eBook Review Gal Indie Book Promotion Services


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eBook Review Gal offers several marketing services for Indie book authors - many of which are FREE.

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eBook Review Gal Indie Book Promotion Services

  1. 1. EBOOK REVIEW GAL BOOKApril 3, 2013 PROMOTION SERVICES NOW AVAILABLE takes time to process online forms, write Web copy and include a purchase link, we offer this as a way to help struggling indie authors because some of us are indie authors just like you – we understand how difficult this road can be. Our Featured Authors option is almost identical to ebookreviewgal.com the Featured Books option, but the emphasis is on the author. Authors are a very interesting bunch andThere may be several reasons why you’ve decided readers love to know what makes a writer tick.to go it alone. Cost is probably the number onereason why authors choose to self-publish an Readers often enjoy hearing about an author’seBook. Nearly anyone is capable of writing a Word creative process. Our Author Interviews address anddocument, formatting it and uploading the file reveal many sides of an author via the interviewonline. There’s no denying that it’s less scary, process. Again, we offer author interview servicesoverwhelming, intimidating and painful than trying at NO COST. Although this process can beto find a publishing company to accept your somewhat labor-intensive, we want this service tomanuscript. After all, you believe in the story be accessible to all authors. Each completed,you’ve written and have a lot at stake. Approaching lengthy interview includes a brief biography anda major book publisher can be a daunting task. book description, as well as a link for readers to purchase the author’s book should they wish to.Indie publishing has become so attractive to writers. Remember, this is another free marketing tool.This has caused a huge and continuous supply ofeBooks to flood the market, which is good for Via our sister site, The Write Words 4 You, wereaders, but frustrating to would-be authors. It offer:forces indie authors to become masters at bookmarketing, promotions and advertising. Many  Press Releasesauthors are clueless when it comes to marketing  Web Copytheir own eBooks. That’s where we come in.  SEO Articles  Professionally Written ProfilesAt eBook Review Gal we offer both free and paid-  Biographiesfor book reviews. We ask a minimal fee (far less  Author’s Pagesthan most other reviewers) for an expedited review  Resumes(usually read and reviewed within 4 weeks). All  Flyersother reviews are free. As you can imagine, we get  Newslettersan enormous amount of requests for reviews and  Social Media Managementfind it increasingly difficult to accommodate all  Services Specific to Yourequests.eBook Review Gal offers free featured bookservices. Interested authors can fill out a briefonline form and submit it for consideration. Eachbook feature post includes the book description,short author biography and a link for purchase.Each feature is shared on several social media sitesfor even more exposure. Although some other sitescharge to feature books, we do not. And, although it