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  1. 1. D.E.Visuals VHS ,CD-ROM and DVD Programs λ Business Communications λ Customer Service λ E-Commerce λ Entrepreneurship λ International Business λ Management λ Marketing June 2006 Catalog Number: M1825 Sinostar Ltd. UNIT A4, 3/F., HI-TECH IND. CENTRE, 5-21 PAK TIN PAR STREET, TSUEN WAN, N.T. HONG KONG TEL: (852) 2417 4522 FAX: (852) 2490 9742 E-Mail : sinostar©sinostarltd.com Web Site: http://www.sinostarltd.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.1
  2. 2. Dear Colleague, We are glad to inform you that our website has been updated. Effective immediately, we will add our updated catalogs on the web site. You can search them on the “Latest Catalogs”. Also, you can find our homepage linked to the website of all our exclusively represented vendors. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you have. Our website: http://www.sinostarltd.com Grade Level: P – Primary I –Intermediate J – Junior High S/ H – Senior High C – College/University A - Adult PRICING Pricing in this catalog provides for non-theatrical use with public performance rights. Shipping charges will be added. Please contact us to secure quotations. The prices are subject to change without prior notice. The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.2
  3. 3. Tables Of Content Business Communications P.4 Customer Service P.6 E-Commerce P.7 Entrepreneurship P.9 International Business P.11 Management P.16 Marketing P.19 The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.3
  4. 4. VHS $85.00 #CE 763 ©2004 Business Communications THE BASICS OF HOW TO PLAN, WRITE NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION IN A AND GIVE A WINNING PRESENTATION GLOBAL MARKETPLACE Be ready to anticipate the moment. Feel the goals and Most studies have demonstrated that students have little aspirations of your audience and make the presentation of understanding of the importance of nonverbal your life! Divided into three sections--planning, writing communication. This deficiency is particularly acute in the and giving a presentation that will help you overcome the international arena. The focus of this program is twofold. “presentation jitters,” and deliver what the audience First, to introduce the student to the mechanics of expects – a great speech! Video plus book 55 Ways to nonverbally communicating through gestures, proxemics Improve Your Next Speech. and other techniques. Second, to expose the student to the 30 min. VHS $130.00 / DVD $150.00 #JWA 877 ©2005 vast array of interpretations of similar techniques throughout the global marketplace. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: WHAT 24 min. VHS $125.00 / DVD $135.00 #DE 124 ©2004 Everyone Needs to Know There are just some basics that everyone needs to know and remember when they are LISTENING 101 (POWERPOINT CD) communicating. Yet, in our helter-skelter world of work PowerPoint presentation explains the difference between these basics are often forgotten. Learn to write better, use hearing and listening. Addresses the importance of the telephone more effectively, make better use of email, developing effective listening skills and illustrates how to faxes, memos, letters, meetings, and communicate so you use these skills to become better listeners. are heard and understood. CD-ROM $70.00 #CE 741 PP ©2003 30 min. VHS $130.00 / DVD $150.00 #JWA 875 ©2005 BREAKTHROUGH LISTENING We are all aware of how often communication breaks BUSINESS RESEARCH TECHNIQUES down. We naturally think the answer is in speaking more (POWERPOINT CD) clearly, but the solution is often in. the listening. Each of us Research can be gathered and interpreted in various has a habitual way of listening . . . a way of fitting what we manners. PowerPoint presentation details research hear into our preconceived notions. We are captives of our techniques for effective business communication and way of listening, often unaware that what we hear is not explains how a survey is designed, conducted and analyzed what others are saying. Listening is really a communication for resource materials. Students learn to develop a business skill that can be developed. project incorporating data gathered from various 20 min. VHS / DVD $180.00 #KP 870 ©2001 sources. CD-ROM $90.00 #CE 738 PP ©2003 EFFECTIVE BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS (POWERPOINT CD) COMMUNICATION SKILLS THAT BUILD Illustrates how to deliver an effective business WINNING RELATIONSHIPS presentation. Students learn to present and deliver various Shows how our daily communication skills can presentations, such as sales reports and proposals. dramatically enhance our success. Gain a better The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.4
  5. 5. understanding of both our internal voice and interpersonal tag, calm irate callers, win new customers, skillfully handle communication with others. Become a more focused interruptions, take complete, accurate phone messages, listener and channel feedback into positive action. keep calls short, and end them gracefully. 22 min. VHS $130.00 / DVD $150.00 #JWA 663 ©2002 22 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #CB 781 ©2003 BETTER MEETING MANAGEMENT FOR EVERY CALL COUNTS BETTER COMMUNICATION Combines real-world workplace scenarios with upto- date Understand when to/or not to hold a meeting, correctly “how to” narratives. Illustrates key concepts and skills for distinguish who should be invited to a meeting; set a clear, proper telephone techniques by showing a series of Dos purposeful agenda; crystallize the nature of the and Don’ts. Students learn how to deliver the perfect problems/issues and define objectives; implement greeting, screen calls, handle irate callers, transfer callers, “Problem Reformulation” to come up with workable ideas and use voicemail. Role-playing examples and and observe the three basic rules of brainstorming. behaviormodeling opportunities demonstrate the skills 22 min. VHS #130.00 / DVD $150.00 #JWA 660 ©2002 needed to communicate effectively over the phone. 20 min. VHS / DVD $110.00 #CP 712 ©2003 NEGOTIATION Defines negotiation as a communication process, explores IT’S YOUR CALL the six essentials of effective negotiation: positive attitude, Complements the key lessons presented in the “Every Call knowledge of the negotiation process, knowledge of Counts” video by providing interactive and learning human behavior, preparation, creative problem solving reinforcement activities. Includes 12 interactive scenarios skills, and strong communication skills. Viewers are for each of the Dos and Don’ts in the video, plus an introduced to the elements that drive the choice of interactive glossary of key words and phrases for better negotiation tactics and strategy: outcomes, relationships, phone etiquette. time, and transaction costs. Contrasts the basic differences CD-ROM $120.00 #CP 713 ©2003 between positional bargaining and principle bargaining. 60 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #BUS 636 ©1998 CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT MANAGING CONFLICT AT WORK: THE The National Association of Realtors is the largest ART OF COMMUNICATION professional trade association in the U.S. In response to In today’s fast-paced, high-intensity work place, conflict complaints from members trapped in an endless loop of plays a major part in our everyday activities. From small voice mail, the NAR created a dedicated customer contact disagreements to outright verbal battles, conflict is a center. NAR chose Apropos Technology to implement a normal part of most everyone’s daily lives. Looks at solution that would add live Web chats and other conflict as a normal part of life and shows how to turn it functionality to their contact center. Apropos’ software into a positive experience. The result will be a new now ensures that all customer interactions are handled atmosphere at your job, a feeling that problems are in fact efficiently. solvable, and provide opportunities for everyone involved 10 min. VHS $110.00 #MCL 711 ©2002 to grow and improve. 20 min. VHS $130.00 / DVD $150.00 #JWA 602 ©2000 USE THE TELEPHONE THE RIGHT WAY Learn to provide great service, turning phone calls into SOLVING YOUR COMMUNICATIONS relationship builders; de-magnify conflict over the phone CRISIS through sensitivity; overcome root causes of poor Good employee communication reduces conflict and telephone communication; vary timing, tone and word facilitates business objectives. Learn how to break down choice to enhance caller comfort and apply voice mail the rapport blockers that limit effective communications etiquette that’ s efficient. and how to ask honest, take action questions. 24 min. VHS $120.00 / DVD $140.00 #JWA 662 ©2002 25 min. VHS $125.00 #BA 503 ©1997 CELL PHONE ETIQUETTE Cell phones are everywhere. In fact, cell phones, and rude cell-phone users, are so underfoot that they can become a TELECOMMUNICATION BASICS real annoyance. Clearly and concisely lays out the etiquette (POWERPOINT CD) do’s and don’ts of using a cell phone. Features several tips Illustrates the exchange of information and explains and tricks on how to use cell phone technology to its best sending and receiving information via telecommunications advantage for everyone’s convenience. software by detailing appropriate business ethics and 7 min. VHS / DVD $70.00 #TSC 785 ©2004 correct etiquette for using telecommunications. CD-ROM $100.00 #CE 873 ©2004 MAKE THE CONNECTION Because we use the telephone so often and so easily, we E-MAIL ETIQUETTE rarely pause to ask whether we’re getting the most from Email has changed the way we communicate. However, our telephone time. Discover how to establish instant many users don’t understand or fail to practice proper rapport on the phone, stop those endless rounds of phone etiquette in their email communications. Special topics The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.5
