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How to Get More Business From Your Website
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How to Get More Business From Your Website


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Direct, actionable tips on getting more leads and sales from your website. …

Direct, actionable tips on getting more leads and sales from your website.

This is the presentation I had made at a recent Nasscom event in Calcutta, India.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. “ How to Get More Business From Your Website!” Practical, actionable tips by Arun Agrawal Ebizindia Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Internet Marketing Experts
  • 2. An Optimized Website
    • Make your website follow the visitor’s thought process to get a wild response.
    • Recession or not, your business will flourish if you solve a real problem for your clients.
    • Scientific research has proven that fear of loss is a bigger motivator than hope of gain.
  • 3. Website Design: Looks Matter
    • Don’t be shabby!
    • Don’t be a rockstar either!
    • Smart and graceful design works best.
    • Match the topic. You may need a fancy design for some products.
    • Don’t forget usability !
  • 4. What to say on your home page?
    • We are the leading blah-blah for the last blah-blah years. Our M.D. is an engineer and we have a great office in a great location. <<who cares>>
    • Discover how you can easily <get rid of your problems…> and enjoy <these benefits…> in nn days for as little as $x!
  • 5. Clarity Beats Persuasion
    • Why should I buy this?
    • Why should I buy from you ?
    • Why should I buy right now ? What is your offer today?
    • Most-Wanted-Response
    • 1-2 second-choice-responses
    • Clear benefits, clear call-to-action
  • 6. Is your site easy to use?
    • Nothing is more frustrating than an unusable website.
    • Clear navigation (no mystery links).
    • Prominent call to action – ask for the order.
    • Don’t hide your links.
    • High contrast text.
    • Hover effect and visited links.
  • 7. Long Copy vs. Short Copy
    • Just showing photo, product name and asking for the order?
    • Compare this with…
  • 8. Long Copy vs. Short Copy
    • Proper details.
    • Show the benefits (not only features).
    • Issues if any. Who can use this and who cannot? (Negative qualification).
    • Testimonials.
    • Cover all questions I may have before I can commit my order.
  • 9. What’s Your Price?
    • Is your price too high? Put the price in perspective. Perceived value, not cost.
    • Do you buy the cheapest?
    • Price is a factor when there are no other differentiation factors. Commodity?
    • Build an expert status.
    • High price with discount – good strategy.
    • A higher tier boost sales of the 2 nd tier.
  • 10. Can you guarantee that?
    • Internet is a low-trust medium.
    • Guarantee reverses the risk.
    • Fear of refunds and consequent loss.
    • Long guarantee.
    • Outrageous guarantees.
  • 11. Testimonials
    • Do you have testimonials on your website?
    • Third person endorsement is very effective. Beats your own claims any day.
    • Testimonials from industry authorities are very powerful. Celebrity endorsement.
    • Those from people in reader-like situation work equally well.
  • 12. Ineffective testimonials
    • “ Excellent work! Very impressed!!”, J.C.
    • “ Ebizindia does great work.” – John, UK
  • 13. Better Testimonials
    • “ We were working with other SEO companies that didn't generate even decent results for us. Then I contacted SEOtop10 and got amazing results... we are now experiencing a large volume of orders and new customers because of the #1 listing on Google, Yahoo and MSN for around 2 years now.”
    • - Kirk Bachelder,
  • 14. From Reader-like situation
    • “ Arun stands for Ethics, Knowledge and Ideas. I have known him for more than five years now and I have not seen any change in all three cornerstones of his career till date. His expertise in Internet marketing is unquestionable.”
    • - Abhishek Rungta,
  • 15. How long is your form?
    • Really need all those fields?
    • Make the form shorter.
    • Validation should not defeat usability.
    • Don’t say “Submit”. Put a verb.
    • Privacy policy helps a lot.
  • 16. Make it easy to contact you!
    • Phone number should be prominently displayed.
    • Contact / feedback form.
    • Full address (great credibility).
    • Photos of people, office etc.
  • 17. We are getting social!
    • You need to master the social media.
    • People buy from people they like.
    • Use blogs to convey your personality.
    • Create an expert status with quality posts.
    • Twitter to build personal relations.
    • Don’t try to sell in the social media.
  • 18. Reputation Management
    • People will search for information about you on the Internet.
    • Try to dominate all 10 results on the results page. We’ll discuss with social media.
    • Drown out the negative reviews. You can’t change them.
  • 19. Reputation Monitoring
    • Twitter search (
    • Google alerts ( )
    • Forums related to your topic.
  • 20. Press Releases
    • Was a pitch to reporters in the good old days.
    • Now it is more targeted towards the consumers directly.
    • Tie in to a current event for better chance at going viral, or being picked up.
    • Must include media (photo, video) for more impact.
    • Include on your website also.
  • 21. Blogs: What’s up?
    • Search engines love blogs.
    • Effective medium to distribute updates that don’t deserve a web page. Consider news currency – long term or short term. New president appointed vs. president profile.
    • Teach various ways to use your product, in different situations.
    • CMS helps in easy updates
  • 22. SEO: Free Traffic
    • Good SEO can get you massive traffic at no cost.
    • Don’t go for the flavor for the day
    • Basic SEO correctness + good content should be fine for most industries
    • Fragile source – not reliable
    • Quick tips >>
  • 23. SEO: Onsite Optimization
      • Web site elements
        • URL
        • Title – use main keyword once and a variation
        • headlines, sub-headlines
        • Images (filename, alt-text)
        • Content – keyword-rich copy
      • Site structure
      • Outgoing URL should be keyword rich
  • 24. SEO: Offsite Optimization
      • Get links from authority sites
      • Some high quality links can beat many low quality links
      • Vary the anchor text
      • Get deep links to internal pages
  • 25. Site Search
    • Internet visitors are not patient.
    • Easy to find, easy to buy.
    • Medium to large sites must have site search.
    • Invaluable research tool.
  • 26. Mastering the Paid Search Market!
    • Numbers in ad copy.
    • Use the keyword in title, body and URL.
    • Pre-qualify to avoid tire-kickers.
    • Separate ad-groups with closely tied keywords.
    • Use different matching types.
    • Extensively use negative match.
  • 27. Does your landing page measure up?
    • Continue the conversation.
    • Don’t bait and switch – keep the promise.
    • Clear call-to-action.
    • Credibility boosters. Testimonials. Logos.
    • Privacy policy, contact us pages.
    • Split test. Then split test some more.
  • 28. How Can I Help YOU?
    • Arun Agrawal
    • Ebizindia Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
    • +91-98310-27107
    • [email_address]
    • (Please visit)
    • (Follow me)
    • (Let’s connect)