Lost in Translation


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Lost in Translation

  1. 1. Lost in Translation
  2. 2. What if, after all theseyears, many of us areactually farther from Godwithout even knowing it?
  3. 3. Can we really blamethem for forgetting?Mark 8 14 The disciples hadforgotten to buy provisions, so theyhad only one round of flatbreadamong them.JESUS
  4. 4. A Grave Warning15 Jesus took this moment to warn them.Jesus: Beware of the yeast of thePharisees and the leaven of Herod.The disciples didn’t understand what Jesuswas talking about and discussed it amongthemselves.Some Disciples: 16 What?Other Disciples: He’s saying thisbecause we have run out of bread.CLUE
  5. 5. Spiritually Half-blindJesus (overhearing them): 17-19 Whyare you focusing on bread? Don’t yousee yet? Don’t you understand?Youhave eyes—why don’t you see?You haveears—why don’t you hear? Are youso hard-hearted?Don’t you remember when I broke thefive rounds of flatbread among the5,000? Tell Me, how many baskets ofscraps were left over?Disciples:Twelve.Jesus: 20 And how many were leftwhen I fed the 4,000 with sevenrounds?Disciples: Seven.Jesus: 21 And still you don’tunderstand?
  6. 6. Despite all that they had seenJesus do for them and others,they still really didn’t get howand why God does what GodBecause many of us still donʼt get God either,we are too easily co-opted and corrupted bythe YEAST of the Pharisees and Herod.
  7. 7. YEAST | A microscopic, one-celled organism belonging to the group of organisms called fungi.It is used in baking as a leavening agent, where it converts the fermentable sugars present indough into the gas carbon dioxide.This causes the dough to expand or rise as gas formspockets or bubbles.
  8. 8. YEAST OF THE PHARISEES & HEROD | Their ‘yeast’ is their professing.They profess thattheir work is virtuous, when it only seeks to exploit others and rule over them.Theirintentions are not pure.When they speak, their words seem noble, but they have a hiddenagenda.They are power hungry and seek to control those who lend them an ear.Their goal isto gain advantage in every situation, rather than to seek the good of all.
  9. 9. Pharisee’s Yeast Corrupt Gov’t YeastRigid, controlling,arrogant, gracelessA Hidden Agendain every package!Their teachings andways systematicallycorrupt everythingthey are joined with.They fear and expelthose they cannotcontrol.
  10. 10. Abraham would have condemned the workof the Pharisees. He heard God’s voice speakinside him, and went on a journey tounderstand it better. Pharisees clearly hadno idea what this kind of ‘inner’ leading is.They taught that to understand God is toobey an insanely long list of rules andregulations that govern every action of thebody. But Abraham saw that it wasn’t theoutside of a person that matters, but theinside. Thus, he embarked on a journeywithout knowing the final destination.
  11. 11. In arrogance, the Pharisees claimedto know the way to the Father. Yetanyone who sought to hear His voicefor him- or herself was slandered.“Do you not see that in slanderingthose who attempt to hear the voiceof the Father, the Pharisees do notreally want to hear what He has to sayto them?”
  12. 12. The Pharisees led God’s people astray. Theytaught that the outside observances of the law aremore important than listening to the voice of theFather that speaks in the heart. But they didn’tunderstand that the voice of the Father speaks towhat is good, and teaches the one who hears to
  13. 13. Laws that are written outside of the person areobeyed out of fear. They are obeyed for fear ofpunishment, exile, loss of social status, and so on.But the person who follows what she or he hears intheir heart does so because that person loves truth.
  14. 14. be stillandKNOWthat I amGODPsalm 46:10RuleRuleRuleRuleRuleRuleRuleRuleRuleRuleRuleRuleRuleRuleRuleRule #1Love God = Love PeopleMatthew 22:37-40Rule #2Rule #3Rule #4Rule #5Rule #16Rule #35Rule #89Rule #144Rule #327Rule #1,062
  15. 15. Christ’s Perfect Love Should Cast Out All Our FearRelationship
  16. 16. From a Recovering PhariseeROMANS 8 1 Therefore, now nocondemnation awaits those who areliving in Jesus the Anointed, theLiberating King, 2 because when youlive in the Anointed One, Jesus, a newlaw takes effect.The law of the Spirit oflife breathes into you and liberates youfrom the law of sin and death. 3 Goddid something the law could never do.You see, human flesh took its toll onGod’s law. In and of itself, the law is notweak; but the flesh weakens it. So tocondemn the sin that was ruling in theflesh, God sent His own Son, bearingthe likeness of sinful flesh, as a sinoffering. 4 Now we are able to liveup to the justice demanded bythe law. But that ability has notcome from living by our fallenhuman nature; it has comebecause we walk according tothe movement of the Spirit inour lives.