  6. 6. include “spamming”, “flaming”, email privacy, and Authorities such as human resources directors, designers, possible dangers when using email. Many examples of executive search professionals, marketing management both improper and proper email usage. leaders, and chief executive officers address various facets 20 min. VHS / DVD $100.00 #CP 603 ©2000 of proper business etiquette, and how it can maximize one’s potential for success. E-MAIL: A CONTROVERSIAL 25 min. VHS $125.00 / DVD $145.00 #EJD 759 ©2005 COMMUNICATIONS TOOL “You’ve Got Mail” is now the commonplace DEFINING BUSINESS CASUAL communication vehicle in every organization in world. E- Defining Business Casual – KP 694 Suggests guidelines Mail is fast, cheap, and can reach the receiver 24-7. While for firms that want to implement “business casual”, but still there are enormous benefits to its use, e-mail can also be maintain minimum standards so that everyone looks abused such as personal use at work and spam. professional. Lack of consistency is one of the greatest Communications consultant, Iris Jacobs, addresses both the problems employers face when adopting a casual dress advantages and problems with business e-mail, as well as standard. Meanwhile, a lack of specific guidance hurts how to energize its maximum effectiveness. employees that would like to fit in but don’t understand the 18 min. VHS $125.00 / DVD $145.00 #EJD 714 ©2002 importance of their appearance. 19 min. VHS $120.00 #KP 694 © ©1999 MANNERS AT WORK The principles of etiquette – respect and consideration for DINING WITH CONFIDENCE others – remain the same, but offices and workplace Offers many helpful suggestions such as: When is it OK situations have changed. Why does etiquette matter in the for the guest to select the restaurant? What are the rules for world of business? An employee with good manners has a elbows on the table? Who should suggest drinks or order real business advantage. It sets the worker apart from the wine? When is it appropriate to turn the conversation to competitors. Good manners are good business, because business? they make people want to work with you. Etiquette isn’t 21 min. VHS $120.00 #KP 695 ©1999 merely about being “nice,” it’s about being effective in the corporate world. BUSINESS ETIQUETTE 20 min. VHS / DVD $110.00 #LS 906 ©2006 Using business scenarios, this presentation shows how good manners and proper etiquette set the tone for success DINING ETIQUETTE in the business world. Discover how positive body Most of us know that forks are set to the left of a dinner language, proper attire, good communication skills and plate and spoon on the right. However, dining etiquette pleasing manners project a professional image. Examines rules cover numerous other eating formalities. What are the “do’s” and “don’ts” to help you master etiquette during rules for eating a chicken leg? Who sits first? What do you business meetings, at a job interview or other business do with chopsticks? Who eats first? Common suggestions situations. and rules to provide a foundation for acting gracefully even 33 min. VHS / DVD $120.00 #CE 697 ©2001 in unfamiliar situations. 7 min. VHS $70.00 #TSC 786 ©2004 MIND YOUR MANNERS: AT WORK Discover common sense “rules” for your road to success. MINDING YOUR MANNERS! PRACTICAL Explore etiquette topics such as how to make a good ETIQUETTE FOR EVERYDAY impression for an interview, proper office wear, fitting in You may know which fork to use, but do you know how to with fellow employees, taboos of the workplace and good make an introduction? What about the dos and don’ts of a telephone manners. Also included are lessons in business luncheon? Or the proper way to address “netiquette,” manners that help businesses work efficiently supervisors? A practical guide for everyday etiquette – in today’s Internet and e-mail world. from handling a phone call, to assisting a customer, to 24 min. VHS $140.00 #CE 698 ©2000 maintaining a friendship, to dining with new acquaintances. Useful advice to put you at ease in almost any situation. Customer Service 22 min. VHS $120.00 / DVD $130.00 #LIN 783 ©2004 BMW BMW is known for superior customer service. Goes behind the scenes to see how one of BMW’s newest dealerships prepares its staff to be the best. BUSINESS ETIQUETTE: MAXIMIZING 15 min. VHS / DVD $100.00 #MCL 912 ©2005 YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR A SUCCESSFUL CAREER 7 THINGS NEVER TO SAY TO YOUR Career-advancement candidates must carefully address CUSTOMERS! many issues regarding business etiquette. Is there a Some comments may seem perfectly innocent on the standard of dress that is appropriate for every industry? surface, but more often than not, using them only makes How should employees act in the typical everyday matters worse. Learn to avoid these service killers and situations to make the right impression? Do global business naturally provide customers with the professional service relationships require different etiquette practices? they deserve that will enhance customer loyalty. The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.6
  7. 7. 20 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #CB 861 ©2005 transactions. Dozens of helpful tips. 21 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #CB 532 ©1999 COMMUNICATING WITH CUSTOMERS: AN ENTRY LEVEL GUIDE WINNING CUSTOMER LOYALTY: On a first job, students suddenly find themselves “on the ELIMINATE CUSTOMER TURNOFFS other side of the counter” dealing with customers who What makes them want to stay away and not buy your range from polite to puzzled, from indecisive to just plain product. Each time we experience poor service we are ornery. Viewers learn how to diffuse an angry customer, tempted to join the chorus of complainers. But a more the importance of attitude and appearance, and how to deal fruitful use of such experiences is to learn from what others with customers on the telephone. do poorly so that we can provide the best in service to our 20 min. VHS / DVD $110.00 #LS 790 ©2005 customers. 26 min. VHS $120.00 / DVD $140.00 #JWA 537A ©1999 MINIMIZING WAIT TIMES AT WALT DISNEY WORLD WINNING CUSTOMER LOYALTY An estimated 200,000 people visit Walt Disney World EXCEED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS daily. With an unending variety of attractions, the Resort Shows how to really exceed customer expectations and offers a vast array of entertainment choices to its guests. gain their loyalty. Identify different categories of customer Consequently, the popularity of the attractions results in expectations and how to provide “plus service” that queues, and Walt Disney World is continuously seeking pleasantly surprises customers. Discusses “on-time ways to improve their guests’ experience regarding wait servicee” and the need for customer follow up. time. 28 min. VHS $120.00 / DVD $140.00 #JWA 537B ©1999 9 min. VHS $110.00 #MCL 801 ©2003 HOTEL MONACO: MANAGING WINNING OVER EVEN THE MOST CUSTOMER SERVICE DIFFICULT CUSTOMER The hotel business is an interesting market. There are many Discover techniques for dealing with five of the most levels that a hotel can fit into: economy, luxury, and difficult types of customer situations.You’ll go beyond business. The Monaco decided to create a new category of “service with a smile” when you know how to: Serenely boutique hotel to differentiate