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Part I: The Basics of Starting an eBay Business
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Part I: The Basics of Starting an eBay Business


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  • 1. Do you sell on EBay? Would you like to sell on eBay? Over the course of the next four weeks, these four Thursday nights are going to give you a complete overview of how to put eBay to work for you! Part I: The Basics of Starting an eBay Business Lesson 1 How to Register with eBay Lesson 2: How to Take Great Pictures Lesson 3: Sell your items Lesson 4: Monitor your listings Lesson 5 Payments & Shipping Lesson 6 Trade Safely Lesson 7: Determining What to Sell --And Where To Find It. Part 2: Aiming for Results Lesson 5: Finding Your Niche Market Lesson 6: Strategic Category Selection Lesson 7: Keeping Track of Your Auctions Lesson 8: A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words -- Effective Image Strategy Lesson 9: Your Marketing & Sales Strategy Part III: Advanced Selling on eBay Lesson 10: To Feature Or Not to Feature Lesson 11: How To Explode Your Sales with Dutch Auctions Lesson 12: Finding Your Best-Selling Items and Maximizing Your Profits Lesson 13: Researching Your Market Part IV: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Lesson 14: Writing A "Killer" Sales Pitch Lesson 15: Doubling Auction Profits with your own Website Lesson 16: Fast & Easy Ways to Build Positive Feedback Lesson17: Using Customer Service YOU WILL NEED: To register with eBay and Payl, you will need to have a bank account and a credit card. 1 Ken Freeman
  • 2. 1. What is eBay? eBay is the world's largest trading community where millions of people buy and sell millions of items every day. For buyers, this means finding great deals on all kinds of items - millions to choose from. Everything from autographed Elvis records to brand new computers can be found on eBay. For sellers, the ability to market your product to millions of daily visitors makes using eBay one of the most efficient ways to sell just about anything. For all, eBay is a great place to connect with others who share a common interest. 2.Auction Formats a. Auction a single high bidder wins b. Multiple Item Auction (Dutch Auction) multiple bidders can win c. Reserve Price Auction - lowest price that must be met before a sale is made d. Buy It Now instant buy with fixed price e. Ads (Real Estate) Commercial ads f. Private Auction User IDs are not displayed 2 Ken Freeman
  • 3. Lesson 1: Overview & Introduction 1 How to Register 2 How to Take Photos 3 Sell Your Item Form 4 Monitor Your Listings 5 Payments & Shipping 6 Trade Safely To sell on eBay you must be a registered user and create a seller’s account. Registration is free and takes only a few moments! Its true • ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Get tips here on how to take great pictures of your item. The easy to follow Sell Your Item form guides you through all the steps to a successful item listing. If you’re selling more than a few items, your personal ‘My eBay’ page is a great way to keep track of all your eBay activity in one place. At the close of a successful listing it’s time to collect payment and ship the item. Make sure to offer PayPal as your online payment option • its fast, easy, and secure! eBay is committed to making your trading experience a positive one. Make use of the resources and tips provided here to help you trade safely on eBay. Selling Basics How to Register Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. To begin selling on eBay, you need to register and then create a sellers account. You will be asked to provide credit or debit card information and your checking account details. Rest assured your information is kept private on our secure servers. If you don’t have a credit card or would rather not provide this informa- tion, you can still sell by becoming ID Verified. To register, click on the Sell tab at the top of any eBay page. 3 Ken Freeman
  • 4. Fees There are three types of fees charged when selling on eBay: • Insertion Fee - A non-refundable fee will be charged to your account when you list your item on eBay. This generally ranges between $0.30 and $3.30. • Additional Option Fee - only charged if you choose optional seller features such as: Buy It Now,Gallery, Featured Item, etc. • Final Value Fee - based upon the final sale price of your item and only applicable if the listing closes successfully - that is, if there is a winning bidder declared. It is generally a small percentage of the final value of the item Visit eBay’s Selling Fees page for a more detailed explanation of how these fees wor You can use your eBay Anything Points to pay your eBay seller fees. How to Take Photos Take Photos The saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ really applies to eBay listings. No matter how well you describe your item, most buyers want to see a picture before they purchase . So before you sit down at the computer to list your item, the first step should be to take great photos and then transfer them onto your computer. With eBay Picture Services it’s easy to add photos during the listing process. How to Take Photos There are 3 ways to capture photos and save them ‘digitally’ on to your computer: Digital camera A digital camera is just like a regular camera, except that it does not use film. Instead, images are stored digitally in its memory. Once you take a picture, you can connect your camera to your computer and save the photo to your computer in a .gif or .jpg format. Remember to make note of where you saved the file. Digital cameras are the easiest way to capture and transfer digital photos to your camera 4 Ken Freeman
