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Czar Full Capabilities
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Czar Full Capabilities


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Czarnowski Full Capabilities

Czarnowski Full Capabilities

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  • 1. Exhibit | Strategic | Event ServicesFULL SERVICE CAPABILITIES
  • 2. Our Services ........................................ 3Czar Timeline ....................................... 4Our Locations ...................................... 5Our Approach & Customers ................ 6Strategic Services ................................ 7Exhibit Services ................................. 12Event Services ................................... 17Our Portfolio ..................................... 22 2
  • 3. Our story begins in 1947 as one of the most respected I&D companies around Chicago. In 1965, The Nagle Family purchased Czarnowski and set out on a journey to realize the company’s true potential. One location blossomed into 14 full-service design and fabrication facilities. Our portfolio of services is not limited to the show floor, we’ve evolved over the years in sync with our customers’ needs and are now focused on 3 main areas: Strategy, Exhibits and Events. No other company has the full range of capabilities that we offer wrapped up into such a convenient package. STRATEgY Planning & Consulting Pre & Post Show Promotions Customer Engagement Activities Graphic & Interactive Design Measurement ExhIBITS Account Management Design, Engineering, Fabrication Warehousing, Storage, Logistics Permanent Installations In-house I&D Labor EVEnTSDesign, Development, Production Rental Solutions Destination Management Web-based Solutions 3
  • 4. 1947 Czarnowski begins as an I&D company in Chicago 1965 The Nagle Family buys the company 1972 Services expand to include Design & Fabrication 1984 - 1996 Atlanta, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Dallas, Orlando, & California(Los Angeles, San Diego & San Francisco) facilities open 2000 Services expand to include Events 2002 Pittsburgh facility opens 2004 Services expand to include think(form) 2006 Denver facility opens 2007 what makes your program even better 2008 Czarnowski gives back, what makes a difference 2010 what’s next... 4
  • 5. All Czarnowski offices are managed and staffed by Czarnowski employees. Each of our offices provides a full spectrum of capabilities and are staffed to maintain a superior level of service. Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando and Las Vegas are our main exhibit production facilities. nick Simonette VP, Sales | Atlanta “We have 14 offices strategically located across the United States. Chances are, we have aMain Office Regional Office facility within fifty miles from anyLocations Locations of your shows.” TIER OnE FACILITIES TIER TWO FACILITIES REgIOnAL LOCATIOnS Atlanta Dallas Anaheim 1200 White Street 4808 Lakawana St. Atlantic City Atlanta, GA 30310 Dallas, TX 75247 Baltimore 430,00 sq. ft 5,000 sq. ft. Charlotte Detroit Chicago Dayton Houston 2287 S. Blue Island Ave. 1930 Commerce Blvd. Indianapolis Chicago, IL 60608 Fairborn, OH 45324 Kansas City 255,000 sq. ft. 5,000 sq. ft. Long Beach Milwaukee Denver new Orleans Monterey 11101 E. 53rd Ave. Suite D 1220 L and A Rd. Nashville Denver, CO 80239 Metairie, LA 70001 Palm Springs 40,000 sq. ft. 25,000 sq. ft. Philadelphia Phoenix Las Vegas new York / new Jersey Reno 3165 W. Sunset Rd. 300-3A Route 17 Sacramento Las Vegas, NV 89118 Lodi, NJ 07644 Salt Lake City 285,000 sq. ft. 25,000 sq. ft. San Antonio San Diego Los Angeles Pittsburgh San Jose 2250-A South Yale St. 1213 Galveston Ave. San Mateo Santa Ana, CA 92704 Pittsburgh, PA 15233 Santa Clara 75,000 sq. ft. 45,000 sq. ft. Seattle St. Louis Orlando San Francisco Tampa 9901 Satelite Blvd. 25821 Industrial Blvd. Toronto Orlando, FL 32837 Suite #100 80,000 sq. ft. Hayward, CA 94545 15,000 sq. ft. Washington DC 6231 Columbia Park Rd. Landover, MD 20785 9,000 sq. ft. 5
  • 6. Our business is about more than just delivering a memorable exhibit or event. It’s about connecting your customers to your brand through an experience and leveraging every available opportunity to reinforce that connection. Face-to-face marketing design has evolved as a service and Czarnowski has not only kept the pace – we’ve set it. Our Idea Shapers work to continually push the envelope for market attention. This is a skill that we take very seriously. This is also what fuels our passion for unique, personal and targeted solutions. Czarnowski is honest, hard working and listens to our customers. As collaborative partners, we respond to their needs withBelow are some of the solutions that are creative, timely andBrands for whom we effective. We embrace projects acrossdeliver unique, personal a wide spectrum of sizes, budgets and& on-target solutions. industries. We retain nearly 99% of our customers each year. 6
  • 7. STRATEgIC SERVICESwhat adds value to your program.
