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  • Analytics as a Service OLIVER RATZESBERGER Sr. Director Architecture & Operations Cloud Computing, Analytics as a Service eBay inc. October 2008
  • eBay Inc Overview
    • As of December 31, 2007
    • Founded in September of 1995, eBay is a global online marketplace where practically anyone can trade practically anything.
    • eBay has a global presence in 39 markets, including the U.S.
    • eBay has approximately 276 million registered users worldwide.
    • Marketplaces net revenues totaled a record $1.5 billion in Q4-07, representing a year-over-year growth rate of 21 percent. With 46 percent from US operations and 54 percent from our International business.
    • In Q4-07, gross merchandise volume (GMV), the total value of all successfully closed items on eBay's trading platforms, was $16.2 billion. (Total GMV for the full year 2007 was more than $59 billion.)
    • eBay users worldwide trade more than $2,039 worth of goods on the site every second.
  • eBay Inc Overview (cont)
    • There were 637 million new listings added to eBay worldwide in Q4-07. At any given time, there are approximately 113 million listings worldwide, and approximately 6.7 million listings are added per day. eBay users trade in more than 50,000 categories.
    • At the end of Q4-07, eBay hosted approximately 532,000 stores worldwide, with approximately 46 percent of stores hosted on eBay's international sites.
    • eBay members worldwide have left more than 6 billion feedback comments for one another regarding their eBay transactions.
    • The most expensive item sold on eBay to date is a private business jet for $4.9 million.
  • Velocity of trading
    • On an average day on eBay…
    • A Diamond Ring is sold every two minutes
  • Velocity of trading
    • On an average day on eBay…
    • More than 3 Watches are sold every minute
  • Velocity of trading
    • On an average day on eBay…
    • 5 Women’s handbags are sold every minute
  • Velocity of trading
    • On an average day on eBay…
    • Over 3600 MP3 players are sold
  • Velocity of trading
    • On an average day on eBay…
    • A makeup product sold every 2 minutes
  • Velocity of trading
    • On an average day on eBay…
    • 4,827 fragrance products sold per day
  • Velocity of trading
    • On an average day on eBay…
    • A hair product sold every second
  • Velocity of trading
    • On an average day on eBay…
    • Over 300 stamps are sold every hour
  • Velocity of trading
    • On an average day on eBay…
    • An automobile is sold every minute
  • eBay Analytics Technology Highlights >50 TB/day of new, incremental data >50 PB/day >50^10 new records/day Millions of queries/day >5000 business users & analysts >50k chains of logic 24 x7 x365 99.9+% Availability turning over a TB every 5 seconds Active/Active Near-Real-time >100k data elements Always online Processed
  • eBay Analytics Core Relational Data XML, name/value, raw Teradata Teradata 2.2PB 6.6PB Primary Secondary Phoenix, AZ Sacramento, CA Linux Linux Solaris 2.2PB 2.5PB MPP MPP MPP/HPC/Grid MPP/HPC/Grid Sun Fire 4xxx Relational Data Local Interconnect Wide Area Interconnect 1000 miles Solaris Data Access Data Integration Sun Fire 4xxx Local Interconnect MicroStrategy Business Objects Unica SOA/DAL Ab Initio Informatica UC4 SOA Crystal SAS SQL Golden Gate BES MAX MAX
  • Analytics DNA
    • Embedded in our daily life
    • Bottoms-up & Tops-down
    • Think and Live Analytics
    • Always
    • But know when do avoid Analysis Paralysis!
  • Types of Analytics at eBay
    • Basically measure anything possible - A few examples:
  • Key Performance Indicators Align individual and departmental performance objectives with corporate goals
  • KPI Example: Technology Operations
    • Parallel Efficiency – (simplified) The effectiveness of distributing large amounts of workload over pools and grids of servers.
    • 100% is GOOD Less than 70% is BAD
    • 10,000 Server running at an average PE of 50%
    • Established through Analytics of Operations Data – Minute by minute utilization metrics of entire infrastructure
    • Raising PE from 50% to 80% equals Millions in OpEx savings
  • KPI Example: Technology Operations (cont)
    • Individual process rollup
    • Grid level Parallel Efficiency at 99.9%
  • Design for the Unknown
    • >85% of eBay analytical workload is NEW & Unknown
    • Exploration is the core of an analytical company
    • The metrics you know are ‘cheap’
    • The metrics you don’t know are expensive but also high in potential ROI
    • Design can’t be static or dependent on specific questions or dimensions
  • Proliferation of Analytics
    • Decentralized Analytics
    • Shortened Time to Market Requirements
    • Adhoc Exploration
            • Departmental Data
    • Prototyping - Can’t wait for EDW
    • ” We Need Data Marts!”
  • Proliferation of Analytics
    • Hub and Spoke Architecture ‘The Solve’
  • Data Mart Dilemma
    • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Fully loaded cost staggering $500k ++
    • Biggest drivers are
    • Maintaining separate databases
    • weekly/daily/hourly data transfers
    • Data inconsistencies
    • Data redundancy
    • Increased complexity
    • Loss of lineage over time
    A Data Mart cannot be ‘cheap’ enough to justify its existence
  • Agile Analytics needs Analytics as a Service
    • Massive scale Analytical Utility Computing
    • Bring your data - Perform your Analytics
    • From Simple Web based data upload
    • fully private Utility access
    • Combine custom data and code with ALL existing data
  • Analytics as a Service
  • Analytics as a Service From simple web based table upload
  • Analytics as a Service fully private utility access We call them PET (Prototyping Environment = Sandbox) More than 75 active right now In most cases they are small (<500GB) since all the main data is already in the EDW They are free to the business units
  • Analytics as a Service - Benefits
    • Improved Time To Market - Days / Weeks vs Months
    • Enable the business to do agile prototyping
    • Enable the users to “Fail Fast” - Make it easy
    • to try out new ideas
    • Eliminate stray Data Marts
    • Resource Budgeting for Business Units
    • Aid in Enterprise Capacity Planning
    • Enable Agile Analytics as a Service
    Resource Allocation Model (RAM) Activity Based Costing Model
  • Questions
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