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  • 1. eBay Process Manual A Guide to Opening an eBay Account and Bidding on eBay Items August 4, 2005 English 393 Written By: Scott Brooks William Huh Jillian Leitch Doug Petrick Peter Solly
  • 2. Table of Contents I. Introduction Pg. 1 II. Processes Pg. 2 a. Registering for a New eBay Account Pg. 2 b. Searching and Bidding on Items Found on eBay Pg. 9 III. Conclusion Pg. 12 IV. Trouble Shooting Pg. 13 V. Frequently Asked Questions Pg. 13 VI. Technical Support Pg. 14
  • 3. 1 I. Introduction eBay is an internet site for people from all over to buy and sell products. There is no limit to the amount of items one can find on eBay. Anything from collectors items to garage sale junk. Anyone who has a computer and access to the internet can use eBay. Some people rely on eBay as an easy way to get the majority of their shopping done for birthdays, holidays, etc. To others, it is a resource to find items that one would not find anywhere else. The owner of a product will set a price and if a person is interested in that item, he places a bid. eBay is a reliable site and users have a place to post any bad incidents they may have had with another member of eBay. For example, if one does not pay for an item after winning the bid, one can report them to make other members aware of this person and their reputation. Some sellers may have a particular way in which they want to be paid or many go through Pay Pal which is a payment plan especially for eBay. When one signs up to become a member the expectations are made clear regardless if one is a buyer or seller. This keeps a respectable understanding between the seller and buyer.
  • 4. 2 II. Processes a. Registering for a New eBay Account Step 1: Open up Internet Explorer or any other web browser. Figure 1. Internet Explorer Step 2: Go to by typing “” in the address bar and then pressing the enter key. Figure 2. eBay website address Step 3: At the eBay home page, click on the link that says “Register” near the top of the page. Figure 3. Register Option (circled)
  • 5. 3 Step 4: Enter your information into all the required fields on the “Register Information” page. Figure 4. eBay Registration Form Step 5: Read the “eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy” and check the box below it to acknowledge that you agree to the terms. Figure 5. User Agreement
  • 6. 4 Step 6: Click on the Continue button at the bottom of the page to continue on to the next step of the setup process. Figure 6. User Agreement Continue button (circled) Step 7: Select one of the suggested usernames or use something different by selecting the “Create your own ID” box and typing your username in the box. Figure 7. User ID selection
  • 7. 5 Step 8: On the next section of the page, type in your desired password in the “Create Password” box and then re-enter it in the “Re-enter password” box for security reasons. You must also choose a Secret question and its answer in case you ever forget your password. Figure 8. Password Selection Step 9: Click on the Continue button at the bottom of the page to continue on to the next step of the registration process. Figure 9. User ID and Password Continue (circled)
  • 8. 6 Step 10 (optional): If the User ID you selected has already been taken you will be taken to a different “Choose User ID” page. You may either get eBay’s suggestions by typing in some of your favorite things on the left side of the page, or by trying a different ID of your own choice on the right side of the screen. You may return to this page once again if your new choice is also taken. Figure 10. User ID suggestion option
  • 9. 7 Step 11: You will then be taken to the final page in the registration process, which directs you to check your email to complete the registration. Figure 11. eBay Check Email Step 12: You must then check your inbox of the email address you supplied eBay and open the message titled “Complete Your eBay Registration”. Figure 12. eBay email confirmation
  • 10. 8 Step 13: Click on the first link in the email to confirm your new account. Figure 13. eBay Confirmation Website (circled) Congratulations, you are now ready to begin buying and/or selling items on eBay!
  • 11. 9 b. Searching for and Bidding on Items Found on eBay Now that you set up an account and are at the eBay homepage, let’s go through the process in order to search for the item(s) you want and bid on them. Step 1: On eBay’s home page, type in what you would like to search for in the blank space as shown here. Figure 14. eBay Search feild Step 2: If there are too many results for your query and you would like to filter some things out, you should try making your search query more specific. If you are comfortable, you can use the advanced search function shown next to the search button to exclude words that you do not want in your results; sort by location, price, currency or other criteria.