  • 5. Regular camera with Flatbed Scanner Take a picture with your regular camera, get the film developed, and use a scanner to convert the photograph to a digital image. The scanner will then ask you to choose a location and file name to save the image. If the item you are selling is small and flat (like baseball cards or stamps), you can just put them directly on the scanner. Remember that you must save the photograph in either a .gif or .jpg format in order to use it on eBay. Regular camera and Digital Film Processor There are a couple methods you can use to transfer images from regular film to your computer. 1) You can ask your local digital film processor to scan copies of your photographs onto a computer disk (CD) to take home and transfer to your computer, or... 2) You can ask your film processing service if they use Kodak PhotoNet, a service that can digitally post copies of your photographs to the Kodak website. You can then copy these from the PhotoNet website to your computer to use whenever you like. Each digital camera and scanner has its own procedure for transferring image files to a computer. Some use cables; others use removable memory chips. Follow the instruc- tions in your camera or scanner’s manual. Create a great photo • Use natural light whenever possible. • Use a plain background to make your item stand out, however don’t use a white background as it tends to wash away colors and makes too much of a contrast. • Consider taking a close-up of a section and multiple views (front, back, side, top) so potential buyers can see the actual condition of the item. Saving regular camera photos to a CD saves you the time of scanning the photos yourself, but l acks the convenience and flexibility of a digital camera. How to enhance your photos Once your photo is on your computer hard drive, you can often improve it with photo editing software, which may have come with your digital camera or scanner. Better yet, use eBay Picture Services for basic editing. Each digital camera and scanner has its own procedure for transferring image files to a computer. Some use cables; others use removable memory chips. Follow the instructions in your camera or scanner’s manual. 5 Ken Freeman
  • 6. Photo Tips: • Crop your photos to remove any unnecessary background. • Balance the contrast and brightness. • The Rotate or Flip command will turn your picture right side up (if necessary). • Resize your image files to approximately 330 pixels tall by 440 pixels wide. • Save your edited picture as a .gif or .jpg file. Your photos are stored on eBay Picture Services only while your listing is running on eBay. It’s a good idea to keep a photo on your computer if you want to use it again in the future. . •Sell Your Item Form The easy to follow Sell Your Item form guides you through the steps to a successful item list- ing. This is the place to enter all the important details about your item, including price, payment methods, shipping costs, and Photos. Important listing tips Select a Category - Doing some research before you list your item can help you choose the most successful category for your item. Think creatively about your item. For example, maybe the item you first thought belonged in Decorative Art is better suited for Home Décor. Category selection is important because you want your item to be listed where other similar items can be found. • Search for items on eBay that are similar to yours, and notice which categories they are listed in. Try several different keyword searches and see if you find particularly active categories. • Look at the page-view counters and numbers of bids on similar items in different categories. Select categories where others are having successful listings. • Reach more buyers by listing in two categories. • If you need help deciding which category fits your item - use the ‘Find Suggested Category’feature 6 Ken Freeman
  • 7. Write an Effective Title - Make the most of your title by carefully choosing keywords a buyer might use when doing a search on eBay. When searching on eBay, the system looks within all item titles to find a match. This is why your selection of keywords is so important. • Use descriptive keywords, no punctuation. You can use up to 45 characters to describe your item, so make the most of them. For example, if you were selling a sport coat, you would want o make sure to include the brand name, the size, color, fabric, if the item is new, etc. • Avoid using words like ‘rare’, ‘beautiful’, ‘unusual’, or ‘L@@K’. No one uses these words when they are searching on eBay. State exactly what your item is, even if it repeats the Category name. • Browse similar items’ closed listings to see which titles drew high prices in the past Use this space to write your TITLE: Pick a product. Write a title for your product. 7 Ken Freeman
