Communism engulfing these countries and needed a way to protect themselves from it.
    HUAC and the Alien Registration Act provided the protection from Communism that Americans wanted.
    Analyst:Communism is coming.