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  • 1. A real story Let me tell you a story. This story always makes me cry, but I’ll try to tell it without tearsin my eyes. Forgive me if I start crying and can’t tell the story to the end. What I want to tell is the story of Lourenço. Now aged 75, he spends his life playing thepiano. He says that the only place where he feels right is in front of a piano, where he thinks ofhis past. While playing piano, he recalls his past and what he gained and lost over the years. Thereare three things, beyond the birth of his daughter, he thinks too much. Three memories he alwayskeeps with him. The first memory and that comes to his mind more often is his wife. It was a marriage offifty years and a disease wiped out everything. It’s been five years since his wife died and fiveyears ago he lies alone, but when he plays piano, can still feel her there. Another memory that does hold him to the past is the time he has been to war and whenhe saw his best friend, his childhood friend, die in his arms. All the blood around him… Thiswas something that marked him much. Furthermore, there is another memory that haunts him. He remembers the day when hisfather gave him his wooden horse and made him promise that was given to his grandson when hewas born. And that is what holds his life, his grandson. Little Afonso is his grandson. Lourençodoes everything for him and now he’s teaching him to play the piano. Afonso is a very nice boyand he loves his grandfather. And something impressive about Lourenço is that even after all thesuffering, he continues to smile, especially with his grandson. I don’t know how I managed to finish telling this story, it is the first time that I can,despite the tears in my eyes. For some, this story may not make sense, but to me it does, becauseI know this story since I was born. This is the story of my dad and my dad is a strong man. He isalways with a smile. I’m very proud of him. Now, I did what I had to do and you already know the story of my dad. So… See yousoon then. Maria Manuel de Sousa 12ºB Nº 13
  • 2. A special song…Once upon a time… Wait, no! Too much of a cliché, and I’m an old guy, but I’m not“mainstream”… This is a boring story so you shall consider it twice, reading this or not. It’s justcause, you know, mister Bartolomeo Cristofori invented this awesome thing called the piano in1709 or (around that time) and I get so boring playing evocative music on my grand piano inmy huge room that my wife (which died some years ago but I’ll get to that in a while) decidedto just point a spotlight at the piano… I guess she really liked the whole Broadway idea orsomething. Anyways, I’m 86, it gets difficult to have my memory working 100%, I can’t evenremember what pills to take, I’ve been playing piano till a while ago and I just forgot I need mymedicine even for telling apart the black keys from the white keys. The strange fact is that, every time I play this slow song, which nothing like the goodold rock and roll I used to listen, I get a slight chill that for a few moments turns me into aboring nostalgic old man. Boring for some people, but for me it’s actually comforting to havesuch “live” memories that I like to bring “back to the present”. This time it was based in various episodes of my life only with 2 minutes of playing,starting with my wife, the first image I practically pictured right besides me, playing the highertones, just as if she was teaching me that only song I can play, back in the 60’s (“Oh how Iloved that sweet, gentle kiss in my cheek… Ok, it started to get too cheesy, so another pictureappeared in my memory… Here I was waiting for some crazy memory from my crazy sixties,but no. Instead of that, it was a sad picture. Yes, I think two grown ups playing “Wars” in mylarge piano room, when Mr. Fetuccini, our Italian piano repair guy took it for some days to theusual maintenance, cause you know, it is a classic oldie, just like me, we always had keep itnice, harmonic and shinny.. Anyways, we normally had a lot of space there so we would justput a big styrofoam wall and get our old Halloween costumes of military guys with fake guns.Oh yes, the memory, well, it was one day when my dearest Portuguese descendent friend,John Calheta had the stupidest idea of doing our usual “role play” without anything at all in hisstomach. Poor guy was a drug addicted also and just fainted… It was hilarious! (Even thoughwith this music I play, everything looks sad).The final memory I had this time I played was the day my aunt Helen gave me this wood horseto play. Boy! I loved it, for being an expensive and very well designed toy for my childhoodtimes... I loved to just jump around and play with it all day! Anyways, this was the day I decided to write about what that magical music created inme. Always a sense of “rewind” and having very “real” pictures that sometimes creep me out,which is not too good for an old man with a messed up heartbeat! That day, my grandsoncame by the house, as always he loved to grab my wooden horse toy and play around and Iwould just warn him about how it was special to me, since that special day I received and justsmiled as if the world turned into a happier place! You know what’s awesome? My daughter is always trying to keep her old man awareof the latest technology, so I have my computer at home, PlayStation and whatever…My grandson never touches neither one of those, preferring the old wood toy or slowlylearning the song that keeps me alive since I remember playing it.Based on “The Piano – Amazing Short” animation by Aidan Gibbons with music by YannTiersen.Story by: Roberto Moura || October 2012