  • 8. strategic servicesIDEA ShAPERSOur business is about more than just delivering a memorable event. It’s about connecting yourcustomers to your brand through an experience and leveraging every available opportunityto reinforce that connection. Face-to-face marketing design has evolved as a service andCzarnowski has not only kept the pace – we’ve set it. Our Idea Shapers work to continuallypush the envelope for market attention. This is a skill that we take very seriously. This is alsowhat fuels our passion for unique, personal and targeted solutions.We believe the future of our industry is being shaped right now by people with the vision tosee things differently and the courage to make meaningful change happen. Our Idea Shapershave that vision and they bring a wide range of expertise and experience to the table: fromindustrial, graphic and interactive design to customer connection, marketing and advertising.We invite you to spend some time with our Idea Shapers and gain deeper insight into who weare how we think. “They understand our brand and are able to translate our corporate message/ brand to fit into our markets...” - Carolyn Peavler, Sr. Director Convention Services, Simon Property Group 8
  • 9. strategic servicesSTEP 1 – WE LISTEnWe let you tell us what your goals,aspirations and strategic initiatives arefor your project, your program and yourbusiness. We’ll ask good questionsand leave no stone unturned untilwe’ve got the insight and informationwe need to make sure we have it right.STEP 2 – WE UnDERSTAnDWe’ve seen and done just about everything in this business. Our talent, skills and intellectualcapital cross hands-on handiwork with Six Sigma strategic solutions. Whatever you haveon your plate, we’ll be happy to take it, run with it and make sure you are ready when thedeadlines hit.STEP 3 – WE RESPOnDWe are your partner in every sense of the word and we take this commitment very seriously.We’ll always respond to your needs with solutions that are creative, effective and timely. Wethrive under pressure and we’ll do it with a smile - for you!STEP 4 – WE DELIVERWe’re not happy until you’re happy. Our job doesn’t end after a show, an event or even afterthe final bill is paid. We need to know that we surpassed your expectations, delivered on yourgoals and made you happy.STEP 5 – WE MEASUREEven small improvements in operations, account management or strategic planning can resultin monumental strides going forward. We ask our customers to rate several aspects of ourperformance. In turn, we rate ourselves to see if we’re in line with your expectations. Even theslightest hitch is smoothed out. We’re in this for the long run. 9
  • 10. strategic servicesCzarnowski recognizes our customers’need for marketing specialists to provide abridge between traditional marketing andexperiential marketing. think(form) spansthat gap with services that complement youragencies and help deliver richer and morememorable experiences for your audiences.It is our responsibility as your partner, tostay well-versed and aware of trends in theface-to-face marketing industry as a whole.We leverage our extensive customer baseknowledge by learning from all opportunities.Ultimately we are aiming for a creativecustomer connection. We are limiting thepossibilities if we are not open to gainingsparks of inspiration from expected sources.Some of the ways think(form) can add value to your program include:1. Brand Immersion & Discovery2. Development of Branded Architecture & Environments3. Integrating and adapting existing marketing campaigns for face-to-face marketing applications4. Multimedia / Interactive Display Development5. Strategic Marketing6. Event & Exhibit Design7. Sensory immersion concepts for face-to-face marketing8. Integrating emerging technologies into face-to-face marketing9. Sponsorship & portfolio development10. Traffic building & lead management11. Customer Perspective 10