  • 8. .•Describe your Item - Use as much information as possible to write a complete description of your item. • Include all item attributes. For example, model number, year the item was made, color, di- mensions, and most importantly the current condition of the item. • Don’t be afraid to emphasize the positive things about your item a littleor even include a story about the item; just make sure that you are truthful. Preparing the Text for an Auction Description The following things are important to generate the most interest in your items: Searchable title, accurate, with the right search terms in it. Good description, accurate, with all flaws described accurately, fair shipping and payment terms. Provide as much information about the item being sold and about yourself as possible. This can be achieved by following some of the sugges- tions below: The fuller you make the description the better. The description can have a serious effect on your final selling price. Tell a story with your description If I am selling a piece of pottery I can either say: "Pottery Ewer, Seagrove, North Carolina. Green glaze, good condition, 8 inches tall, no chips or cracks" Which will get some bids, or I can say: "Beautiful handmade pottery ewer, made in Seagrove, North Carolina 1960s. Very typical North Carolina form to this graceful pitcher. Notice the beautiful green luster glaze, made using chromium oxide, in a reduction firing process that takes many steps. A true expression of the potters art. Only a few area potters work with this difficult glazing technique. Seagrove pottery was started in 1958 by Dorothy Auman and her husband. Was continued by her, and her children, up until Dorothy's death in 1990. This piece was made in the 1960s. Good condition, 8 inches tall, no cracks or chips". 8 Ken Freeman
  • 9. Use this space to write your own PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Select a product and write down the key things you want to say about it. Determine your price - Before entering a starting price, you might want to see what similar items sold for on eBay. You can do this by searching Completed Items, which can be accessed by clicking on Search at the top of any eBay page, and then clicking the Advanced Search tab. Add Photos - eBay Picture Services is the quickest and easiest way to add photos to your listings. It’s important to note that when saving photos to your computer they must be in either a .gif or .jpg format. • Include your payment and shipping information, and information about your refund or return policy. • Use the HTML text editor to help format your description. • Use a friendly and inviting tone to attract buyers.• To add photos with eBay Picture Services, click in a box to select a picture (see Enhanced service below) or click on the ‘browse’ button and navigate to the folder on your computer containing your photos. (see Basic service below). A window will then open showing a directory of your computer. Find the location in which you saved the photo and select the one you would like to add. We recommend using the Enhanced version of eBay Picture Services because it allows you to preview your Touch Up Your Photos - Although it is best to edit your image files usingthe software provided with your camera or scanner, you can also do some basic editing with eBay Picture Services. This includes: cropping and rotating the photo in 90-degree 9 Ken Freeman
  • 10. increments. photos, crop or rotate them, and is much faster than the Basic service. In order to use the Enhanced version, you will be prompted to install software on your computer. If you would like to add additional photos to your listing, just click another box or browse button again. The first picture is free, and each additional picture is .15 cents. If on the other hand you plan to use your own image hosting service, click on the ‘Your Own Web Hosting’ tab. Once you have selected a photo hosting service, your photo image files can be added to your listing. Since digital photos are often large, eBay Picture Services will automatically resize large photos to 300 pixels high by 400 pixels wide (3 x 4 inches on most monitors). Resizing the photo will make it download faster for potential bidders. If photos take too long to download, buyers could lose interest and move on to someone else’s listing! If you must use backgrounds, keep them simple and fast loading. Be very aware of browser compatibility. Some things that will work for Netscape will not work for Internet Explorer and vice versa. Make sure your font colors and sizes are easily readable. Avoid blinking or scrolling text. Animated Gifs, small, fast loading, animated gifs can be cute. Avoid large gifs with slow load times, or a great deal of motion, it can be distracting, and it can cause computer prob- lems. Learn to use line and paragraph breaks, as well as tables and lists. It makes it so much easier to read a description if it is formatted correctly, and is easy to read. Be conscious of spelling and grammar, though frankly this is an area I shouldn't comment much on, as it is the blind leading the blind. There are times though that a little creative misspelling can help you get searched. I find many items on eBay by searching common mistakes and misspellings. Sometimes it is also a choice. Select Payment methods - Consider using PayPal when selecting the payment methods that you will accept from winning bidders. PayPal allows sellers to accept credit card or bank account payments for eBay purchases, and is the safe and easy way for buyers to purchase their items. If you use PayPal, you will be paid immediately at the close of the listing. In addition, PayPal protects sellers with the Seller Protection Policy. By following specific guidelines, you’ll be protected from charge backs due to fraud. Make sure to turn on the Immediate Payment feature if you would like to receive payment immediately with PayPal for your Buy It Now items. With Immediate Payment the item listing remains open until the buyer completes the payment process. Until payment is complete, another eBay user may purchase the item. To require Immediate Payment you need to provide shipping costs in your listing and have a PayPal Premier or Business account. Your photos are stored on eBay’s Picture Services only while your listing is running on eBay. It’s a good idea to keep your photo on your computer if you want to use it again in the future. 10 Ken Freeman
