Canola: More than a Media Player


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Presentatin at 10th Forum Internacional de Software Livre (FISL) in Porto Alegre, Brazil in the 24th of June, 2009

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Canola: More than a Media Player

  1. 1. Canola: More than a Media Player Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) 10o  FISL June 24th, 2009
  2. 2. Hi! Nice to meet you. My name is Eduardo Lima.
  3. 3. You can call me Etrunko •Work for INdT •Contributing software for Maemo since 2005 •Currently maintaining EFL port for Maemo •And Canola, of course ;)
  4. 4. Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia - INdT •Non profit •R&D for Mobile •Manaus •Brasília •Recife •São Paulo •
  5. 5. openBossa • •The INdT Open Source Stream •Recife and Manaus •Some projects: •GNOME ports for Maemo •Python for Maemo •Canola •Carman •Mamona •Qt, EFL, BlueZ, gstreamer, … •
  6. 6. Coming back to the subject
  7. 7. Maemo??? WTF!?!? •Created by Nokia •Launched in 2005 •Based on Debian •Powers the Internet Tablet Devices •Soon in a phone near you???
  8. 8. Here is what it looks like
  9. 9. Motivation for creating Canola •Play all our Media •Locally stored •Shared in the network (Avahi/UPnP) •Intuitive User Interface •Finger oriented •Bling!
  10. 10. I Present You Canola 1 •
  11. 11. Implementation details •Written in C •OO (Gobject) •Introspection •Callbacks •Manual reference couting •SDL for graphics •Direct pixel access •Very low level drawing primitives •No scene management •Web interface used for configuration
  12. 12. New Requirements •Even more visual effects •Even more features •Web aware •Extensible •Short deadline
  13. 13. Our pretty baby •
  14. 14. Demo time
  15. 15. Implementation details •Python •Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (E17) •Evas, Ecore, Edje, E_Dbus •Bindings written in Cython •Plugin Architecture + MVC Design Pattern •Download manager •Media scanner •Media engine
  16. 16. Code •Free software •GPLv3 with additional clause • •Git o/
  17. 17. “The copyright holders grant you an additional permission under Section 7 of the GNU General Public License, version 3, exempting you from the requirement in Section 6 of the GNU General Public License, version 3, to accompany Corresponding Source with Installation Information for the Program or any work based on the Program. You are still required to comply with all other Section 6 requirements to provide Corresponding Source.”
  18. 18. Aditional Plugins •Youtube • (need to port to •UPnP •Tuning •Album cover download •Video thumbnails •Feed handler
  19. 19. Google Summer of Code •Picasa – Andrei Mirestean •Remember the milk – Andrey Popelo •Bittorrent – Lauri Võsandi •Twitter/Twitpic – Kasun Herath •IM – Thiago Borges Abdnur
  20. 20. The Future •Integration with next Maemo device •Tracker •MAFW •Packages •Edit media metadata details •Better UPnP support (Brisa? GUPnP?) •Webkit •Ubuntu?
  21. 21. After this presentation •Today 3:00 PM @ Room 40A •Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) • •Today 5:00 PM @ Room 41F •OpenEmbedded/Mamona • •Tomorrow 5:00 PM @ Room 41F •Python Bindings with Cython • •Friday 1:00 PM @ Room 40A •BeagleBoard •
  22. 22. Questions?
  23. 23. Thank you! (meet me at Qt booth)
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