Social Media Presentation for Sysco Foods 6.18


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Social Media Presentation for Sysco Foods 6.18

  1. 1. Social Media for Restaurants:Get Found, Create Loyalty, andTurn Customers into Your Salesforce
  2. 2. Social Media RevolutionIt’s not going away.It’s not going away.
  3. 3. You have every right to be frustrated...
  4. 4. Why DigitalMarketing?• Acquire new customers• Outrank and outperform thecompetition• Stay ‘top of mind’• Get our fans selling for us
  5. 5. Don’t scare peopleaway.Step #1
  6. 6. Do you have as strong apresence online as youdo in your restaurant?
  7. 7. 5 Website Pitfalls• Color Pollution• All images, no content• Critical info not above thefold• No Opt-in Box• Not mobile responsive
  8. 8. What’s your critical info?
  9. 9. ABCE• Failure = When a prospect visits yourWebsite and leaves without giving you theirinformation.
  10. 10. Email is not dead.• Big myth• How many of you havechecked email today?• Stay on their radar• Pack your emails full of value• ABCE
  11. 11. • Mobile Responsive•
  12. 12. Step 2: Get Found• Keywords• Title tag• Link Building
  13. 13. Keywords• Words customers use whensearching on Google• Use those same words ineverything you publish online• Size matters.• Be Bold.• Use often, but don’t overdoit.
  14. 14. What areYourKeywords?
  15. 15. Title Tag• Most important phrase you’llcreate on the web• Helps determine where yourank on Google• It’s how people decide whatto click on when searching
  16. 16. Don’t get ...
  17. 17. Corey’s Oasis | Fresh Seafood| Key West,FL
  18. 18. Backlinks• Currency of the Internet• Links to your site (not theother way around)• O.A.R• One-way• Authoritative• Relevant
  19. 19. Step #3: Google+Local Business• Critical piece of searchengine real estate• Often viewed more timesthan your Website• People trust these pagesmore than Websites• People make decisions onrestaurants based on reviews
  20. 20. Protect yourself from the bad apples.
  21. 21. Some are Just Rotten
  22. 22. Positive Reviews• Wait staff• On receipt• eMail Blast to customers• Social Media
  23. 23. Policy on respondingto reviews.
  24. 24. Establish a presence on thelargest social media sitesStep #4
  25. 25. Secrets to Success• Focus.• Involve your staff.• Measure.• Have fun.
  26. 26. • Create a fun community• Allow for conversation(both positive andnegative)• Stay ‘top of mind’• Let your fans sells for youFacebook
  27. 27. Facebook estimates that only 16% of yourfans will see every post from your fan page
  28. 28. Promoted Posts• "Your promoted postswill be seen by a largerpercentage of the peoplewho like your page thanwould normally see it. Itwill also be seen by alarger percentage of thefriends of people whointeract with your post."
  29. 29. Numbers Matter
  30. 30. How to BuildYourNumbers• eMail Blasts• Promote page in restaurant• Website!• Run a contest
  31. 31. What should you post?
  32. 32. Posting to Social Media• Ask the Chef• Specials• Local, local, local• Seasonal options• Play. Have fun.Try stuff.• Make it about THEM
  33. 33. Use Pictures
  34. 34. What if people postnegative comments?
  35. 35. Twitter• Real-time communication• Share daily specials• Have some fun during quiettime (ex: pastry shop)
  36. 36. Instagram/Pinterest• Participate• Encourage customers to postphotos and share toFacebook• Share some of the bestphotos in your restaurant?
  37. 37. Step #5:TurnYourCustomers intoYourSalesforce.
  38. 38. Goal: Get people talking
  39. 39. Power of peer-to-peer marketing• At Longman & Eagle - one of the best mealsI’ve ever had...period.• Publishes to Facebook - 750 friends• Syndicates to Twitter - 500 followers• Bonus Foursquare- 500 followers• Total local reach - almost 1,750 local peers• your cost? $0
  40. 40. 14% of people trust ads.Over 80% trust peerrecommendations.
  41. 41. ButYou Have to Ask
  42. 42. How can we get peopleposting or checking-inwhile at our restaurant?
  43. 43. Corey’s Oasis!• Attractive, easy-to-useWebsite• Easy to find on all searchengines• Strong presence on sites likeGoogle+,Yelp, etc.• Focus on Facebook,Twitter,and Instagram
  44. 44. Exercise: Onetakeaway from today• Yellow - One thing I learned...• Pink - I’m going to focus on...• Blue - We’re going to startposting more _____ onFacebook.• Red - Once I do _____, I’mtaking a well deserved day off.
  45. 45. In Summary: Fish where the Fish Are
  46. 46. Don’t get bent out of shape over Social Media
  47. 47. Don’t over promote. It’s not a billboard!
  48. 48. Keep it simple.
  49. 49. We TeachYou to Fish
  50. 50. Or fish for you
  51. 51. Reinforcement!• Social Media Event Audio CD• From only a few months ago• Everything we covered today• $39.99• Bestselling Book (Audio Version)• SEO, Blogging, Articles,Title/Description Tags, Keywords,and more!• Bonus Twitter chapter• $39.99Special Offer:Both for$49.99
  52. 52. Thank you!••• 855-eboot-now• Fill out your follow up forms!• Questions!