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Library Research Seminar V Alternate Reality Games Panel

Library Research Seminar V Alternate Reality Games Panel






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    Library Research Seminar V Alternate Reality Games Panel Library Research Seminar V Alternate Reality Games Panel Presentation Transcript

    • Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) and 21st Century Literacies. Derek Hansen @shakmatt Kari Kraus @karikraus beth Bonsignore @ebonsign Maryland’s iSchool
    • ARG Ingredients
      • storytelling as archaeology
      • real world as medium
      • “ this is not a game” or a hoax
      • malleable (puppetmasters & players influence storyline)
      • mandatory collaboration
      • plays out over time
    • ARG Examples
      • Entertainment & Marketing
        • The Beast
        • I love bees
        • The Lost Experience
        • Cathy’s Book
      • “ Serious” Games
        • World without oil
        • Evoke
        • Pheon
    • 21st Century Literacies
      • Gather : finding, accessing, & evaluating
      • Make sense : analyzing, synthesizing, & reflecting
      • Solve: problem solving, experimenting, & innovating
      • Create: creating, remixing, & modifying
      • Manage: managing, organizing, & preserving
      • Respect: acting ethically, respectfully, and legally
      • Collaborate: collaborating & communicating
    • Research initiatives
      • Interviews
      • Student Designers
      • Kidsteam (HCIL)
      • Creative Writer
      • ARG Design
    • ARG Design characteristics and Challenges
      • Need for shared mythology among design partners
      • Documentation that lags behind inspiration
      • retrofitted narrative elements
      • puzzles, activities, & history hacks embedded into narrative fragments
      • Repeatability of ARG
    • The Counterfactual imagination “Reality shimmers with glimpses of counterfactual alternatives” ~Ruth Byrne
      • How to reconcile ARGs with abiding archival and library Values?
      • Ruth Byrne:
        • joints or faultlines of reality
        • Cognitive Constraints on Counterfactual Thinking
    • The Counterfactual Imagination
      • Cognitive Functions of counterfactual thought (Ruth Byrne: The Rational Imagination )
        • Counterfactual possibilities help us understand our personal histories
        • They help us understand notions of obligation and responsibility
        • They help us plan for the future
        • They help us link pre-existing concepts together in novel and imaginative ways
        • They help us invent new instances of concepts or categories
    • What did we Learn? Mapping the activities onto literacy and learning frameworks
      • ARG activities :: 21 st Century Skills
      • Mapping Sample activities to Literacy skills
      • Detailed Handout:
        • ARG Activities :: AASL Standards for 21 st Century Learner
        • ARG activities :: Content Area Standards
    • Learning Outcomes 21 st Century literacy skills applied Gallery of Gadgetry document (Design) Patent Search Morse Code clues “ New” Patent Model Make Sense : analyzing, synthesizing, reflecting X X X Gather : finding, accessing, evaluating X X Solve : problem-solving, experimenting, innovating X X Manage : managing, organizing, preserving X X Create : creating, remixing, modifying X Collaborate : collaborating and communicating X X X X
    • Analyzing the Arcane Gallery of Gadgetry document (Patent Office History) NCTE : “Students apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate texts. . . . They draw upon other texts, their word identification strategies, and their understanding of textual features (e.g., sound-letter correspondence, sentence structure , context , graphics).” depositary , n . a person with whom anything is lodged in trust…one to whom anything is committed or confided. arcane , a . hidden, concealed, secret. Definitions from Oxford English Dictionary online. 1853: Villette xviii, C. Bronte "I have never been the depositary of her plans and secrets." 1876 E. Gosse in Academy 9 Dec. 557 “Walking in the arcane world of wonder.”
    • Finding, Analyzing, managing Patent Searches and constructing a New Patent Model NCSS Theme 2 : Time, Continuity and Change: include experiences that provide for the study of the past and its legacy . NCSS Theme 8 : Science, Technology, and Society: include experiences that provide for the study of relationships among science, technology and society.
    • Challenges & Opportunities
      • Fictional narrative (but TINAG)
      • Game maleability
      • Puppetmasters
      • Replayability
      • Dealing with scale
      • Cross-institutional support
      • Budgets & resources
    • Come Join the Fun
      • http://thinktransmedia.org