  • 11. Provide Shipping Costs & Payment Instructions - Providing this information ahead of time serves to reduce the number of emails back and forth between you and your buyers to arrange payment and shipping, and speeds up the time it takes to finalize the sale. • You are more likely to receive payment quicker if you offer PayPal as your preferred payment option. • You are more likely to receive payment quicker if you offer PayPal as your preferred payment option. • Even if you use a 3rd party service to manage the payment of your auctions, you can still make it easier for your buyers by providing this information. • The Checkout process helps you facilitate the sale of your item. When your buyers click on the Pay Now button, they are told how much to pay, including payment and shipping, and where to send payment. You in turn receive an email with the buyer’s shipping address and selected payment method. • If you do not want to use Checkout on your listings, simply go to My eBay and click on the Preferences tab. In the Seller Preferences section click on the link ‘Update my Payment Preferences’. From here you can turn off the Checkout feature. The Shipping Costs and Payment Instructions you provided when setting up the listing will still appear in your item listing .•Monitor Your Listings The easiest way to keep track of all your eBay activity is with the My eBay page. eBay members have a private My eBay page that keeps track of all their activity on eBay. This page is particularly helpful if you have more than one item for sale or if you are selling and bidding on several items. A. Bidding/Watching - This section displays all the items you are bidding on, won, lost, or are watching. Items in green mean that you are currently the highest bidder, or have purchased using Buy It Now, while items in red mean that someone has outbid you. The Watching section is a great way to keep a close eye on items of interest so you don’t miss out on any last minute bidding! 11 Ken Freeman
  • 12. B. Selling - My eBay is a great way to track all your selling activity on eBay. Items listed in green mean there is a winning bidder, while items listed in red mean there currently is no winning bidder. From here you can send invoices to your buyers, send payment reminders, leave feedback about your buyers, and even re-list unsold items. •When tracking last minute bids from My eBay, you’ll need to refresh your screen by clicking on the refresh button on the top of your browser window to view the most recent bidding activity. C. Favorites - This is a great feature that lets you bookmark your favorite categories, sellers, and searches so you can access them quickly and easily. D. Accounts - The Accounts page gives you access to your seller’s account so you can make payments, get information on fees and refunds, and make changes to your personal informa- tion. E. Feedback - Regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller on eBay, its important that you leave feedback about the other party of your completed transaction. A members’ reputation is built on the basis of this feedback. You can use My eBay to read recent feedback left about you and as a tool to leave feedback for other members. F. Preferences - The preferences area makes it easy to customize your eBay experience. For example, from this page you can change your user id, password, manage your personal infor- mation, and set your My eBay preferences .•Payments & Shipping At the end of a successful listing, both you and your buyer will receive an email notification. Depending on your payment instructions, the information you receive in this email will include your buyer’s shipping address and payment method. Once you have confirmation of payment from PayPal, receive the money order, or the check has cleared, you may ship the item. Respond to Buyer Emails Many new buyers are confused as to what to do after the sale. You can help your buyers by emailing them an invoice and standing by for questions. When communicating with your buy- ers its important to always be polite and professional. 12 Ken Freeman
  • 13. Acknowledge Payment Once you receive payment from your buyer send an email to 1) acknowledge receipt of payment 2) that you will be will be shipping the item. It’s also a good idea to leave feedback for your buyer at this point. Leaving Feedback Just as building your reputation is important, so is it for the buyer. Make sure to leave feedback for your buyers after you receive payment. In difficult situations, try and work things out first with your buyers before leaving negative feedback. Feedback is permanent and leaving negative feedback may in turn result in negative feedback being left for you Packing like a Pro Nothing makes a better impression on your buyer than receiving their item in professional and secure packing. Double-box any fragile items. Use clean and appropriate packing materials (Bubble-wrap, peanuts, etc.) Shipping Etiquette eBay buyers expect their items shipped immediately after payment has been received. Do not delay in shipping. If you must, make sure to make your shipping schedule clear in your item description. If there is an unforeseen delay, email the buyer. •Payments When you choose PayPal as a payment method for your eBay item, you’re providing your buyers with a fast and secure way to pay on eBay. They can simply click the Pay Now button on the item page, the end of auction email or the My eBay page. It’s so simple, secure and totally free for buyers. .