itself through service. ignore personal insults from angry customers, calm upset 10 min. VHS $110.00 #MCL 692 ©2002 customers by showing them you’re their internal champion, and smoothly steer conversations back on track with the “Great- Now” technique. E-Commerce 20 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #CB 776 ©2004 EBAY: MANAGING SUCCESS Presents the history of eBay; discusses the Web site’s CUSTOMER SATISFACTION feedback system, the key to its unprecedented success; and (POWERPOINT CD) examines the devastating impact eBay has had on antique Many standards are involved in building and maintaining a and collectible shops. Exposes two vulnerabilities that have positive public image as a food service organization. come with that success; stock prices that fluctuate with the PowerPoint presentation examines techniques that promote slightest stumble in company performance, and customer service and satisfaction, strategies for complaint government’s growing interest in taxing traders’ earnings. resolution, criteria for quality service and quality assurance In the U.K. alone, more than 10,000 people make some or standards in the food-production and service industry. all of their income from eBay. (US only) CD-ROM $70 #CE 749 ©2003 30 min. VHS / DVD $120.00 #FH 935 ©2005 CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE: DRIVING TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEB SITE IT’S IN THE DETAILS Ulla McGee, Manager of PCWorld.com., explains what Determine your customer’s perception of your business works, and what does not work in driving traffic to a web and whether they will return. Pay attention to your site. She likes email marketing with an easy opt in/out, customers, improve reliability, and become an active clear privacy policy, and meaningful content. She covers customer-complaint listener. Excellent vignettes buying keywords on search engines, using offline demonstrating concepts . communications, barter deals, and why some branding 38 min. VHS $120.00 #BA 502 ©1997 opportunities are worthless 30 min. VHS / DVD $110.00 #KP 865 ©2003 SPAM What is spam? How do spammers get their unwanted COMMUNICATING WITH CUSTOMERS offers into your in-box? And, how can the flow of Solve custommer problems quickly and discover what electronic-junk mail be stopped? Explains how advertisers customers really want. Train your front-line people to send spam and presents proactive strategies for combating project an attitude of customer respect. Shows how to it: spam filters, blacklists and white lists, opt-in and opt-out enhance return business by simplifying customer protocols, anti-spam legislation, and greater cooperation between legitimate businesses, Internet online-service The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.7
  8. 8. providers, and consumers. Spammer techniques--how it’s hard to keep up with the winners and losers. Marketers spammers harvest email addresses, use open relays and must overcome and modify traditional buying behavior spoofing to cover their tracks are revealed. based on personal contacts. Industry - Sponsored – 30 min. VHS / DVD $110.00 #FH 939 ©2004 Marketplaces (ISMs) are competing with Independent-Net- Markets (INMs) while individual companies are creating AN INTRODUCTION TO WEB SITE their own IPC networks. DESIGN 28 min. VHS $125.00 / DVD $135.00 #DE 653 ©2001 What do online retail outlets, electronic newspapers, blogs, and search engines have in common? They’re all Web DOING RESEARCH ON THE INTERNET sites! Gives viewers a comprehensive introduction to the (CD) principles of Web site design--a great first step toward The Internet is a valuable tool for students who need to do becoming a webmaster or an interactive media research. Presents helpful tips that will optimize the search designer. Explains how to identify the target for critical data. Includes an interactive study guide. audience,determine the site’s core purpose, address 30 min. CD-ROM $100.00 #EVN 668 ©2002 technological issues, create visual appeal, and carry out a test/evaluation/update cycle. Interviews with two HTML BASICS successful Web site designers illustrate how it all comes Introduces the subject of HTML hand coding with together in the real world. practical, detailed information backed up by plenty of 25 min. VHS / DVD $110.00 #FH 940 ©2004 hands-on exercises. A dozen HTML lessons provide all the information learners need to build a basic Web page, how INTERACTIVE AND MULTI-CHANNEL to create and manipulate text, color, images, links, tables, MARKETING and frames. A built-in text editor and browser will have Marketing Illustrates both B2B and B2C Internet students writing code right along with the interactive, self marketing. Shows that enhancing customer value and paced lessons. Section summaries, 36 practice exercises, relationship marketing can be achieved by either stand and 144 scorable test questions will enhance knowledge alone sites or Internet/bricks and mortar combinations. retention. An animated slideshow illustrates production, SmartHome case. design, and information technology career paths in the 30 min. VHS $110.00 #CIM 836 ©2004 growing digital media industry. DVD $120.00 #CP 755 ©2002 E-COMMERCE IN BUSINESS Behind-the-scenes look at IT in action showcases three ADVERTISING AND MARKETING ON exciting e-commerce initiatives. By analyzing the growth, THE INTERNET revenue, and future of MP3’s Web site, visiting Ford’s Is the Internet "Marketing Heaven" or just an overrated online “showroom,” and showcasing the customer benefits marketing tool? Is it just another medium or does it provide of Coronet-Fashion at Work’s online planning system, this a unique opportunity for advertisers? Focuses on the use program presents compelling case studies of the Internet’s and appropriateness of marketing & advertising on the use to capture new markets. Internet. Special topics include target audiences, structural 30 min. VHS / DVD $120.00 #FH 842 ©2003 considerations, efficiency, closure, and critical issues in Web-page design. EBAY AND NAPSTER: CHANGE AGENTS 26 min. VHS $125.00 / DVD $135.00 #DE 512 ©2001 eBay and Napster are redefining established paradigms of online interactivity. In segment one, News Hour INTERNET CAREERS: COLLEGE NOT correspondent Spencer Michels explores e-Bay’s REQUIRED phenomenal success with CEO Margaret Whitman while Consider one of the hottest, best-paid job clusters today-- addressing concerns related to fraudulent merchandise and careers related to developing, programming and managing shill bidding. In segment two, Michels examines the roots Internet sites. Interviews with webmasters, graphic artists, of the Napster case through interviews with partisans on and others cover skills, abilities and aptitudes necessary to both sides of the dispute. get a great entry level job in e-commerce. 26 min. VHS / DVD $110.00 #FH 795 ©2000 28 min. VHS / DVD $100.00 #CP 622 ©1998 INTERNET RESEARCH TECHNIQUES Addresses the critical thinking process that helps distinguish relevant sources from the clutter. Effective use of common search engines are reviewed, along with tips to assess the validity of the material discovered. Shows students how to save time and help improve the quality of their research. 6 min. VHS $70.00 #TSC 787 ©2004 E-COMMERCE: BUSINESS TO BUSINESS In the world of B2B e-commerce, volatility is so endemic HOW TO DESIGN YOUR OWN WEB The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.8