  • 3. Nostalgia Once upon a time, a young boy who lived in a far land, in a far country. Hecomes from a humble and working family. On day he fell in love with a girl who wascalled Joanne, she was the most beautiful girl in that land, in the world, for him.The years passed and the more he loved that beautiful woman and they got married.No one could explain their love, there was complicity. His life was perfect, he had thebest friends that anyone could have. But the day came, all the men of his land had to go to war. Every secondseemed like an eternity, the constant fear, adrenaline, fatigue, but all those "problems"didnt make them forget how to take care of others. And there was a moment that hisfriend died, just "went off" in his arms, the war stopped, the time stopped for him, hedidnt actually say how important it was for him. He lost a part. When he returned home after 6 years, his wife was so sick that she probablywouldnt take much longer. Old man, now remember the loved people he lost, the most important, almost inthe end, remembered when he was young, when everything was so simple, so easy.But certainty, it is not its end, he has to teach his grandson how to love, how to give,share, and mostly be honest with himself, must give continuity to life, to know how tolose, but also learn that in spite of the people who passed away, the still unforgettable,they always will remain in our hearts and will be immortal. Because for that to happen,all that is needed is willpower and man desire. And this was the story that he read to his grandson.Jéssica Bairos 12.B
  • 4. Once upon a time there was a piano. A piano that went fromgeneration to generation, for long years. I am that piano. I am an old piano,lots of people played beautiful songs on me. I saw people be born and die. Iplayed joyful music and sad music, but there was one that stayed in myheart, and I am going to tell his story. In a stormy day a child was born. He was the joy of the family, theirfirst child, who was named Arthur. Unfortunately they were in monetarydifficulties so they could not give him the life they expected to. Nothingwas growing on the soil. There were harsh days. They were starving untilthe father got a job in a factory, the only one in town. The payment was notgood but they were no starving anymore. Their life was very monotonous and their only entertainment was anold piano they had, me. Every night Arthur listened to his mother playingsongs, beautiful songs. He grew up listening and playing the piano. When Arthur started to walk, his mother took him to the land so hecould help her with the crops. He did not do many things but it was a help,he could not stay at home by himself so he started helping since young. Buta day, the education became compulsory so Arthur stopped helping hismother and went to learn to read and write. His parents were not educatedso he was the only one who could read and write important documentswhat was really useful. Some years later, when Arthur was 7 years old, his mother waspregnant and was waiting another child, Arthur’s brother. Everyone washappy with the arrival of a new life, a new joy to that family, a little boynamed Alfred. When he was born he looked like, as Arthur said, a littlemouse because he was so small. Arthur liked to play lullaby songs untilAlfred fell asleep. Eight years later, both of them had the head full of dreams. Theywanted to be knights and fight dragons and save princesses. Arthur got a job on woodwork. His job was cleaning the timber andcut it. With the woods remains he decided to make a little horse of wood sohis little brother could pretend he was a knight. Arthur was delighted whenhe saw Alfred enjoying his gift. The weeks used to be all the same until one day Arthur came homeand found house empty. Neither the mother nor the father nor the brotherwere there. He was worried, something must have happened. They usuallywere at home or at the crops. A few hours later they came home with badnews. Alfred had tuberculosis and Arthur immediately knew he would notlast long because he was small for his age. Controlled by the sadness,Arthur stayed all night long playing on the piano and praying for the cureof his brother. Alfred died some days later on the morning. He diedlistening to the piano, to me.