•Trade Safely eBay is committed to making your trading experience safe. In doing so, we have adopted a number of policies and services that make it safe to sell on our site. These programs are in place to offer payment and financial protection, issue resolution, buyer reputation tools, and seller education programs for safe trading practices. 13 Ken Freeman
  • 14. Feedback Learn more about your buyer’s trading history by reviewing feedback left for them by other community members. Build your reputation, and help others build theirs by always leaving feedback for every transaction. Accepting Payments with PayPal It’s easy to sell on eBay when you use PayPal to process your online payments. PayPal lets you receive and send online payments using a credit card or bank account. It’s safe, fast, and easy. As a seller, you can also take advantage of the PayPal Seller Protection Policy to protect yourself against charge backs. Non Paying Buyers The number of Non Paying Buyers (NPB) is low, but if you trade long enough you may eventually encounter a NPB. Quite often a NPB is the result of confusion with the auction process, forgetfulness and poor communication about shipping charges. To reduce the incidence of aNPB: 1. Use Checkout - this offers a consistent payment experience for eBay buyers so they know the transaction ‘sequence of events’. 2. Offer PayPal - it’s fast, easy and secure! 3. Consider using Immediate Payment for all your Buy It Now items. With Immediate Pay- ment, buyers must pay immediately with PayPal. Until the buyer receives payment confirma- tion from PayPal, the item listing remains open for other eBay users to buy. 4. Include detailed shipping cost information in your listing. 5. Use the Non Paying Buyer Alert process. If you have a NPB and want to get a refund for your listing fee follow these 5 steps. Should you have a NPB, take advantage of the 2nd Chance Offer to make your item available to the next highest bidder at the price they bid Terms Some terms are necessary and desirable. Such as payment terms, whether you sell interna- tionally, and shipping terms. Be as fair as you can with shipping costs. I consider it very impor- tant to give the buyer an accurate idea of what it will cost to ship the item when I list it, but this has become harder to do in the face of the new zone postal rates. Hopefully sellers will be able to come up with fixed rates that will work, or a shipping range to give buyers some idea of the costs. 14 Ken Freeman
  • 15. Some terms are not good, and can discourage bidders. If your terms and conditions get too long, and are too strict, folks will be reluctant to bid. Make sure payment terms are realistic. Requiring payment 5 days after auction closes is too tight, seven is iffy, ten to fourteen is much better. Consider the types of payment you will offer. It is better to be as flexible as you can, you will get more bidders. I think sellers who accept Money Order or Cashiers Checks only lose business. The same is true of people who only accept online payments. Many folks are reluc- tant to put their credit card number online. To me, you need at least one online, and one mail payment option. The more options you can offer, the better. Avoid any mention of negative feedback or consequences in the auction description, it turns off bidders. Some categories may require stricter terms than others, I think it depends where you concentrate your selling. To me strict terms will discourage the type of bidders you want, and bad bidders will ignore the terms many times. Even if you do need some stricter terms, they can be couched in a positive or friendly manner. The auction description is not the place to put threats against nonpaying bidders. Good bidders will see this, and it will worry them that the seller will be quick on the trigger, and may not bid. Bad bidders will just ignore it, if they read it at all. You do not want to start a business relation- ship with threats. •Trade Safely eBay provides FRAUD PROTECTION. It covers the first $200, minus a $25 deductible. SQUARE TRADE provides mediation services for sellers and buyers to help resolve any issues that arise. Dispute Resolution It is rare that something will go wrong with a transaction, but if it does contact the seller to try and work things out. If that doesn’t correct the situation, consider using an online dispute resolution service, such as SquareTrade, to resolve the situation. Protect Your Account Some eBay members have received deceptive emails claiming to come from eBay. Fraudsters who send these emails hope that recipients will reply or click on a link contained in the email and When provide personal and financial information. We refer to these emails as “Spoof Emails.” We encourage you to be cautious when responding to any email request for personal information. If you are ever asked to provide personal or financial information to eBay, do not respond via the email. Instead, open a new browser, type, sign-in, and go to My eBay to update or review your information .15 Ken Freeman
