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Myth or Reality Game
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Myth or Reality Game



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  • 1. The O.G. (Original Gangster) of a gang developed Cystic Fibrous and was in desperate need of a liver. He was placed on the waiting list but he could not wait, time was running out for him, and he was scared to die. So a friend of the dying leader decided to help their O.G., he knocked out one of his classmates, Ibn. He removed Ibn's liver, lungs and one kidney. The next morning Ibn's mother found Ibn dead at her doorway. Ibn's liver was implanted into the O.G.'s body and the O.G. recovered. Three months later Ibn's kidney and lungs went on sale at eBay on the Internet . Reality Myth
  • 2. My Bad
  • 3. You’re Correct
  • 4.
    • Aliah carried a filled out organ donor card in her wallet. One day Aliah was involved in a very serious car accident. Aliah was unconscious when she arrived at the hospital, the medical staff there started emergency treatment, but a nurse found the organ donor card. She yelled "She's an organ donor!" The attending doctor stopped trying to save Aliah's life. Aliah died and her organs were donated to five people.
    Myth Reality
  • 5. You Messed Up!
  • 6. Very Good
  • 7.
    • In the United States, it is illegal to buy or sell organs. It is complicated to remove organs. A medical doctor is needed; you have to match up the donor’s blood tissue with the recipient’s blood tissue, etc.
    Myth Reality
  • 8. Keep Trying
  • 9. You Did It
  • 10. The organ allocation and distribution system is blind to wealth or social status. The organ waiting list does not recognize wealth or status. Just because you are rich, doesn’t mean your name is automatically put at the top of the organ waiting list. Myth Reality
  • 11. Oh, No!
  • 12. Way To Go
  • 13. Myth
    • Jack was 17 years old. After hearing about the tremendous need for organ donors, he discussed with his mother his wish to donate his organs if he died suddenly. Jack went to a Christmas party. On his way home, a drunk driver hit the car he was riding in. Jack was pronounced brain dead shortly after getting to the hospital. His permit indicated his desire to become a donor. But, shortly after his body arrived at the hospital, the doctor told his staff that Jack’s organs could not be donated because he was too young to donate.
  • 14. Sorry
  • 15. Correct
  • 16. In the United States, it is illegal to buy or sell organs. It is complicated to remove organs. A medical doctor is needed; you have to match up the donor’s blood with the recipient’s blood tissue, etc. Reality Myth
  • 17. Oops
  • 18. Great!
  • 19.
    • The medical team trying to save a patient’s life is different from the transplant team that removes organs. Therefore, the doctor who is trying to save life does not have anything to do with removing or transplanting his patient’s organs. Also, you are able to specify which organs you would like to donate.
    Myth Reality
  • 20. Bone Up Your Facts!
  • 21. Perfect
  • 22.
    • Danielle was 20 years old when she learned about the need for organ donations. Danielle wanted to sign up to be an organ donor but her mother scolded her she said, “You know that you are a Muslim and you’re not supposed to donate organs.”
    Myth Reality
  • 23. No! No! No!
  • 24. Awesome
  • 25.
    • Most mainstream religions support organ donation.
    Myth Reality
  • 26. Oh no, you didn’t!!
  • 27. Good Job
  • 28. There is no cost in donating your organs. In addition, your organs are removed surgically, so your body is not ripped or torn in any noticeably way, therefore, an organ donor can have a funeral with an open casket. Myth Reality
  • 29. What!
  • 30. You’re a Magical Genius
  • 31.
    • The famous 1960's actor, Wilston Bard, got into a terrible accident on November 13, 1997. He was in the back of the Cadillac when a speeding car slammed into the side of the Cadillac. A big piece of glass came from the car window and pierced his side. He fell unconscious immediately. After working for almost an hour the ambulance workers were able to remove him from the car safely and take him to the hospital. The doctors examined him and saw that the glass had punctured both of his kidneys. He needed a new kidney. The doctor told him he would have to wait a kidney. Then Wilston said, "I'm rich, why do I have to wait?" The doctor told Mr. Wilston that he would be placed on the waiting list. They also told Mr. Wilson that while he waited he would have to go on dialysis. Mr. Wilston, the billionaire, was placed on the list and went to the hospital three times a week for dialysis. A suitable kidney was transplanted into Mr. Wilston’s body two years after the accident.
    Myth Reality
  • 32. Wrong!! Ha! Ha!
  • 33. Correct
  • 34.
    •      Ja-nell heard about organ donation at her school and she wanted to become an organ donor if she died. She downloaded an Organ Donation Card from the Internet. When she announced her idea to her class, everyone was cool with it. They all thought it was a good idea. Then after school two classmates said to Ja-nell, "If you donate your organs, the hospital will send a large bill to your family, your family will have to pay. Donating organs cost a lot of money and it is probably going to take all of your family’s savings.” Not wanting to cause additional pain or hardships for her parents if she died suddenly, Ja-nell did not fill out the organ donation card she downloaded and did not discuss organ donation with her parents.
    Myth Reality
  • 35. You’re Incorrect
  • 36. You're doing great