  • 5. A several years later, Alfred met a beautiful woman and he knewimmediately he was in love with her. But a war started, and as a man andwith eighteen years old he had to go fight. He and some of his friends wentto the battlefront. Many people died, including Arthur’s best friend. It wasin that moment he thought why people always have to solve their problemswith war. It was finally over. Arthur came back to his lover. They were sohappy together so they thought about getting married. I think now you can understand a little bit his history, but that wasnot what I wanted to tell you. The story I really wanted to narrate is almoston present time. Arthur married that women and they got children. With thechildren already raised and married they were living in a house bythemselves. But one day they discovered that his wife had cancer and sheonly had three more months. He was not expecting that, they were reallyhappy and wanted to live together forever. The day she had to be hospitalized arrived. She already could notmove up in pain. He promised in her hear that they were going to staytogether forever. She died crying. Arthur was thinking of dying, but he remembered his grandchildren.He wanted to see them grow. This story touched me because he lost so much in his live but he hadto stay alive. He wanted to see his grandchildren grow, they were veryimportant to him. Today he is with his beloved and I think he is very happywherever he is. The End
  • 6. Here I am, just an old man playing the piano.I used to be a little kid, you know?I grew up and saw my friend die…How would you feel if you saw your friend breathing for the last time in yourarms? Looking into your eyes for the last time?And just when I thought I could never be happy again, God sent me thisbeautiful woman whom I gave a ring to. Not a meaningless ring, no. Imarried her.We grew old together, I loved her with all my heart and soul, even when wefound out she was sick.She would lose her memory and forget my name and our kids name all thetime but it didn’t matter to me. She was still the love of my life.Sadly, she passed away a few months ago. I thought I would never becapable of getting out of the bed again. I cried for days, I spent dayswithout eating and having guests at my house.All of a sudden, I remembered she loved to walk, she loved to cook and sheloved guests. But most of all, I remembered she loved when I played thepiano for her.So here I am, just an old man playing the piano, I hope you’re listening, mylove. Míriam Puim, 12ºC.
  • 7. The proof of their loveOnce upon a time, there was a boy Peter. This boy felt inlove with a beautiful girl named Angelina, he knew thatshe was the one for him, so they got married. They met ona piano recital, she loved the way he played piano.Four months later, Angelina got pregnant, but somethingreally bad happened, Peter had to go to the war to fight forhis country and his wife had to be alone waiting every dayfor him to come back again. They couldn’t talk becausethere were no phones, but they sent letters to each other toknow how things were going. Some days where betterthan the others, because Peter was suffering a lot, knowingthat his wife was all alone with a children without fatherand he fought every single day harder and harder tosurvive to see his family again.One year later, Angelina got really sick, she had cancerand she knew it that she wasn’t going to make it, so heraunt stayed with the baby. Peter knew she was sick, but healways thought that she was going to make it, but thatdidn’t happen, Angelina died.After a month Peter came back from the war, she was sadbecause he wasn’t going to see his lovely wife anymore,but he knew that he was going to meet the proof of theirlove, their child.
  • 8. Every day, Peter plays piano thinking about his wife andcries, but he knows that the little boy reminds why heloved her so much.
  • 9. The wooden Horse His name was Oliver and since he was a child he wanted to learn to playpiano, but his family was poor. When he was 8 years old he heard his mom talking about a piano and hethought he was getting the piano for Christmas. On Christmas Eve he was excited,he was always moving his fingers and creating melodies, imagining himself in atheater playing piano for Mozart or Beethoven. But when it came time to open thepresents he received a wooden horse, he was very sad but he also knows that hismom could not buy a piano. That wooden horse was his only toy so he enjoyed itevery day walking on the street till sunset. He continued to grow just like a normal kid, but with a little more resistancethan the others because of his long runs with the wooden horse. At the age of 18 he already had a girlfriend called Juliana that was pregnantof 8 months. She was the only thing he loved more than the wish of learning how toplay piano. They were organizing their simple wedding just with family andfriends, when Oliver was called to the war. He had to spend 2 years in other country without seeing his future wife. Atwar he met Jeff another soldier and also cooker of the army. One day they weretalking about what they had left at home and Oliver talked about the love of his lifeJuliana and his son and also talked about the piano lessons he never had. Maybe it was a miracle but Jeff was a piano teacher before he went to thearmy. So they found on the army base a little piano, and every day after trainingOliver had piano lessons with Jeff. One night they woke up with the sound of a horn it was the signal that theywere going to the battlefield, they fought all night, Oliver arms were tired due theweight of the weapon. Oliver heard a scream and looked behind. Jeff was lying onthe floor with three bullets in the heart. He was dead. Oliver cried because of hisfriend but he needed to keep fighting to survive he just had time to take somepapers with the notes of the piano music and the letter he had written to his mom. The sun was already up when the battle finished Oliver was alive, but whenhe got back to the base he received a bad news that his house had been burnedbecause of a giant fire that had kill Juliana. The good news was that little Dylan, hisson, was alive. Oliver returned home the day after. Dylan was at his grandparent’s houseand the only thing he kept after the fire was the wooden horse that belonged to hisdad. Two years later Oliver already had a job in a factory that produced pianos.He lived with his son Dylan who was learning how to play piano. Oliver now spends his afternoons playing to his son and thinking about thepast.