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  • 1. E-Commerce and the Entrepreneur
  • 2. The Internet: Changing the Face of Business
    • The most successful companies embrace the Internet as a mechanism for transforming their companies and for changing everything about the way they do business.
    • In the world of e-commerce, size matters less than speed and flexibility.
    • The number of online buyers is growing rapidly as people become more convenience-pressured and gain confidence from their and others' online purchase experiences.
  • 3.  
  • 4. E-Commerce and Small Businesses
    • Survey: 3 out of 4 small businesses do not yet have a Web site.
    • Small companies account for more than 50% of all retail sales in the U.S., but they generate only 9% of online retail sales.
    • By 2003, small companies will generate just 6% of online retail sales.
    • Why?
  • 5. Benefits of Selling on the Web
    • Opportunity to increase revenues, both on and offline.
    • Ability to expand into global markets
    • Ability to remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    • Capacity to use the Web’s interactive nature to enhance customer service
    • Power to educate and inform
    • Ability to lower the cost of doing business
    • Ability to spot new business opportunities and capitalize on them
    • Power to track sales results
  • 6. Factors to Consider Before Launching into E-Commerce
    • Web success requires a company to develop a plan for integrating the Web into its overall strategy.
    • Developing a deep, lasting relationship with customers takes on even greater importance on the Web.
    • Creating a meaningful presence on the Web requires an ongoing investment of resources – time, money, energy, and talent.
    • Measuring the success of a Web-based sales effort is essential to remaining relevant to customers whose tastes, needs, preferences and behaviors constantly change.
  • 7. 12 Myths of E-Commerce
    • Myth 1: Setting up a business on the Web is easy and inexpensive.
  • 8.  
  • 9. 12 Myths of E-Commerce
    • Myth 1: Setting up a business on the Web is easy and inexpensive.
    Myth 2: If I launch a site, customers will flock to it. Myth 3: Making money on the Web is easy. Myth 4: Privacy is not an important issue on the Web.
  • 10. 12 Myths of E-Commerce
    • Myth 5: The most important part of any e-commerce effort is technology.
    • Myth 6: Strategy? I don’t need a strategy to sell on the Web! Just give me a Web site and the rest will take care of itself.
    • Myth 7: On the Web, customer service is not as important as it is in a traditional retail store.
  • 11. The Importance of Service on the Web
    • Study: 75% of Web shoppers who fill their on-line shopping carts become frustrated and leave the site before checking out.
    • Reasons:
      • Site too slow
      • Site looks unprofessional
      • Site does not take credit cards
      • Checkout area too hard to find
      • No return policy posted
  • 12. What Web Shoppers Want 10. User-friendly navigation 10. User-friendly navigation 9. Posted privacy policy 9. Posted privacy policy 8. Reliable shipping 8. Valuable product info 7. Customer support 7. Customer support 6. Valuable product info 6. Easy ordering 5. Easy ordering 5. On-time delivery 4. Good selection 4. Reliable shipping 3. Well-designed presentation 3. Good selection 2. Competitive prices 2. Well-designed presentation 1. On-time delivery 1. Competitive prices Business Customers Retail Customers
  • 13. 12 Myths of E-Commerce
    • Myth 8: Flash makes a Web site better.
    • Myth 9: It’s what’s up front that counts.
    • Myth 10: E-commerce will cause brick-and-mortar retail stores to disappear.
    • Myth 11: The greatest opportunity for e-commerce lies in the retail sector.
    • Myth 12: It’s too late to get on the Web.
  • 14. Approaches to E-Commerce
    • Online shopping malls
    • Storefront building services
    • Internet service providers (ISPs)
    • Hiring professionals to design a custom site
    • Building a site in-house
  • 15. Key Strategies for E-Success
    • Your efforts must be Targeted, Integrated, Interactive, and Intimate.
      • Consider focusing on a market niche.
      • Develop a community.
      • Attract visitors by giving away “freebies.”
      • Make sure your Web site screams “credibility.”
      • Consider forming strategic alliances.
      • Promote your site online and offline.
      • Make the most of the Web’s global reach.