  9. 9. SITE:PARTS I & II Part I covers what a Web site is, the importance of Web design, important terms for Web designers, tools needed INTRODUCTION TO INTERNET and Web design strategy. SEARCHING Part II covers creating a Web site using HTML; how to Designed for both novice and experienced Internet users create HTML tags, hyperlinks, graphics, sounds, movies; who want to quickly and easily find relevant web pages, and uploading your Web site. Two high-tech productions news articles, pictures, and other resources. Easy-to-follow that are presented in an easy-to-understand format examples show you how to effectively use most of the 16 min.(Part I) 12 min.(Part II) VHS / DVD $115.00 Internet’s popular search engines and directories. Begins #EVN 558 ©2000 with a quick review of basic search strategies and moves on to cover topics such as advanced Google search DOT.COM COMMERCIALS operators, other search tools, evaluating web resources for Features the best of Dot.com commercials from both the relevance and accuracy, and search engine optimization. US and around the world. Dot.com/Internet marketers have 300 min. CD-ROM $60.00 #DSL 883 ©2004 become major players in TV advertising, particularly during Superbowls. A “must video” for any Internet WEB STRATEGY PRO advertising or e-commerce course. Create your Web business strategy and communicate it to 25 min. VHS $100.00 #LIA 609 ©2001 potential investors, partners, and Web affiliates. Wizards walk you through the process from concept to CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP implementation. Sample plans provide a starting point that MANAGEMENT will help you develop a successful Web Strategy for your The National Association of Realtors is the largest business professional trade association in the U.S. In response to Windows CD-ROM $150.00 #PAS 114S ©2001 complaints from members trapped in -7- an endless loop of voice mail, the NAR created a dedicated customer contact center. NAR chose Apropos Technology to implement a solution that would add live Web chats and other Entrepreneurship functionality to their contact center. Apropos’ software THINK SMALL: FINDING BIG JOBS IN now ensures that all customer interactions are handled SMALL BUSINESS efficiently Seven of ten non-governmental workers are employed by 10 min. VHS $110.00 #MCL 711 ©2002 small business. Eighty percent of job growth comes from these same companies. Job seekers should be aware that work in small business is often different: You could work FROM ZERO TO SIXTY IN THIRTY directly with the owner/family members. Small businesses DAYS are often fast-paced, but directions/priorities can change See how small businesses are getting more done and gain abruptly. Employees must often wear several hats. There is more sales thanks to the fast and easy installation of new often less structure— employees must plan and manage technology. Shows how small businesses can benefit from their time. everything from database marketing, Internet & contact 25 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #JI 854 ©2002 management software, to powerful client/server networking. Shot on location at a realty business and RETAIL SITE SELECTION paper- products wholesaler. entrepreneurs in selecting retail business sites. Covers 30 min. VHS $100.00 #AI 510B ©1997 freestanding sites, business-associated sites, and planned shopping centers. Special topics include the principle of USING TECHNOLOGY cumulative attraction, vacant stores, parking, visibility, Harnessing technology can provide the entrepreneur with leases, and restrictive covenants. Examples include a opportunities to enhance efficiency and profitability. clothing store chain, a restaurant chain, an equipment rental Sample topics include automated production; Asian chain, and several specialty stores. manufacturing techniques such as “pull vs. batch”; virtual 19 min. VHS $120.00 / DVD $130.00 #DE 102 ©2001 companies and Internet-based marketing; and “Intranet” communication systems. FINANCIAL ASPECTS OF BUSINESS 30 min. VHS $100.00 #VTV 550 ©1999 (POWERPOINT CD) The management of money is the driving force behind all profitable businesses. PowerPoint presentation explores the role of financing in marketing and business. Students will be shown business calculations and formulas to compute price, profit, costs, and break-even points. The presentation also focuses on showing students how to interpret data found in financial charts and graphs. CD-ROM $100.00 #CE 740 PP ©2003 The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.9
  10. 10. BUSINESS CHARACTERISTICS (POWERPOINT CD) PowerPoint presentation illustrates understanding of the USING TECHNOLOGY different forms of business ownership, including sole Harnessing technology can provide the entrepreneur with proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Shows opportunities to enhance efficiency and profitability. different types of businesses and the activities they perform Sample topics include automated production; Asian ranging from the world of computers to sales and service. manufacturing techniques such as “pull vs. batch”; virtual CD-ROM $100.00 #CE 736 PP ©2003 companies and Internet-based marketing; and Intranet communication systems. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? 30 min. VHS $100.00 #VTV 550 ©1999 An overview of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Describes the entrepreneurial mindset and introduces the ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR THE NEW model business, a tool to help the student decide what kind MILLENNIUM of business best matches his or her personal strengths. Provides the student with an understanding of the critical 60 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #ETP 637 ©1998 elements for new venture creation. Sample topics include: “common characteristics of entrepreneurs”, “developing an TOOL SET: HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU effective business plan”, “borrowing, Private Placements, REALLY NEED? IPO’s and other sources of funding”, “opportunities for Introduces the blind tour, a technique for mapping out a starting and growing your business on the Internet”, and business’s financial requirements. Compares the “women entrepreneurs.” Special emphasis is placed on the conventional, commercial bankers’ approach to money changing world of entrepreneurship in the 2lst century. with the entrepreneurial approach. Discusses how 26 min. VHS $125.00 / DVD $135.00 #DE 545 ©1999 entrepreneurs can minimize their capital needs. 60 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #ETP 641 ©1998 ENTRY STRATEGIES FOR GETTING STARTED MAKING IT WORK Discusses the strategies open to entrepreneurs for starting a Once the start-up becomes successful, some restructuring new business. Introduces the concept of skill sets, helps the is usually necessary. Discusses how several entrepreneurs students identify their own skills, and matches up entry reconfigured their internal organization to facilitate strategies with those skills. Explores how to turn a loose effective employee relationship and enhance productivity. idea into a testable concept. 30 min. VHS $100.00 #VTV 547 ©1999 60 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #ETP 638 ©1998 FIRST MOVERS FEASIBILITY: WILL IT WORK? When a product breakthrough puts a company of the fast Introduces students to the “feasibility funnel,” which filters track to success, new challenges and opportunities arise. a business idea through a series of clearly defined tests. Discusses several examples of product pioneers and how Asks students to practice their feasibility-testing skills on they exploited their “first-mover” advantage. the ideas of others. Examines how to create formal 30 min. VHS $100.00 #VTV 548 ©1999 feasibility studies. 60 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #ETP 639 ©1998 SELECTING A FORM OF BUSINESS OWNERSHIP BIRTH AND GROWTH Identifies and describes the three principal types of Successful entrepreneurs relate their experiences from business ownership, explains the advantages and start-up to developing established businesses. Start-up disadvantages of each, and describes several alternative examples include an innovative adaptation of an existing forms of business ownership. product; inventing a new product and bringing it to 30 min. VHS $140.00 #ISB 565 ©1997 market;and managing supply and demand in rapid growth. 30 min. VHS $100.00 #VTV 546 ©1999 FROM ZERO TO SIXTY IN THIRTY DAYS See how small businesses are getting more done and gain BIG MAC UNDER ATTACK more sales thanks to the fast and easy installation of new Hungry consumers are losing their appetite for the world’s technology. Shows how small businesses can benefit from largest fast-food company. Is McDonald’s a brand on the everything from word database marketing, Internet & verge of collapse, or can it be revitalized? Fat and sugar- contact management software, to powerful client/server laden foods, over franchising, menu stagnation, and networking. Shot on location at a realty business and competition with Subway are factors in the giant’s decline. paper- product wholesaler. McDonald’s accepts that there are problems, but is 30 min. VHS $100.00 #AI 510B ©1997 determined to fix them. The plan? More customers, more often. The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.10
