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Let's creating your own PHP (tejimaya version)
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Let's creating your own PHP (tejimaya version)


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Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Let’s Exciting on Your Own PHP! Kousuke Ebihara <>
    • 2. 4 OpenPNE 3.2 3.4 • (^o^) • • OpenPNE PHP • • (Ebinglish) •
    • 3. Go to our main topic...
    • 4. My “php -i”
    • 5. My “phpinfo()”
    • 6. Let’s Exciting on Your Own PHP Why do I want to get my own PHP ?
    • 7. What for? • Improving my work • Just for fun
    • 8. Use 5.3. And 5.2 • You should use PHP 5.3 for your developing, if you know about backward incompatible changes in the version • Some code for PHP 5.2 may not work under PHP 5.3 :( But the other way around if you are careful. • Use 5.2 when you worry about your script. (So must ready to use PHP 5.2!)
    • 9. But then ... • Do you know about the following script is not work under PHP 5.2? Why?
    • 10. Result
    • 11. Oh, it is just a bug!
    • 12. Fixed ... ?
    • 13. Trace changes • From 16 Jul 2009, PHP is hosted on SVN and there is a GitHub mirror! • So you can trace some changes in your git clone easy • Let’s tour through changes by using Git
    • 14. Fixed only in PHP 5.3?
    • 15. View changes
    • 16. In PHP 5.2 So dreadful...
    • 17. Talk about something else • I’ve written the following code by an oversight in template (But it is only worked in “short_open_tag=1” environment): <?= $var ?> • And I’ve written the following code too (But it is only worked in “short_open_tag=0” environment): <?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8”?> <?php if ($flag): ?> :
    • 18. A developer of Debian has the interesting patch • The patch makes the PHP 5.3 notify E_DEPRECATED error if the script uses short open tags (c.f. debian git repository) • If the feature had been in PHP, I wouldn’t have gotten the mentioned error.
    • 19. Unfortunately, the patch may be rejected ... • [PHP-DEV] Throwing an E_DEPRECATED for short_open_tag • But I really need it!
    • 20. So I want to get the following PHP 5.3 for improving my work • Notify errors to code that doesn’t work under the php 5.2.x • Notify to environment dependency code (e.g. short_open_tag)
    • 21. I thought of... • creating my own PHP!
    • 22. Let’s Exciting on Your Own PHP Build PHP
    • 23. Knowing the way to build PHP is important • You can build many variations of PHP by your needs • You can test your script under the specified version of PHP (e.g. array_unique() is breaked BC only in PHP 5.2.9)
    • 24. Prepare to build PHP • Here we get source code from Git repository for our customizing • • See and • Combinations of “autoconf”, “automake” and “libtool” is very important.You may get older version of them by your hand • If you want to compile Git or SVN version of PHP 5.2, you must prepare flex 2.5.4 • Some program may be not used if you using packaged PHP (because it contains pre-generated files) • If you want to use Git version of PHP, please get latest git and git-svn (I got errors by using git 1.6.5) • Of course, you must prepare some packages needed by extensions that you want to use
    • 25. Prepare configuring (only for SVN and Git version) • SVN and Git version of PHP don’t have something to configure • So you should execute “./buildconf” • Make sure that you use certain version of autoconf, automake and libtool. For example, I specified autoconf and autoheader to use (in Debian sid)
    • 26. Configure PHP • You can see the available configure options by executing “./configure --help” • Some options is for extension (enable-xxx, disable-xxx, with-xxx, without-xxx). So you don’t need to be afraid of options if you know about your needed extensions • Build PHP many times is normal
    • 27. My configure options • • ./configure --enable-mbstring --with-apxs2=/usr/bin/apxs2 --with-gd --with-mysql --with-pgsql --with-pdo-mysql=/usr --with-pdo-pgsql --with-pdo-sqlite --with-pear --with-jpeg-dir=/usr/lib --with-curl --with-zlib • If you want to use multiple php, you may want to add --with-config-file-path
    • 28. Make and Install • Do make • Do make test (I always pass it) • Do make install • Compiled php is in sapi/* .You can copy the binaries or intermediate files by your hand
    • 29. Let’s Exciting on Your Own PHP Customize PHP
    • 30. For my working Add original error level • I want to add “EE_COMPAT_52” and “EE_ENV_DEP” • EE_COMPAT_52 is for notifying “it may not be working under the php 5.2.x“ • EE_ENV_DEP is for notifying “it may be environment depended code” • EE_ is Ebi_Error
    • 31. For my working Add original error level • I referred adding E_DEPRECATED commit • $ git log --grep=”E_DEPRECATED” • I must rewrite: • Zend/zend_errors.h : define constants • Zend/zend.c : zend_error() • Zend/zend_constants.c : zend_register_standard_constants() • main/main.c : php_error_cb() • And notify the new error by zend_error() (in Zend Engine) and php_error_docref (in PHP)
    • 32. For my working Add original error level • Now, I have a patch for realizing this • Adding EE_COMPAT_52 and EE_ENV_DEP • 2fdd6fe27188ad3c5878b1fd3a8229e35f84d8fd • Notice to <? • e6706d2b9a576cd81991868d9a8522ba50c37593 • Notice to $list[‘’] = ‘’; • 1e9484ad04ca03b340bdd51d1f39acee32b86182
    • 33. For my working Add original error level
    • 34. For my working Add original error level
    • 35. For my working Add original error level • I want to add notices based on migration53.deprecated.php • Any idea?
    • 36. For my fun Insertion ;
    • 37. For my fun Insertion ; • ; • ECMA Script (Automatic Semicolon Insertion) • } •
    • 38. For my fun Keyword Arguments • RSS
    • 39. For my fun Keyword Arguments • Python
    • 40. Question?