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The Truth About Police/Government Auctions

The Truth About Police/Government Auctions






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    The Truth About Police/Government Auctions The Truth About Police/Government Auctions Document Transcript

    • The Truth About Police/Government Auctions What You Must Know Before Bidding By Ann Ricks
    • The Truth About Police/Government Auctions BEWARE of these auctions. You are NOT bidding on the picture shown in these auctions. You are bidding on an EBOOK only. If you don’t know what an ebook is, it is simply an electronic document that is usually emailed to you as an attachment or delivered through a download link. This is an eBook you are reading right now! Don’t get ripped off by auctions put in the Consumer Electronics category and other categories of eBay with words such as “95% off RRP Police/Government Auctions”. Here are some recent samples of auctions won by bidders who thought they were bidding on the picture shown, when in actuality they were bidding on an ebook -- 65" PLASMA LCD TVs 96% OFF RRP! @ Police Auction Ebook 30 Bids – High Bid $810.00 (USD) 65" PLASMA LCD TVs 96% OFF RRP! @ Police Auction Ebook 16 Bids – High Bid $557.94 (USD) Copyright © 2007 www.redmeow.com Page 2
    • PING GOLF CLUBS - BAILIFF AUCTION - Ebook 26 Bids – High Bid $499.21 (USD) DON’T GET RIPPED OFF People bid on these auctions thinking they are bidding on the item pictured, and very often they get caught up in the bidding hoping to win the item, because they think they are getting a great deal. But they are about to be RIPPED OFF. These auctions make eBay buyers think they are about to get a plasma TV, camcorder, golf clubs, and expensive items for a great price. They think they are actually bidding on the item pictured. But all they will get after winning the auction and paying the Seller is an electronic document emailed to them – an ebook. What the Seller is actually selling is an electronic document (ebook) that contains the names and addresses of a number of auction houses and police auction sites in the United Kingdom. If the buyer resides in any country other than the UK, this information is absolutely useless. Copyright © 2007 www.redmeow.com Page 3
    • EBAY’S RULES Why doesn’t eBay protect Buyers against these scam artists who deceive their buyers? EBay does have rules that the Seller must describe the item accurately, and the Seller must state in the auction details that the item is actually an ebook. Unfortunately many Buyers do not read the auction details carefully enough to realize they are bidding on an ebook only. Imagine their dismay when they find out they paid $800.00 for an electronic document! I am an ebook buyer and seller and I have watched this phenomenon occur for an entire year. People just keep falling for this scam. I have anticipated during the past year that eBay would do something to keep these deceitful auctions off eBay, but there are so many people jumping on this bandwagon that it must be hard to stay on top of it. That’s why I decided to do what I can to inform people about this scam. Don’t be a victim; don’t give your hard-earned money to these scammers. There are honest and ethical Sellers on eBay who will be happy to sell you the actual item you are looking for and they are easy to find. But you must be careful when bidding on auctions in order to keep from getting ripped off. Ebay is really no different than the rest of the world. There are honest and hard-working merchants in our world, and there are those are always looking for ways to take money from unsuspecting people. Copyright © 2007 www.redmeow.com Page 4
    • EBAY SAFETY TIPS In order to purchase items safely on eBay, remember these tips: Always check out the feedback for your Seller. But even this is not fail-proof. Read the auction very carefully. EBay requires that Sellers describe the item accurately, so read the auction description very carefully. If the word “ebook” appears anywhere in the ad, especially in the title, then you are bidding on an ebook only and nothing else. LOOK FOR THE WORD “EBOOK” IN TOO-GOOD-TO-BE-TRUE AUCTIONS Most all of these rip-off auction titles have the word “ebook” in their title. Unfortunately most people do not know what an ebook is, and often the eye simply sees what it wants to see, so they don’t notice the word “ebook.” Remember: If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t true! PAYPAL OFFERS LIMITED PROTECTION You do have some protection by purchasing items with PayPal, but the protection is limited. EBay might attempt to get your money back, but if the Seller is quick to withdraw the money from PayPal and then from his bank account, then it will be impossible for eBay to get your money back. I have known a number of people in recent years who have been ripped off bidding on eBay auctions, and they have sworn they would never buy from eBay again. This is unfortunate because eBay is a great marketplace and full of good bargains and hard-to-find gems. When this has happened to my friends and family, I always tell them how important it is to check out a person’s feedback and to read the auction very carefully. It is also important to report an unethical Seller on eBay, and to report them through PayPal, too. Copyright © 2007 www.redmeow.com Page 5
    • ABOUT EBOOKS Ebooks are a fairly recent invention. They are books in electronic form and can be very useful. This is an ebook you are reading, and it is the fastest way to get this information to you. Ebooks can be printed out and read in paper, they can be very easily transported from computer to computer, and they are very informative and useful in many ways. I am a great fan of ebooks. It is unfortunate that sometimes they are used in deceitful ways. WHAT TO DO IF YOU’VE BEEN SCAMMED If you’re bid on one of these auctions and paid money to one of these scammers, there is a slight chance you can get at least part of your money back. Report the Seller and the item number of the auction to eBay immediately. If you get an email from eBay informing you that the auction has been cancelled, then the auction will be completely removed from eBay and will not show up on your “My Ebay” page. In that case, you won’t be able to get the item number to report the Seller. But if you paid for the item through PayPal, then you can go to your PayPal account and get the details of the transaction, including the item number. Copyright © 2007 www.redmeow.com Page 6
    • REPORT UNETHICAL EBAY SELLERS Report the Seller to eBay and also to PayPal. Here is the link to report to eBay about an item not received as described: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?InrCreateDispute You will need the item number to make the report. The item number can be found in your “My eBay” or it can be found on your PayPal Account Summary page if you paid for the item through PayPal. You can also file a claim through PayPal if you feel you have been ripped off with an auction. I hope you’ve learned something useful about Police/Government auctions and how easily they are mistaken for bidding on the real thing. I hope all your bidding is happy bidding! Copyright © 2007 www.redmeow.com Page 7
    • A new ebook has just been released that you may find beneficial. It is an ebook about what products are currently selling on eBay and tells about little-known niches that are profitable for savvy eBay sellers. Click on the link below to get more information about this one-of-a- kind product: www.redmeow.com/ebay/WhatsSellingonEbay.html ============================================================= If you’d like information about Internet Marketing and making money on the Net, visit these websites: www.redmeow.com www.redmeow.com/blog If you’d like information about making healthy choices to improve your quality of life and your longevity, visit: www.livehealthyandlong.com Copyright © 2007 www.redmeow.com Page 8