  • 11. case study SneekESCAPE Peek Value + Vision is an opportunity to meet our idea shapers and discover the inspiration behind what we do.SLEEP TO LIVERetail EnvironmentvisionEvery face-to-face opportunity allows our audience the chance toEscape from their daily routine into an experience that will re-energize Kevin Mcgreveya static perspective. The Sleep To Live project afforded us the creative Idea Shaper | Denverlatitude to explore a high-tech yet serene environment to functionas the Sleep to Live Sleep Lab—a retail store where high-tech tools To me, the idea ofdetermine each customer’s optimal sleep surface. Working with “Escape” is a literalEight Inc.’s solution we identified an additional sensory component one of grabbinginvolving our sense of smell. Although we did not use it in the Sleep my backpack andTo Live concept it opened the door for the trade show industry. heading off into the great Coloradovalue mountain wilderness.In addition to providing a subtle escape for customers, we were It gives a clean breakable to increase dwell time and improve brand perception. Beyond to clear one’s headproducing a pioneering retail environment, we propelled the power and re-focus on howof scent. This nuance has created a new stir on and off the show floor. wonderful the trulyMost industry publications have now featured scent as an important beautiful things in thepart of the total trade show experience. world are. 11
  • 12. ExhIBIT SERVICESwhat drives efficiencies.
  • 13. exhibit servicesOn behalf of our clients and our own organization, Czarnowski actively seeks more efficientand sustainable solutions for every aspect of our business. We believe that three-dimensionalmarketing encompasses more than simply how things look. Therefore, we consciously decidedto make a positive impact on our society and environment.From reducing the consumption of materials, to minimizing shipping costs, to our own facilitiesand even the way we treat each other and our clients, personal and corporate responsibilityare part of the Czarnowski fabric. Our success has always come from our desire to constantlyimprove every aspect of our business.LABORWe’ve been I&D specialists from the beginning. We have our own labor force with nationwidecoverage. We do not use subcontractors, which saves substantially on labor costs. We continuallytrain our people on hard skills (A/V, electrical, graphics, etc.) and soft skills (customer service,teamwork, etc.). Our turnover is negligible, so you’ll see the same faces working your boothyear after year and city to city. Our field people actually talk with our shop crews and accountmanagers so they know the end goal from the start.FABRICATIOnOur capabilities span wood and metal fabrication, fullservice paint facilities, electrical services and CAD/CNC capabilities. We begin fabrication by producingplans, elevations, construction details, lighting plots,graphic specs, electrical and A/V specs, color samplesand set up drawings. All project documents are filedin a central location for easy access by project teammembers. 13
  • 14. exhibit servicesShIPPIng & WAREhOUSIngWe use our nationwide network of wholly-ownedand operated facilities to manage freight costs andstore assets per your program schedule. Each of ourfacilities is climate controlled and meets local andfederal fire and safety requirements. We controlall shipping to and from our facilities and managewarehousing and inventory control with our own full-time staff. Our warehouses are strategically locatedwithin 50 miles from all major show sites.REnTAL SOLUTIOnSCzarnowski is proud to offer a variety of complete and flexible rental solutions for every exhibitprogram. With the ability to design custom rental architecture that features low maintenanceand simple set-up, our clients receive an exhibit that is unique to their brand for less than thecost of a custom-build purchase solution.Custom solution hybrid solution off-the-shelf solutionour Custom rental solutions provideour Customers with the opportunity todevelop Creative exhiBit solutions withan eConomiCal struCtural framework. 14