  11. 11. 38 min. VHS / DVD $180.00 #FH 840 ©2003 Illustrates the techniques used to ensure effective communication, as well as describes how to create and carry out a business plan. Learn to develop and communicate a vision and mission statement for a business. CD-ROM $70.00 #CE 762 ©2004 FRANCHISING Discusses franchising industry structures of product and trade-name franchising and business format franchising. Lists advantages and disadvantages of franchising for the THE BUSINESS PLAN & BEYOND entrepreneur. The latest data from the IFA as to startup Explains how to write a readable and effective business costs, financing available and franchise fees. Many plan. Discusses strategies for managing a company’s examples include an auto dealer, auto-parts wholesaler, growth and harvesting its success. fast-food restaurants, and service businesses. 60 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #ETP 563 ©1998 25 min. VHS $125.00 / DVD $135.00 #DE 103 ©2000 CASH COMPASS (CD-ROM ROM) FRANCHISES: MAKING THEIR DREAM A business-performance management tool that will help YOUR DREAM you build and grow a successful business. Working directly Defines franchising and discusses the advantages and with your accounting data, Cash Compass will help you disadvantages associated with it. Uses the model business optimize performance against goals and accurately forecast to determine whether franchising is an appropriate entry for the future. Financial Dashboard gathers all of the key strategy for an entrepreneur. performance indicators from your financial tables and 60 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #ETP 642 ©1998 compares the data. Color charts and graphs are automatically generated and incorporated into your plan. Includes graphic forecasting tool to project the future of FIND THE RIGHT FRANCHISE sales and expenses. Every industry is covered with Practical advice for anyone considering investing in a dynamic analysis. Tables and charts adapt to match your franchise operation. Co-narrated by Dave Thomas, type of business. Wendy’s founder, and William Rosenberg, Dunkin Donuts CD-ROM $250.00 #PAS 112S ©2005 founder. Shows how to evaluate a “franchise opportunity package” and avoid common mistakes, select the opportunity that is best for you, and sources of financing. BUSINESS PLAN PRO 40 min. VHS $100.00 #AI 599 ©1997 A complete, versatile software package that shows you what a business plan is, walks you through the preparation process, and produces a polished plan without extensive BUYING IN/SELLING OUT training. Easy formats for your business, Q&As, critical Covers the basics as well as several alternative strategies to fill-in data areas, and help buttons with detailed buy or sell a business. Sample topics include buyer/seller explanations. Includes spellchecker and a database of cooperation; written agreements to avoid later ambiguities; banks/venture capital firms for submitting a finished acquisitions and mergers; splitting the firm into new business plan. divisions; development agreements; attracting investors; Windows CD-ROM $150.00 #PAS 104S-1 ©2005 and successful spin-off strategies. 30 min. VHS $100.00 #VTV 552 ©1999 MARKETING STRATEGY FOR SMALL ASPECTS OF A BUSINESS PLAN BUSINESS Taped on location at three small businesses. Begins with (POWERPOINT CD-ROM ) the need for a business plan, a marketing plan, and Compare management and leadership styles by describing identified target markets prior to commencing operations. the need for personal management philosophies as well as Discusses implementing marketing strategies as they relate emphasize the need for liaisons ¡V primarily with other to place, product, promotion and price. Excellent for any community organizations. Learn communication functions course in entrepreneurship, small business management, or for both external and internal audiences, as well as learn to marketing. identify communication barriers and possible solutions. 21 min VHS $125.00 / DVD $135.00 #DE 134A ©1995 Illustrates a business plan and details financial, marketing and supervisory functions VHS $100.00 #CE 761 ©2004 TOOL SET: MARKETING YOUR IDEA Focuses on how to achieve goals creatively using minimal resources. Compares traditional marketing techniques to VISION & MISSION STATEMENTS those of entrepreneurial marketing. Contrasts (POWERPOINT CD) entrepreneurial sales strategies with classic sales strategies. Companies create and use vision and mission statements to 60 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #ETP 640 ©1998 effectively communicate long-term business plans. The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.11
  12. 12. COMPETING SMART And, how can similar fiascoes be prevented in the future. To be successful, entrepreneurs must understand both their (US only) competitive strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace. 39 min. VHS / DVD $120.00 #FH 934 ©2004 Vignettes include designing and branding a new product; surviving a failed product introduction; and how excellent FRONTIER: LIFE ALONG THE customer service leads to increased sales & profits. US/MEXICO BORDER 30 min. VHS $100.00 #VTV 549 ©1999 ABC News correspondent, Judy Muller, reports on the quality of life along the border between El Paso and Juarez since the implementation of NAFTA. Apart from business opportunities for Americans, employment for Mexicans, and low priced goods, the downside of NAFTA is becoming all too apparent: worsening living conditions in Juarez and increasing levels of air and water pollution on both sides of the border. Concludes with a discussion PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY FOR SMALL between Ted Koppel and Fernando Macias, leader of BUSINESS American and Mexican officials charged with managing A comprehensive strategy for attracting customers may be change along this new economic frontier the most important element of the business plan. Leads 22 min. VHS / DVD $110.00 #FH 796 ©2001 entrepreneurs through the promotion plan of target market CAPPUCCINO TRAIL: THE GLOBAL identification, setting communication objectives, setting ECONOMY IN A CUP the appropriation, selecting the communication vehicles, A 150-pound bag of coffee beans might earn a farmer $50; and evaluation. Many helpful suggestions to aid the the “street value” of that same bag – 10,000 cups of coffee entrepreneur in gaining maximum results from small ad – is around $20,000. We follow the trail of two coffee budgets. beans growers in the Peruvian Andes. Takes a unique look 21 min. VHS $125.00 / DVD $135.00 #DE 134B ©1995 at the ubiquitous stimulant which, after oil, is the most globally traded commodity. One of the beans takes the route of the open market where its price is determined by International Business commodities traders and analysts. The other bean finds its way into Café Direct, a new gourmet coffee launched in GLOBAL MARKETING Britain by a company dedicated to paying fair prices to Discusses the changing dynamics of world trade and farmers for their high-quality organic crop illustrates the challenges of developing a global marketing 50 min. VHS / DVD $170.00 #FH 793 ©2001 strategy.TaylorMade, Adidas Golf case. 30 min. VHS $110.00 #CIM 825 ©2004 THE BOTTOM LINE: PRIVATIZING THE WORLD COKE’S WATER BOMB: THE DASANI Some call it a winner-take-all opportunity. Others call it the FIASCO exploitation of scarcity in its most extreme form. On a British sitcom, two characters bottle tap water and Challenges big business’s alarming rush to commodify the sold it as Peckham Spring Water. More recently, Coca- world’s common resources, things as basic to life as Cola launched its purified water lifestyle drink, Dasani, in drinkable water and human genes. Controversial issues the U.K. The connection was not overlooked. This program include exporting water from Canada, creating hybrid crop tracks Dasani¡¦s progressive PR nightmare in Britain ¡V seeds, patenting the BRCA1 gene sequence, fighting first as newspapers screamed ¡§Coke Sells Tap Water for against the free dispensing of patented HIV medications, 95p,¡¨ and then as Coca-Cola recalled 500,000 and drafting international trade agreements that override bottles due to potentially carcinogenic contamination at existing environmental laws their factory. It also considers an even larger problem as 53 min. VHS / DVD $170.00 #FH 794 ©2002 worldwide Coke sales continue to flatten. Without Dasani, Coke has no bottled water product for the lucrative NO LOGO: BRANDS, GLOBALIZATION & European market. (US only) 29 min. VHS / DVD $120.00 #FH 933 ©2004 RESISTANCE Naomi Klein explores why some of the world’s best- known brands have become targets of anticorporate SHELL SHOCK: THE FAILURE OF campaigns. Taking aim at the growing economic and CORPORATE ETHICS cultural reach of multinational corporations, Klein argues When Shell stunned investors by announcing a 20 percent that the costs of globalization have been the disappearance reduction in its proven reserves; pensions, and portfolios of public space, consumer choice, and stable, meaningful suffered around the world. Reveals a pattern of work.(No preview) exaggeration and cover-up at the company’s top level – 40 min. VHS / DVD $250.00 #MEF 773 ©2003 specifically involving the former chairman and head of production. An unflinching analysis of a failure in HUMOR IN INTERNATIONAL TV business ethics. At what point did protection of the company’s image usurp shareholder interests? How did ADVERTISING financial industry safeguards let such a crisis develop? London International Advertising Award winners on the The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.12