  • 12. 10 Figure 15. eBay Adavanced Search Step 3: Once you have found what you would like to bid on, click on the link. Once you have reached the item you want, it is time for you to decide how high you are willing to bid on this item. This is called your “max bid.” Make sure your “max bid” is more than the current bid price listed, then once you are ready, click on the “Place Bid” button towards the top of the screen, under the item price. Figure 16. Place Bid Option
  • 13. 11 Step 4: On the next screen, enter your maximum bid in the small box and click continue. Figure 17. Place Bid Screen Step 5: This is the last and final step that locks in your bid for the item. This next screen is a confirmation page just to make sure that you are sure about your bid. Click on the “Confirm Bid” button to proceed with your bid. Figure 18. Bid Confirmation If your bid is successful, you should be greeted by a page that states that you are the high bidder. eBay automatically bids for you (up to your maximum bid) in the case that
  • 14. 12 someone else bids. You will be notified via email if someone outbids you, or if you won the auction. Congratulations, you just bid on your first eBay item! III. Conclusion eBay is an online auction website used by millions of people as a source to find an item that they need or want. eBay has gained a reputation as a place to find anything from a grilled cheese sandwich with an apparent image of the Virgin Mary on it, to an old Mercedes convertible, to a teenage girl that will pretend to be your girlfriend for a fee. Just about anything imaginable is available on eBay, and most of the users of eBay believe that they got a good deal on their purchase. The creators of eBay have made it easy to use and reliable, and that is why it is such a successful operation. The website clearly labels everything and has straightforward steps, making it easy to use by anyone from a young child to a 90-year old grandmother. eBay has become so thriving that there are now stores where people can go to and, for a fee, have someone take care of the whole selling process for them. With this process manual, a person brand new to eBay should have no problem using the online auction website, and should be buying and selling in no time.
  • 15. 13 IV. Troubleshooting Checklist Problem Cause Solution Cannot register The “Required Information” 1. Enter all information in field was not filled out the “Required Information” entirely. field. 2. Username “Invalid” or 2. Select a username that is “Already Exists.” unique, something besides your name. 3. Password too short. 3. Choose a password at least 6 characters in length. Bid not accepted 1. You are not logged in. 1. Log in to eBay with your username and password. 2. An invalid amount has 2. Place a bid that is higher been entered than the current bid amount. 3. Listing has ended 3. Contact the seller or search for another item. V. Frequently Asked Questions How do I retract a bid I’ve placed? There are only three reasons why you can retract a bid: 1. You entered a wrong amount. (for example 99.99 instead of 9.99) 2. The description has been changed significantly, where you no longer want the item. 3. You cannot contact the seller by email or by phone. To retract a bid, you must use the bid retraction form. On the form you must enter the item number and choose from the above three reasons as they appear on the form as to why you wish to retract your bid. Following the completion of this form your bid will be retracted immediately.
  • 16. 14 In what forms can I pay the seller? There are multiple ways you can pay the seller for your item: • Paypal (credit card, e-check, etc.) • BidPay • Check or Money Order • Cash (not recommended) Paypal is the most widely used form of payment on eBay. Sellers will sometimes only accept certain payment methods and display them on their auction page. How do I protect myself as a buyer? As a buyer at eBay, you should watch out for sellers with a low percentage rate of positive feedback. Usually, a low amount of positive feedback is hint that he or she could be a bad seller and should not be trusted. But, you should always make your own judgments. Contact the seller before making a bid. If you do run into trouble, contact eBay and they will do the investigation. VI. Technical Support For technical support use the following references Support Member Email Addresses Scott Brooks- William Huh- Jillian Leitch- Doug Petrick- Peter Solly- For even further help using eBay, visit the eBay Help website