  • 15. exhibit servicesPROgRAM MAnAgEMEnTA hand-picked Czarnowski team is assigned to every account. Each team is a powerful com-bination of industry professionals who specialize in strategic thinking, creative mastery andtactical know-how. We’ll match the best people to your project and profile. You will also have apoint person who updates you on the status of your project throughout the process. We’ll bein touch every step of the way.We consider every point of view in a successful partnership. In addition to our 360-degreeperspective we take the initiative to measure the process, solutions and results. We can thencorrect our course whenever your needs or objectives change. Our inherent flexibility providesour customers with the best value in the industry.OnLInE SOLUTIOnSCzarnowski’s online offerings allow clients to manage exhibit and event programs with ease,efficiency and accuracy.• Exhibit Planner lets users create layouts from items in their inventory.• Inventory Tracker shows what’s in stock, where it is located and where its going.• Real-time Web Cams allow our customers to stay connected to projects anytime, anywhere.• Web-Based Team Portals host blogging and file sharing. 15
  • 16. case study SneekMATTER Peek Value + Vision is an opportunity to meet our idea shapers and discover the inspiration behind what we do.TETRA PAKShow: Supply Expo & Natural Products Expo WestExhibit Size: 20’ x 40’visionResponsibility Matters and we took that to heart in illustrating Tetra Victoria RobinsonPak’s message of “Renewability Matters”. Our designers took a new Idea Shaper | Denverlook at sustainable materials and found innovative, exciting ways toincorporate them into a responsible solution. It was important that “I feed off of the fast-attendees had a clear understanding that Tetra Pak was a champion paced nature of thisof positive environmental impact. Through the use of live foliage, industry because it’snatural tones and recycled materials, our guests were immersed in an always a new andeco-conscious experience that strongly reflected Tetra Pak’s values. exciting challenge. I love being a dreamervalue and a visionary alongWith a beautiful exhibit created using 80% green materials, with the journey ofwe generated a huge buzz on the show floor, making a strong, the organic, creativememorable impression for customers while reinforcing Tetra Pak’s process that we gomain message. The exhibit won several “green” awards for their through in order tosustainable consciousness and execution. come up with a final product that solves the client’s challenges.” 16
  • 17. EVEnT SERVICESwhat takes your brand anywhere.
  • 18. event servicesCzarnowski Event Services Team is a premier, full-service provider of intelligent and intuitiveglobal event marketing programs. Whether you’re planning a conference, road show, salesmeeting or a product launch, we have the resources necessary to create a unique and powerfulexperience. Regardless of your company size, industry or budget, we will collaborate with youinsure results that exceed expectation and touch the spirit of your audience. CORPORATE hOSPITALITY • VIP Events • Sales Incentive Trips • Keynote Dinners • Themed Parties MEETIngS • User Conferences • Educational Seminars • Networking Events • Customer Site Visits • National Sales Meetings PRODUCT LAUnChES • Press Conferences • Mobile Marketing • Promotional Events • Extension Programs • Training Sessions SPOnSORShIPS • Festivals • Conferences 18
  • 19. event servicesBRAnDED CUSTOMER EngAgEMEnT OPPORTUnITIESWe have an agency perspective embedded in our creative process that provides smart solutionswrapped around an uplifting, unique experience for our customers. We specialize in everyaspect of custom turnkey event production. Our designers take the time to get to know yourvision, brand, product and target audience. Once we have a firm understanding of who you areand where you want to go, we do everything in our power to get you there.As an extension of your corporate team, we can provide additional services so our people canhelp your people achieve your overall event marketing goals...STRATEgIC COnSULTATIOn & PLAnnIng• Brand Insight & Integration Strategy• Environmental Themeing and Messaging• Activation Plans• Integrated Technologies• Speaker Training• Event Measurement a suCCessful event showCases your CorporateCREATIVE SERVICES identity and Creates• Creative Design & Development the ultimate Branding• Graphic Design & Production experienCe.• Audience Attraction Components• Multimedia/Interactive Design• Scenes & Décor• Speaker SupportExTEnSIOnS• Audience Generation• Traffic Building Programs• Media Ad Design• Pre/Post-Event Promotions• Web-based Solutions 19
