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  • 1. Buying on
  • 2. eBay History
    • According to urban myth, eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar for his girlfriend so she could have a way to trade Pez dispensers
    • 1995 - Pierre Omidyar creates eBay. goes online
    • 1997 - eBay hits on the site spiked in the first quarter of the year, from 600,000 to more than 1 million. Site crashes were a daily occurance.
    • 1997 - site name changed to First logo is created.
    • 1997-1998 - The eBay logo with the colorful letters we know today was chosen as the final logo for the company.
    • 1999 - EBay's site crashes for 22 hours. eBay's then 400 employees are ordered to call all eBay users to personally apologize.
    • 2000 – eBay has 1,927 full-time employees and 12 million registered users. By the end of 2000 the company has 22 million registered users.
    • 2004 – eBay grosses $3.3 billion in revenue
  • 3. eBay History
  • 4. eBay History
  • 5. eBay History
  • 6. eBay History
  • 7. What is sold on eBay
    • Antiques
    • Art
    • Baby
    • Books
    • Business & Industrial
    • Cameras & Photo
    • Cars, Boats, Vehicles & Parts
    • Cell Phones
    • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
    • Coins
    • Collectibles
    • Computers & Networking
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Crafts
    • Dolls & Bears
    • DVDs & Movies
    • Entertainment Memorabilia
    • Gift Certificates
    Health & Beauty Home & Garden Jewelry & Watches Music Musical Instruments Pottery & Glass Real Estate Specialty Services Sporting Goods Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop Stamps Tickets Toys & Hobbies Travel Video Games Everything Else
  • 8. Weird Stuff
    • Grilled-cheese sandwich with the image of the Holy Mother sold for $28,000
    • Man who auctioned his forehead for advertising space sold for $37,375
    • Britney Spears' chewed gum sold for $263
    • U.S. Navy F/A-18A Hornet jet fighter sold for $9,000,000
    • Titan 1 ICBM Missile Base (decommissioned, don’t worry) sold for $778,080.02
  • 9. What is not sold on eBay
    • Items that are illegal or that encourage illegal activity (banned weapons, drugs, etc.)
    • Items that are racially or ethnically inappropriate.
    • Services that are illegal, sexual in nature or that violate eBay’s User Agreement
    • Listings with counterfeit or bootleg items (counterfeits, replicas and unauthorized copies)
  • 10. What you need
    • A valid e-mail address (if you use webmail you may need to give more information)
    • A credit card
    • Money to buy stuff
  • 11. PayPal
    • Used to send and receive electronic payments
    • Primary form of payment for items on eBay
    • Must be registered separately from eBay
    • Two forms of accounts
      • Unverified: makes payments though a credit card
      • Verified: makes payments using direct deposit to a checking account
  • 12. How does eBay work?
    • An eBay user posts an item for sale in an auction listing. The auction lasts several days
    • Another user does a search for the same or similar item and finds the listing.
    • The buyer inspects the listing, asks the seller questions through E-Mail or on eBay, checks the sellers feedback history, and eventually bids on the item.
    • Other buyers do the same and place higher bids
    • The auction ends and the winning buyer is sent an E-Mail notification with the total price of the item plus shipping and handling costs
  • 13. How does eBay work?
    • The buyer pays for the item with PayPal, money order, check or credit card (if the seller accepts credit card).
    • The seller receives the payment in their PayPal account.
    • The seller ships the item to the buyer.
    • Once the buyer receives the item and it is to their satisfaction the buyer leaves good feedback to the seller.
    • The seller leaves good feedback to the buyer.
    • The transaction is complete.
  • 14. eBay Terminology
    • Auctions: Item is open for buyers to place bids on until the listing end time.
    • Buy it Now: Item can be purchased immediately at a fixed price.
    • Reserve: Item will not sell below a certain price set by the seller.
    • NR: No Reserve.
    • Best Offer: Seller allows buyer ability to make offers on fixed price items which the buyer can then accept or deny.
  • 15. Types of Listings
    • Auction
      • Usually lasts several days
      • Some have Buy it now
      • Some have Reserves
    • Fixed Price (Buy it Now)
      • Usually lasts several days
      • Some have make an offer
    • eBay Store
      • Usually last until purchased
      • Some have make an offer
  • 16. Types of Payment
    • PayPal
      • The most widely used method
      • Can be paid with either credit card or direct deposit from checking
    • Money Order
      • Most sellers accept money orders, however it increases the time of a transaction
    • Personal Check
      • Few sellers accept strait personal checks because of the inherent risk of bounced checks
    • Cash
      • Only used for direct pickup. NEVER mail cash!!!
    • COD
      • Almost no seller accepts this unless they are directly delivering the item
    • Credit Card
      • Usually only large vendors accept credit card over the phone.
  • 17. Types of Shipping Calculation
    • Fixed shipping
      • Seller will ship an item at a fixed price, regardless of destination or weight, using a specified carrier
    • Calculate shipping
      • Buyer can calculate shipping costs for multiple carriers by entering their Zip Code (only works in US)
    • Contact Seller
      • Seller and buyer negotiate shipping charges and methods
  • 18. Feedback System
    • eBay employs a user driven feedback system as part of quality control.
    • Every user has a feedback given to them by both buyers and sellers for every successfully completed transaction.
    • The more good feedback a seller has, the safer they are to buy from (generally).
    • The more bad feedback a seller has, the more unsatisfied customers the seller has had.
  • 19. eBay Live Demo…