  13. 13. use of humor in TV advertising throughout the world. Demonstrates the creative process of humor in addition to THE GLOBAL TRADE DEBATE being very entertaining for students. (No preview). As tensions mount between big business and an 45 min. VHS $100.00 #LIA 329 ©2001 increasingly powerful activist lobby, the gulf between their positions has never been clearer. Offers a balanced look at 2005 INTERNATIONAL TV AWARD globalization in an effort to address the issues that underpin WINNERS the angry rhetoric. Since the founding of the International Contains the 2005 Winners tape of the London Monetary Fund, the world has seen a 12-fold increase in International Advertising Awards. The very best in TV global trade. But local economies and the environment advertising throughout the world in 17 product categories have paid a heavy price. Consumers and governments alike as well as the winners in technical and special categories. must require responsible business practices and cleaner (No preview) energy 45 min. / DVD $100.00 #LIA 330 ©2005 40 min. VHS / DVD $170.00 #FH 791 ©2000 COLA WARS: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Examines how brand identity is influenced by consumer U.S. & INTERNATIONAL TRADE perceptions through the struggle between Coca-Cola and (POWERPOINT CD) rivals Qibla Cola and Mecca Cola for market share in PowerPoint presentation describes the impact of Muslim locales. Qibla¡¦s Zafer Iqbal and Mecca¡¦s Tawfiq international business on the U.S. economy by comparing Mathlouthi tell the story of two opportunistic, politically domestic and world trade. Students will learn the impact of correct David¡¦s taking on a marketplace Goliath while imports and exports on the balance of trade in addition to Coke executives share their plan for defense against an understanding exchange rates. unprecedented commercial threat. (US only) CD-ROM $70.00 #CE 748 ©2003 50 min. VHS / DVD $120.00 #FH 930 ©2004 INTERNATIONAL TRADE GET CARTIER: DEFENDING A CROWN Like putting a puzzle together, international trade has many long defended its turf against the likes of Tiffany and interdependent pieces and economic concepts involving a Bulgari. But recently, luxury goods label, Louis Vuitton, variety of factors. A basic understanding of economic launched its own line of fine jewelry—a move interpreted interdependence, comparative and absolute advantage, and as a direct attack on the king of jewelers. Business international trade all are pieces of a bigger picture- - journalist, Virginia Eastman, gains unprecedented access to international trade’s relationship to economic growth. exclusive Cartier parties and PR events to observe the 8 min. VHS $70.00 #TSC 732 ©2002 company’s strategy for retaining its dominant position as jeweler to royalty, celebrities, and the wealthy. (US only) NAME BRAND COUNTERFEITING: A 30 min. VHS / DVD $120.00 #FH 936 ©2004 GLOBAL ECONOMICS CRISIS Cheap look-alikes are flooding the world’s markets, STARBUCKS: BUILDING depriving legitimate manufacturers of hundreds of billions RELATIONSHIPS WITH COFFEE of dollars. This eye-opening expose’ follows the anti- GROWERS counterfeit investigators of Cartier and BIC from their The volatility of coffee prices has forced many growers out headquarters to New York, Nigeria and China as they of business or resulted in poor plant and land maintenance hurry to trace and stop the flow of illegal goods at the affecting coffee quality. Starbucks has initiated a ¡§Fair source. But, carrying out raids against the vendors, Internet Price Policy¡¨ with their growers to insure a constant merchants, and wholesalers require time, which is not on income stream to these farmers who do not have access to their side. Every day, inferior fakes are siphoning off sales banking and capital markets while tarnishing their products’ quality reputations. 9 min. VHS $95.00 #MCL 802 ©2003 53 min. VHS / DVD $180.00 #FH 944 ©2002 EXPORTING POPCORN PRODUCTS TO MONEY NEVER SLEEPS: GLOBAL GLOBAL MARKETS FINANCIAL MARKETS A small family business has been competing in Money circulates through financial markets at a dizzying international markets for more than 150 years.Cretors is a speed on a global scale. This lively program profiles some manufacturer of popcorn, caramel corn and roasted nut of the people who keep the -12- money moving. Fund machines. This small, but global company has survived by managers, scholars, and day traders are captured at MIT building strong relationships, quality products and Sloan, Yale University, Firebird Management, London’s excellent customer service. foreign exchange market, the École Polytechnique in 13 min. VHS $95.00 #MCL 803 ©2003 France, and trading rooms in the U.S. and Europe. Lending The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.13
  14. 14. liquidity, handling mutual funds, stock speculation, employee/employer and supplier/retailer relations. charting, model-driven trading, and other topics are 26 min. VHS / DVD $150.00 #FH 790A ©2000 covered. 52 min. VHS / DVD $150.00 #FH 792 ©1999 GLOBAL GRASSROOTS: THE RAMIFICATIONS OF GLOBALIZATION HOW THE IMF TRACKS ECONOMIES Faced with increasing cuts in government aid, grassroots AND MAKES LOANS organizations in the industrialized world are learning In IMF parlance, what does “surveillance” mean? And, valuable lessons from their counterparts in developing how does the IMF decide who gets a loan? Describes how countries. Third-world assistance programs are showing the IMF monitors national economic policies for their them how to implement community-based initiatives. impact on the Fund’s 180-plus member nations and how Demonstrates how “sweat equity” and other techniques are loans are made to ailing or emerging economies. Topics being used to help people cope with two of the downsides include Article IV consultations, poverty and debtreduction of globalization: the disappearance of social safety nets and initiatives. the widening gap between the world’s haves and have-nots 16 min. VHS / DVD $150.00 #FH 718 ©2000 26 min. VHS / DVD $150.00 #FH 790B ©2000 FOREIGN EXCHANGE Since 1971 when fixed exchange rates fell apart, the global THE GLOBAL DIMENSION: THE RISKS economy has grown at an incredible pace. Today, whether OF GLOBALIZATION a company uses sourcing strategies, futures contracts, or Despite unprecedented growth in the world economy, some barter, the need to understand and adapt to the world¡¦s 1.5 billion people in developing countries live in extreme financial markets will determine the success or failure of poverty. Investigates how both trade and financial aid are tomorrow¡¦s businesses. being used to help third-world nations bridge the 12 min. VHS $110.00 #MCL 689 ©2002 technological divide and gain much-needed know-how so that they can improve their ways of life and prosper in the FOREIGN CURRENCY burgeoning global economy. The foreign exchange market has experienced much 26 min. VHS / DVD $150.00 #FH 790C ©2000 growth in recent years, in great part because of the new technology available, which makes information quickly THE GLOBAL NEIGHBORHOOD: WHAT available. Exchange rates have a great impact on investment deals. CAN HAPPEN WITH GLOBALIZATION 13 min. VHS $110.00 #MCL 487 ©1995 Globalization is uniting the people of planet Earth as political and economic forces work to create a more centralized world. Internal affairs of sovereign nations are GLOBALIZATION: WINNERS AND no longer off limits to the global community, and the LOSERS principle of humanitarian intervention is gaining How is business without borders really affecting the widespread acceptance. Documents the efforts of world? Globalization has raised the standard of living in nongovernmental organizations such as Oxfam and World developing economies through high-tech opportunities, Wildlife Fund to take collective action on issues of foreign investment, and debt relief. However, some experts international importance, including homelessness, point out that the world market is being exploited through environmental stewardship, and equitable trade. shortsightedness, including the aggressive deployment of 26 min. VHS / DVD $150.00 #FH 790D ©2000 genetically modified crops, environmental negligence, and