  • 20. event servicesTURnKEY CAPABILTIESOur experienced, in-house professionals offer seamless execution, allowing you to accomplish allof your event objectives by working with just one company. From the first contract to the finalpaperwork, we’ll provide what you need to get your message across… on time and on budget.LOgISTICS MAnAgEMEnT• Destination Management• Complete Labor Services• Site Research & Selection• Venue Negotiations & Contracting• Financial Management• Tours & Activities• Ground Transportation• Meet & Greet Services• Timeline and Agenda ManagementPRODUCTIOn• Onsite Registration• Speakers & Entertainment• Complete A/V Support• Onsite Management• Food & Beverage• Break Out Session Management• Stage Management• Rental Solutions 20
  • 21. case studyDESTROY Sneek PeekTHE BOX Value + Vision is an opportunity to meet our idea shapers and discover the inspiration behind what we do.CIBA VISIONVIP EventvisionThinking outside of the box still has its creative restrictions, even a Marline Jacksonclose proximity to it implies that we are willing to stay within the lines Idea Shaper | Atlantaof our coloring book. We decided to Destroy The Box! We hadto ask ourselves what inspires our inspiration? Authentic solutions “Planning an eventcome from a passionate desire to do more than move the line, but to is like planning a firstjump the curve. In many ways we are at the edge of an amazing new date–it has to beindustry direction. Solutions like Ciba Vision push the boundaries fun, entertaining andof a new corporate product launch. It created an energy and life memorable. How elsethat inspired more than a campaign, but a movement driven with a will you make it to thebreath of fresh air. The theme of “To Live To Breathe” was reflected next level?”in every touch point and every engagement. It was a total CibaVision immersion. The team of creatives on this project threw out allconventional thinking as they redefined a corporate event.valueCreativity inspired success and that success increased sales. 21
  • 22. PORTFOLIOwhat is well-versed.
  • 23. eventsBMWCascadia AT&T 23
  • 24. eventsBMWherbalife 24
  • 25. medical Spotlight purdue pharma: event marketer ex award (gold) Purdue Pharma Spotlight philips healthcare: Bma proComm award of excellence & event marketer ex award (gold) Philips healthcare Eli Lilly and Company 25
  • 26. medical Stryker Spotlight Chiron: hCea, in-awe awardChiron Spotlight sonicare: Bma ace award marComm astrid award Sonicare 26
  • 27. automotiveAudi 27
  • 28. automotiveMini Spotlight mini: event design mod award BMW 28
  • 29. consumer electronics Spotlight dolby & nokia: event marketing Ces Best of showDolby nokia Spotlight electrolux: exhibitor magazine all-star awardElectroluxEFI 29
  • 30. permanent installs St Jude Medical Corporate Interior The Coca Cola Company Innovation Lab herman Miller Showroom 30
  • 31. permanent installs nike Lebron James BMWKnoll Product Showroom 31
  • 32. Looking for a place to connect with forward-thinking visionaries?SUBSCRIBEJOIN THE CONVERSATIONwhatsnext.czarnowski.comThis blog is your link to what’s next in the face-to-face community. This uniquehub aims to be the destination for forward-thinking folks who want to connectin an inspiring and informational environment. Visionaries from inside andoutside the industry can chime in with their thoughts, opinions, inspirations andexhortations. In the mix are industry veterans, social media mavens, businessleaders, next generation influencers and YOU!Check it out...spread the word…and stay tuned for what’s next… 32
  • 33. CZarnowski Word PuzzleTake a break! Enjoy a quick game of word puzzle and learn about our company in theprocess. We have compiled a list of words that describe our services as well as ourperspectives...we love what we do! COMMITMENT EXPERIENCE NAGLE TACTICAL CREATIVE GLOBAL PARTNER THINKFORM EFFECTIVE INTERACTIVE PASSIONATE VALUE EVENTS MANAGEMENT PRODUCTION VISIONARY EXHIBIT MEASUREMENT STRATEGIC WHAT 33
  • 34. We love what we do.Exhibit | Strategic | Event Services 800.247.4302