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Oncoffeemakers.com, sister company of Kumeiti assist F&B and coffee companies to reach their target audience.

With its array of digital assets that reaches 100 000 connections daily, it has value add to companies such as Nestle, Unilever, Pepsi, YHS and many other F&B and FMCG companies.

If it is a F&B or FMCG company, OCM (Oncoffeemakers.com) will have a suitable platform for them to reach their desired audience.

Currently, it has:

A site that serves more than a million impressions (annually)

A Facebook community with more than 130 000 fans and growing

A F&B linkedIn group agreed by many to be the biggest in Asia (it is also the second largest F&B group in the world).

This together with its many other platforms, make OCM the choice platform to go to when it comes to F&B marketing.

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Oncoffeemakers.com profile update 23-09-13

  1. 1. By: Oncoffeemakers.com
  2. 2. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •Oncoffeemakers.com & Kumeiti are affiliated companies •Oncoffeemakers.com focuses on F&B industries •Kumeiti assist companies in all the other industries •We execute all manners of marketing activities, focus primarily on Social Media Marketing
  3. 3. By: Oncoffeemakers.com
  4. 4. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •A network of digital assets that reaches 100 000 connections daily •Website annual impressions of more than 1 million •Feed subscribers of more than 30 000 •Facebook community of more than 130 000 •F&B group on LinkedIn (the biggest in Asia) of more than 7000
  5. 5. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •We don't only help your brand get "fans". •We help your brand make friends. •We help brands make friends with their customers. •Capturing of Mind share before Market Share •All our posts get high exposure!
  6. 6. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •Social Media Marketing is about creating buzz and excitement about your brand. •In the following slides, we will show you how we fare against some of the known brands. •Buzz is measure in terms of PTAT (people talking about this), this stats measures how many of your fans/non-fans share, like and comment on your post. •The higher it is, the more buzz and excitement you generate for your brand.
  7. 7. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •Oncoffeemakers.com: Fan : 123 K | PTAT: 12 K
  8. 8. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •Gordon Ramsey: Fan: 487 K |PTAT: 12 K •Oncoffeemakers.com: Fan : 123 K | PTAT: 12 K
  9. 9. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •Subway: Fan: 198 K |PTAT: 2 K •Oncoffeemakers.com: Fan : 123 K | PTAT: 12 K
  10. 10. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •Starbucks: Fan: 215 K |PTAT: 2 K •Oncoffeemakers.com: Fan : 123 K | PTAT: 12 K
  11. 11. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •Singtel: Fan: 225 K |PTAT: 12 K •Oncoffeemakers.com: Fan : 123 K | PTAT: 12 K
  12. 12. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •Scoot: Fan: 290 K |PTAT: 6 K •Oncoffeemakers.com: Fan : 123 K | PTAT: 12 K
  13. 13. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •RWS: Fan: 367 K |PTAT: 8 K •Oncoffeemakers.com: Fan : 123 K | PTAT: 12 K
  14. 14. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •KFC: Fan: 265 K |PTAT: 5 K •Oncoffeemakers.com: Fan : 123 K | PTAT: 12 K
  15. 15. By: Oncoffeemakers.com •All the companies highlighted are pursuing different forms of strategies •They have marketing budget •They have interesting contest •But, we created more buzz. •We will do the same for you.
  16. 16. By: Oncoffeemakers.com