the abuse of NAFTA. Addresses the pros and cons of doing GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS: THE EFFECTS business in the global marketplace. (US only) 40 min. VHS / DVD $150.00 #FH 721 ©2000 OF GLOBALIZATION While governments and industries reshape the world, countless individuals have pledged themselves to THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE: THE facilitating change at the grassroots level, one village at a BENEFITS OF GLOBALIZATION time. Interviews North American and European volunteers With globalization, companies are scrambling to blend the and the people in developing countries who are receiving ideals of social justice with a free-market economy. their humanitarian and political assistance. By living Drawing on case studies from around the world, this together and sharing cultural experiences, both volunteers program focuses on efforts being made by businesses to and aid recipients focus on their mutual concerns about unite profits and principles. Issues include the practice of human rights violations and exploitation of the social responsibility through ethical investment policies, environment. the human and environmental costs of unscrupulous 26 min. VHS / DVD $150.00 #FH 790E ©2000 manufacturing, and a renewed emphasis on good The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.14
  15. 15. A WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS: WHAT include consumer research, design, manufacturing, team- IS HAPPENING WITH GLOBALIZATION building, and sales. In the ideas lab, visionaries apply their As globalization gains momentum, industrialized and expertise on items ranging from cell phones to the digital developing countries are becoming increasingly similar, home. with middleclass luxury and abject poverty coexisting side 47 min. VHS / DVD $180.00 #FH 851 ©2003 by side. Explores the repercussions of globalization as well as a growing resentment toward the G8 countries and WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JAPAN INC.? nongovernmental organizations. Concerns over third-world Should Japan abandon its interlocking alliance between debt, environmental degradation, biodiversity, the business and government and reengineer its economy on concentration of power, and the future of democracy are the American model? Discusses the current health of aired by globally oriented young adults. Japan’s economy, speculates on Japan’s impending 26 min. VHS / DVD $150.00 #FH 790 ©2000 deregulatory “big bang,” and addresses the economic impact on the U.S. of Japan’s economic decline. GOING GLOBAL 27 min. VHS / DVD $170.00 #FH 721 ©1998 Discusses how world-exchange currencies, ecommerce, foreign labor, intermodal shipping, partnering, and foreign THE BEST OF ASIA COMMERCIALS distributors enable entrepreneurs to compete in world A reel of the best TV commercials in Asia 1955- 2001 (No markets. Special topics include foreign outsourcing of preview). materials; understanding cultural differences; international 50 min. VHS $100.00 #LIA 725 ©2001 licensing, patent, and intellectual property protection; and dealing with the uncertainty of international suppliers. 30 min. VHS $100.00 #VTV 551 ©1999 COMPETING IN A GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT Describes the differences between domestic and FACE AND PLACE: BUSINESS BEYOND international business, explains the economic rationales for THE BONDS OF CULTURE international trade, describes the unique considerations Across Asia, the notion of “face,” propriety of appearances associated with international business and outlines – is being replaced by Western frankness, while traditional approaches used to operate in international markets. caste systems are yielding to wealth as the determinant of 30 min. VHS $140.00 #ISB 496 ©1997 status. Profiles three executives who typify the changing style of business in Asia: James Louey, senior executive of INTERNATIONAL MARKETING: KMB in Hong Kong; Dr. Jannie Tay, CEO of The Hour Glass, a retail chain based in Singapore; and Brijesh Wahi, COMPETING IN A GLOBAL of Cellstream Technologies, a software services and MARKETPLACE engineering company out of Bangalore, India. Explores the growing complexity of marketing on a global 27 min. VHS / DVD $170.00 #FH 945 ©2001 scale. Examines key challenges faced by corporations that sell their products and services in numerous countries with CHINA: FROM POVERTY TO diverse and unique cultures. Discusses key trends in global marketing, outlines the reason why a company should PROSPERITY consider going global, and assesses the challenges of China finds itself wrestling with a dual identity as a strict marketing in emerging countries. communist society nevertheless dedicated to the 60 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #CTC 595 ©1999 advancement of capitalism. Examines the -13-enormous economic changes and challenges for China as it transforms itself from a centralizedcommand economy to a MANAGEMENT IN CHINESE CULTURES market-based one, and from a rural, agricultural society to As Western companies become more interested in doing an urban, industrial giant. business the Chinese way, it may become the next big 29 min. VHS / DVD $140.00 #FH 685 1998 thing in corporate methodologies. Describes key elements of modern Chinese entrepreneurship such as teamwork, harmony, deference to authority, and guanxi - a system of GLOBAL BRANDING interpersonal relations that stresses covenantal rather than After completing a $120-billion acquisition program contractual agreements. The chairman of DHL and others involving eight companies from around the world, British provide a balanced analysis of business in both the Asia- Petroleum launched a global campaign to “rebrand” itself Pacific region and the global marketplace. and the eight acquired companies with a single, new 29 min. VHS / DVD $180.00 #FH 850 ©1998 identity, “BP.” Shot in London, BP’s global brand manager discusses their new marketing strategy and promotional program. DIGITAL COOL 14 min. VHS $110.00 #MCL 845 ©2003 Korean high-tech powerhouse, Samsung Electronics, engages and expands its target markets by continually designing, developing, and reinventing its products. Topics COKE’S WATER BOMB: THE DASANI FIASCO The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.15
  16. 16. water and sold it as Peckham Spring Water. More recently, Union and the struggle to achieve stability after a near Coca-Cola launched its purified water lifestyle drink, collapse of the economic system are presented. Shows why Dasani, in the U.K. The connection was not overlooked. transformation to a market system from a command system This program tracks Dasani’s progressive PR nightmare in is challenging and perhaps overwhelming. The problems Britain – first as newspapers screamed “Coke Sells Tap associated with this transformation and some of the Water for 95p,” and then as Coca-Cola recalled 500,000 possible solutions are the focus of this program. bottles due to potentially carcinogenic contamination at 60 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #CAC 597 ©2000 their factory. It also considers an even larger problem as worldwide Coke sales continue to flatten. Without Dasani, COLA WARS: MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Coke has no bottled water product for the lucrative Examines how brand identity is influenced by consumer European market. (US only) perceptions through the struggle between Coca-Cola and 29 min. VHS / DVD $120.00 #FH 933 ©2004 rivals Qibla Cola and Mecca Cola for market share in Muslim locales. Qibla’s Zafer Iqbal and Mecca’s Tawfiq EBAY: MANAGING SUCCESS Mathlouthi tell the story of two opportunistic, politically Presents the history of eBay; discusses the Web site’s correct David’s taking on a marketplace Goliath while feedback system, the key to its unprecedented success; and Coke executives share their plan for defense against an examines the devastating impact eBay has had on antique unprecedented commercial threat. (US only) and collectible shops. Exposes two vulnerabilities that have 50 min. VHS / DVD $120.00 #FH 930 ©2004 come with that success; stock prices that fluctuate with the slightest stumble in company performance, and MANAGEMENT IN CHINESE CULTURES government’s growing interest in taxing traders’ earnings. AsWestern companies become more interested in doing In the U.K. alone, more than 10,000 people make some or business the Chinese way, it may become the next big all of their income from eBay. (US only) thing in corporate methodologies. Describes key elements 30 min. VHS / DVD $120.00 #FH 935 ©2005 of modern Chinese entrepreneurship such as