  • 16. SAFE HARBOR investigates questionable business practices. Questions for SafeHarbor including our investigations division can also be reach via the web based email form. You will find the links to Community Watch (what kinds of items can be sold on eBay, questions about infringement, why an auction was ended, etc) by using the links under the Help area of the site map. Please follow the same process as above. Our investiga- tions team can be reached through the center column of the site map. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose the correct area from the sub section marked Safe Harbor (Rules and Safety). Once again you will be given options to read frequently asked questions. If you can find your answer there then it saves you the time it takes to write to SafeHarbor and wait for your answer. Determining What to Sell And Where To Find It. How to access eBay Forums What can you sell: *Yard, Garage, Rummage, or Tag sales. Don't be afraid to haggle or get a pile together and ask for a discount on a group of items. Generally if people are having sales, it's to clean out a garage or storage unit, not to make a lot of money. *Estate Sales *Auctions. Either at auction houses or Storage unit sales. Oftentimes,storage unit sales are for an entire unit. So be prepared to end up with some useless items that may go straight to the dump. Storage unit auctions are a lot of fun though, because of the hidden surprises you may find! *Offer to clean someone's attic, shed or garage. Your payment for cleaning is any of the goodies they don't want. You could even put an ad in the paper offering this as a service. *Drop ship. I'm not too knowledgeable in this area, since I've never tried it. I have heard that it can be profitable, but risky since you are counting on another supplier to deliver the items. If anyone has more information about this, please post and fill us in. Thanks! *Bulk Items. Many people on Ebay deal only in bulk items. Bubble Mailers, packing supplies, etc. *Wholesale items. There are many sites listed on the web who offer trailer lots and store returns if you buy in bulk. Go to any search engine such as and type in a variety of key words. For example: wholesale, store *Books - old books, self published books 16 Ken Freeman
  • 17. STRATEGY TO MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS 1. Establish an eBay presence. 2. Activate an eBay Store for more than one product. 3. Build a small web site under your own domain name 4. From your web site offer a free report using an autoresponder 5. Build traffic to your products using the content of that autoresponder 6. Use the captured email addresses for future followup / additional sales. 7. Promote your web site to the search engines 8. Sell on your web site with PAYPAL Buy Now buttons REGISTERING FOR YOUR OWN WEB SITE * To register your domain name, visit * To register your hosting account for your own web site, Click ORDER Select the special EBAY hosting plan at $10 per month. Advantages to having your own web site: 1. Search engines can find you separate from eBay 2. Manage a Mail list to build future sales 3. Offer a Guestbook to build customer feedback 4. Use a Tell a friend to build word of mouth advertising 5. Be able to view your site statistics to know what people are viewing Homework Assignment: Find at least 1 or more products taht you can sell on eBay. 1. Write your titles, pricing (lowest bid, starting bid) and description 3. Take a picture of your product and bring the floppy disc with you to class next week. CLASS SESSION II: During next week’s class your syllabus will cover advanced selling techniques while our lab time will allow you to add your products to your eBay account. While visiting eBay, find an example of a well written ad that catches your attention. Come prepared to tell us your findings. 17 Ken Freeman
  • 18. ONLINE WORKSHOPS AT EBAY COMING IN JUNE RESOURCES FOR LEARNING eBAY SELLING AND BUYING TECHNIQUES Workshops Coming in May / June 2004... eBay Expert Member Workshop: The Answer Center Date: Monday 05/03 Time: 15:00 - 16:00 PDT eBay Workshop: Compilation and Informational Media Date: Friday 05/07 Time: 17:00 - 19:00 PDT eBay Expert Member Workshop: Community Minded Buying & Selling Date: Monday 05/10 Time: 14:00 - 15:00 PDT eBay Workshop: Reducing Unpaid Items Date: Tuesday 05/11 Time: 13:00 - 14:00 PDT eBay Expert Member Workshop: Extra Income the eBay Way Date: Thursday 05/13 Time: 14:00 - 15:00 PDT eBay Expert Member Workshop: The Disable Online Users Association (DOUA) Date: Thursday 05/20 Time: 10:00 - 11:00 PDT eBay Expert Member Workshop: New to eBay Date: Thursday 05/27 Time: 15:00 - 16:00 PDT eBay Expert Member Workshop: eBay Groups Date: Monday 05/31 Time: 18:30 - 19:30 PDT eBay Expert Member Workshop: Selling to Minimize Problems Date: Thursday 06/03 Time: 16:00 - 17:00 PDT eBay Workshop: Search Manipulation and Keyword Spamming Date: Friday 06/04 Time: 17:00 - 19:00 PDT Visit log into My eBay and familiarize yourself with your account and the wealth of knowledge found within your account. 18 Ken Freeman
  • 19. Click on Build Your Business link to view busines related help sites. Included are topics about starting your business, financing your business and managing your business. Solid information from the Small Business Administration. 19 Ken Freeman
  • 20. 20 Ken Freeman