Stand Up! Week 2011


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Stand Up! Week 2011

  1. 1. Stand Up! Week: March 13th-20th“stand up for those who can’t”
  2. 2. sunday: kickoff -Tell everyone that it is the beginning of Stand Up! week -Send out a chapter email with this information -Attend the Hunger Walk or have registered/donated before -Stand up! for anyone all day -Inform non BBYO members about Stand Up! and what it is-could have a program before/after Hunger Walk with chapter discussing what you will do for the rest of your week and/or doing something for your chapter Stand Up! cause “Stand up for something, even if it means standing alone”
  3. 3. monday: service day -go out and do community service at your Stand up! cause organization -pick up trash on the side of the road -help people in need whenever the chance comes up; volunteer - bake something and give it to the homeless - help help help help anyone, even if its only one person - give back to those who gave to you -pay it forward! -help the elderly or less fortunate“If you cant feed 100 people, feed one. it still makes a difference.”
  4. 4. tuesday: advocacy day-advocate: a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc. -write a letter to a person in a high position -change your facebook status/update your twitter -text all your friends about a specific cause or problem - speak up -say something to the people at your school or stand up in front of your class and advocate for a specific cause or person - hold up signs/wear pinks/make t-shirts and wear them “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
  5. 5. wednesday: philanthropy day -philanthropy: the activity of donating money to person or a cause, the practice of performing benevolent or charitable actions -choose an organization or person you would like to donate to -donate some of your allowance - donate some money you made from your job - donate some of your savings - help those who cant “Find a need and fill it”
  6. 6. thursday: j-serve day -j-serve: national day of service for teens-one person in their hometown can make a difference, but when thousands of teens work together, they change the world -we will be going out and doing j-serve at ACSC but there is still more you can do -continue promoting Stand Up! week- get together with your friends and continue helping those in need anytime and anywhere - Participate in tikkun olam, repairing the world -pick up trash on the street or in your school “Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean”
  7. 7. Friday: Speak Up! DAy-speak up!: bbyo teens advocating for and supporting israel; a global israel advocacy campaign - speak up and show you support israel -plan a chapter program around supporting israel - write a letter to a public official - plan a rally -start or sign a petition supporting israel -create advocacy videos and put them on facebook -change your facebook status/update your twitter“The words you choose to say are just as important as the decision to speak”
  8. 8. Saturday: Stand up! for each other day - stand up! for your family and friends - stand up! for the kid getting bullied at your school -stand up! for the substitute teacher being disrespected - your friends and family do so much for you, its time to show you care about them - don’t be the one bullying or disrespecting -stand up! for yourself and what you believe in -make everyone feel included“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world”
  9. 9. sunday: closing day - reminisce on all the great work you have done this week - realize how much you made a difference in just one week -analyze what you did and try to improve - continue doing everything you did this week for the rest of the year - the good does not have to stop now-stand up! is a 24/7 process that will get you closer to changing the world -keep standing up for what you believe in and for those who cant - congratulate yourself on a job well done “Every end is a new beginning”
  10. 10. Don’t miss week can change the world. forever.“Lets give the historians something to write about”
  11. 11. made with love by your 63rd Atlanta Council Sh’licha, Elli Bock