teamwork, harmony, deference to authority, and guanxi - a system of interpersonal relations that stresses covenantal rather than contractual agreements. The chairman of DHL and others provide a balanced analysis of business in both the Asia- BARBIE’S MIDLIFE CRISIS: MIGHTY Pacific region and the global marketplace. Mattel Fights Back At 44, Barbie had been the queen of 29 min. VHS / DVD $180.00 #FH 850 ©1998 fashion dolls for generations of children. But her sales and HOW THE WORLD DRESSES: CLOTHING profits began to slip as she was forced to fend off attacks AND GLOBAL CULTURE from enemies both new and old: the fashion-conscious A video tour of how the world dresses with the amazing Bratz pack and Sindy, a former rival that may yet prove to diversity of clothing worldwide. Learn about ourselves by be her nemesis. Focuses on Mattel’s strategy, which exploring everyday clothing in Japan, Korea, India, includes giving traditional Barbie a makeover, dumping Thailand, Morocco, Egypt, and others. Ken, and unleashing My Scene Barbie on the Bratz – all to 23 min. VHS / DVD $110.00 #LS 791 ©2005 capture the potent new KGOY (kids growing older younger) market. (US only) 30 min. VHS / DVD $120.00 #FH 937 ©2004 FACE AND PLACE: BUSINESS BEYOND THE BONDS OF CULTURE RETAILING IN EUROPE Across Asia, the notion of “face,” propriety of appearances Compares and contrasts retailing in Western Europe with – is being replaced by Western frankness, while traditional retailing in the United States. Discusses supermarkets, caste systems are yielding to wealth as the determinant of hypermarkets, franchising, apparel retailers, auto dealers, status. Profiles three executives who typify the changing etc. Special topics include social/cultural differences and style of business in Asia: James Louey, senior executive of retail implications of the European Union. KMB in Hong Kong; Dr. Jannie Tay, CEO of The Hour 28 min. VHS $125.00 / DVD $135.00 #DE 116 ©2000 Glass, a retail chain based in Singapore; and Brijesh Wahi, of Cellstream Technologies, a software services and engineering company out of Bangalore, India. EUROPEAN UNION 27 min. VHS / DVD $170.00 #FH 945 ©2001 Traces the history of the European Union and notes significant events such as the Single European Act and NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION IN A Maastricht Treaty. Covers the functions of the GLOBAL MARKETPLACE Commission, Parliament, Court, and Council. Discusses Most studies have demonstrated that students have little the major provisions of the single internal market program. understanding of the importance of nonverbal Special topics include the European Monetary Union and communication. This deficiency is particularly acute when the euro, the EU’s relationship with the new democracies called upon to communicate in the international arena. The in Europe, and the addition of 10 new countries in 2004 focus of this program is twofold. First, to introduce the 25 min. VHS $125.00 / DVD $135.00 #DE 140 ©2005 student to the mechanics of nonverbally communicating through gestures, proxemics and other techniques. Second, ECONOMIES IN TRANSITION to expose the student to the vast array of interpretations of The political and economic situations in the former Soviet similar techniques throughout the global marketplace. The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.16
  17. 17. 24 min. VHS $125.00 / DVD $135.00 #DE 124 ©2004 good stress. 21 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #CB 780 ©2003 COKE IN JAPAN Coke’s success in Japan is in great part due to establishing BUSINESS ETIQUETTE: MAXIMIZING partnerships with knowledgeable locals, being familiar with the culture and customs, and consensus building.They YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR A have managed to be part of a local community while being SUCCESSFUL CAREER an international company. Career advancement candidates must carefully address 11 min. VHS $95.00 #MCL 447 ©1996 many issues regarding business etiquette. Is there a standard of dress that is appropriate for every industry? Management How should employees act in the typical everyday situations to make the right impression? Do global business SUCCESSFUL TERMINATION relationships require different etiquette practices? Terminations are tough, do them properly. Learn to set Authorities such as human resources directors, executive expectations for job performance; utilize job descriptions search professionals, marketing managers, and CEO’s and performance management; institute progressive address various facets of -16- proper business etiquette and discipline for problem employees; and how to dismiss how it can maximize one’s potential for success. employees fairly and legally. 25 min. VHS $125.00 / DVD $145.00 #EJD 759 ©2005 39 min. VHS / DVD $180.00 #KP 869 ©2001 PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS: GETTING PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT 101: VITAL RESULTS SKILLS FOR NEW EMPLOYEES Effective performance appraisals add value to your Could your new employees use some help with the organization by motivating top employees to do even common ground rules of workplace behavior?They¡¦ll better. And, they tell under-performers exactly what is discover the vital skills needed to develop a professional expected and how to improve.You’ll follow two story image and productive behavior. Includes tips on how to lines: One involves a small business taking steps to recognize and adjust to organizational culture, dress to formalize a review process for the first time. The other impress, not to excess, avoid inappropriate behaviors that presents a large corporation attempting to energize an undermine credibility, keep personal distractions from existing system. Watch as two very different managers interfering with work, work well with diverse personalities prepare for challenging review meetings and see them and create career-boosting alliances. apply skills that defuse tension and achieve results. 16 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #CB 859 ©2005 18 min. VHS / DVD $150.00 #KP 735 ©2002 HIRING SECRETS: 12 TIPS TO GET CANDIDATES TO REVEAL THEIR TRUE SAFE HIRING: HOW YOU CAN AVOID SELVES BAD HIRES Get applicants to show who they really are and not just tell Follow the fictional story of a firm that makes a bad hire you what you want to hear. Includes how to obtain a first and view the procedures they put in place to prevent a impression that counts, determine if a person would be a reoccurrence. Topics covered include what to look for on good fit for your office culture, grammar and logic check, a application forms, interview questions to reveal falsehoods, sense of humor barometer, and learn whether you have a why you should double check references, legal background person who can literally think on his/her feet. checks, and how to control costs with even greater safety in 20 min. VHS.DVD $160.00 #CB 860 ©2005 hiring. 23 min. VHS / DVD $150.00 #KP 751 ©2003 TAKE BACK YOUR TIME Whether you’re a workaholic, last-minute adrenaline HIRING SUCCESS: A STEP-BY-STEP addict, or simply someone who can’t say “No” to your GUIDE colleagues’ requests, you’ll discover tips and tactics Covers both the legal and practical aspects of hiring; how guaranteed to help you free up time and take back your to find hidden messages in resumes; the value of an initial life. Learn how to liberate yourself by identifying and telephone interview; avoiding illegal questions; and how to throwing out the non-essentials. Make a life-changing determine if the candidate is a good fit. Examples from “DON’T-DO List”, use “enders” when you’re trapped in a large corporations as well as small businesses. neverending conversation, know when NOT to email and 25 min. VHS / DVD $150.00 #KP 693 ©2002 become a pro at exercising your ability to just say “No.” 19 min. VHS / DVD $160.00 #CB 807 ©2004 MANAGE YOUR TIME BETTER Learn to target your efforts on the most important tasks; be ARREST THAT STRESS a goal-getter, not just a goal setter; do the most Stress in the workplace is all too common. Those of us constructive things first to make life easier later; avoid who suffer from it know it can be painful. The costs are time-wasters; attack those dreaded stacks of paper and emotional, physical and financial. Learn how to stop effectively delegate, even if you’re not the boss. picking up the slack for disorganized co-workers, deflect 23 min. VHS $130.00 / DVD $150.00 #JWA 661 ©2002 morale busting and time draining complainers, control your emotions even when others don¡¦t, and turn bad stress into The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges. P.17