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Chicago 9.25

  1. 1. eBoot Camp Presents: Social Media for Business
  2. 2. Social Media:It’s not going away.It’s not going away.
  3. 3. You have every right to be frustrated...
  4. 4. What other challenges are you facing with social media?
  5. 5. If you’re notgenerating resultswith social media, it’s just a hobby.
  6. 6. “You must stay FOCUSED on the areas that can generate results.”
  7. 7. Fish Where the Fish Are
  8. 8. Measure results to know if you’re making progress. you’re making progress.
  9. 9. Increase Leads
  10. 10. Build Trust and Credibility
  11. 11. Stay ‘Top of Mind’
  12. 12. StrengthenRelationships
  13. 13. Turn Cold-calls into Warm Leads
  14. 14. A Strategy for each Opportunity
  15. 15. Strategy #1Generate LeadsGenerate Leads
  16. 16. Facebook estimates that only 16% of yourfans will see every post from your fan page
  17. 17. Facebook ads• Facebook ad• Sponsored Story• Promoted Post
  18. 18. Facebook ads• Target by • Location • Age • Education level • Male/Female • Relationship status • Interests/likes
  19. 19. Which ad did better?
  20. 20. Ad #1
  21. 21. Ad #2
  22. 22. Promoted Posts• "Your promoted posts will be seen by a larger percentage of the people who like your page than would normally see it. It will also be seen by a larger percentage of the friends of people who interact with your post."
  23. 23. Facebook OffersBring people to your businesswith an offer they can claim andshare with their friends.Offers require a budget to run.The amount you pay is based onhow many people you want toreach.
  24. 24. Strategy #2Build Trust &Credibility Are you scaring people off?
  25. 25. Do you have as strong a presence online as you do offline?
  26. 26. 4 Website Pitfalls• Color Pollution• All images, no content• Critical info not above the fold• No Opt-in box
  27. 27. ABCE• Failure = When a prospect visits your Website and leaves without giving you their information.
  28. 28. Bonus: Title Tag• Most important phrase you’ll create on the web• Helps determine where you rank on Google• It’s how people decide what to click on when searching
  29. 29. Don’t get ...
  30. 30. BE CAREFUL!
  31. 31. Bonus: Title Tag• 55 Characters w/ Spaces• Business Name• What you do.• Susie’s Pet Bakery | Dog and Cat Treats | Chicago, IL
  32. 32. Google+ Local Business• Important piece of search engine real estate• Often viewed more times than your Website• People trust these pages more than Websites• People make decisions based on reviews
  33. 33. Protect yourself from the bad apples.
  34. 34. Some are Just Rotten
  35. 35. Positive Reviews• Put on delivery slip or invoice• In store sign• eMail Blast to customers• Social Media
  36. 36. Strategy #3: Stay ‘Top of Mind’ withCustomers and Prospects Stay ‘Top of Mind’ withCustomers and Prospects
  37. 37. Email is not dead.• Big myth• How many of you have checked email today?• Stay on their radar• Pack your emails full of value• ABCE
  38. 38. What should you post?
  39. 39. Posting to Social Media• Use pieces of your blog, enewsletter content• Use Pictures• Make it about THEM• Post frequently• When in doubt, go local
  40. 40. Golden Rule of Social Media:• Act more like Dale Carnegie and less like Tony the sleazy car salesman
  41. 41. Dale Carnegie Principles:• Talk in Terms of the Other Person’s Interests.• Don’t Criticize, Condemn or Complain.• Be a Good Listener. Encourage Others to Talk About Themselves.• Smile• Become Genuinely Interested in Other People.
  42. 42. Strategy #4: Build Rapport
  43. 43. Activity• Please write down the names of three of your best clients• Now write down each of their birthdays• What distinctions do you know about these clients? Awards? Achievements, etc• What are their hobbies? Favorite sports teams?• What or who are they passionate about?• Do you connect with them on a weekly basis? Multiple times a week?
  44. 44. Meet Mary Stevenson• Her Birthday is May 11th• She just celebrated her 10th year of being smoke free• She’s a huge Alabama Crimson Tide fan• The Bible is her favorite book• She just became a Grandma for the 1st time• Mary and I interact with each other on a weekly basis• She’s also one of my largest clients who paid me well over 5-figures last year.
  45. 45. Personal pages:Connect w/Customers• Highly under-utilized• Deeper relationship with your clients • Recognize Birthdays • Celebrate Milestones • Support during tough times • Stay top-of-mind with prospects
  46. 46. What you need to know about the New Facebook Timelines
  47. 47. Strategy #5: GetReferralsThe power of LinkedIn is not yournetwork, it’s your network’snetwork.
  48. 48. LinkedIn: Where people go to kick your tires
  49. 49. Your Profile• Short professional summary on how you help people.• 500+ Connections• Ask best customers to recommend you • Quality over Quantity• Keep it updated
  50. 50. Get Introduced toDecision MakersLinkedIn
  51. 51. Exercise: Onetakeaway from today• Yellow - One thing I learned...• Green - I’m going to focus on...• Blue - I’m going to offer value by...• Red - Once I do _____, I’m taking a well deserved day off.
  52. 52. Sites worthy of your attention
  53. 53. What is Pinterest?• A visual social curation site• You ‘Pin’ pictures• People can see and share them on their board.• Used for weddings, decorating home, planning parties, etc. You get to share ideas with others.• Invite only
  54. 54. PinterestInterest...• Fastest site in history to break through 10 million users (Comscore 2012)• 60% of users are women ages 25-44• Currently, the majority of the site’s active users are women
  55. 55. BusinessOpportunity• Images of your products can be shared and linked back to your site.• Pinterest is now driving more referral traffic on the web than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn — combined. That’s according to Shareaholic’s January 2012 referral traffic report.• Obviously not for everybody.
  56. 56. Getting Started• Go to• Pinterest is still an "invitation only" site so you have to click on the "request an invite" link and enter your email address.• Set up your pin boards and start pinning information you love.• You can use pre-set boards or organize your pin boards according to your own categories.• Get started by following individuals or companies you like, repin interesting information or "like" individual pins.
  57. 57. We Teach You to Fish
  58. 58. Or fish for you
  59. 59. Thank you!••• 855-eboot-now• Fill out your follow up forms!• Questions!