  • 16. Designing a Killer Web Site
    • Select a domain name that is consistent with the image you want to create for your company and register it.
      • Short
      • Memorable
      • Indicative of a company’s business
      • Easy to spell
    • Be easy to find.
    • Give customers what they want, not what you want to sell them.
    • Develop a simple design.
  • 17. Designing a Killer Web Site (con’t.)
    • Establish hyperlinks with other businesses, preferably those selling complementary products.
    • Include an e-mail option, telephone number and a physical address in your site.
    • Allow customers to order offline.
    • Give shoppers the ability to track their orders online.
    • Offer Web shoppers a special deal all their own.
    • Assure customers that their online transactions are secure.
    • Keep your site updated.
    • Have a FAQ page.
  • 18. Testing & Measurement: Basic Thoughts & Guidelines (Conventional & Online)
    • It’s a “Continuous Process of Refinement.”
      • Measure results before full commitment.
    • Always test something.
      • Across media types: TV vs mail vs Internet vs phone vs PR
      • Within media types: Site vs site. List vs list. Mag vs mag.
      • Segments within a media: Different locations
      • Positioning/Image: Message, benefit, competitive advantage
      • Creative: Headlines, sizes, graphics, copy, components
      • The Offer/Deal: Price, discounts, guarantee, shipping, gifts
      • The Relationship: Bouncebacks, clubs, loyalty programs
    • Measure/quantify results.
      • Don’t forget to “Code” responses.
      • Get “Audience Size.”
  • 19. Testing & Measurement (con’t.)
    • Get your reports daily.
      • Third-party sources: ipro .com and spss .com
      • In-house sources
    • Profile your visitors: Demographics, psychographics
      • Registration, warranty, surveys, ballots, service requests
    • Don’t make major decisions on minor results.
    • Remember that the Internet is a test in itself.
  • 20. Metrics: Tracking Web Results
    • # of Impressions
    • # of Visits/Click
    • # of Pages Visited & Visit Length
    • First Time versus Repeat Visitors
    • Most/Least Visited Pages
    • Entrance & Exit Pages
    • Most/Least Popular Visit Times
    • Best/Worst Keywords
    • Best/Worst Paths
    • Which Browser Used
    • Referring URL (links, ads,etc.)
    • Users’ Domain
  • 21. Ensuring Customer Privacy and Site Security
    • Customer Privacy
      • Take an inventory of the customer data collected.
      • Develop a company policy for the information you collect.
      • Post your company’s privacy policy prominently on your Web site and follow it.
    • Site Security
      • Virus detection software
      • Intrusion detection software
      • Firewall
  • 22. Internet Business Models Consumer-Targeted vs. Business-Targeted vs. Middleman-Targeted Supplemental versus Stand-Alone
    • Websites
      • Online Brochure
      • Customer Service: Technical support, product ordering, locator.
      • E-Commerce:
        • Selling various products/services
        • Selling the site as a product itself: Info, education, entertainment, tools
          • Sells subscriptions -- MySPX
          • Portals & Virtual Communities – BlackVoices .com
          • Selling ad/banner space on the site
      • Employee or Supplier Service (Intranet)
  • 23. Internet Business Models (con’t.) Consumer-Targeted vs. Business-Targeted vs. Middleman-Targeted Supplemental versus Stand-Alone
    • Email – Ezine @ AttorneyMarketing .com
    • Auctions -- EBay
    • BLOGS -- MayItPleaseTheCourt .net
    • Hybrid: Combinations of the above
  • 24. Best Internet Products/Services
    • Competitive advantage(s)
    • Mailable, drop-shippable, downloadable
    • Line extendible
    • Easy to describe and/or photograph
    • Easy to install, assemble and use
    • Potential customers are internet savvy
    • Reliable suppliers
    • Lends itself to repeat business
    • Sufficient mark-up per unit
  • 25. Internet Marketing System Components Market place vs Market space
    • Marketing Mix Activities
    • Product Selection & Pricing
    • Site Merchandising: Design & Content/Editorial
    • Site Distribution/Marketspace
    • Site Promotion
    • Customer Service/Fulfillment
    • Technical Infrastructure Activities
    • Hardware/software
    • Service Providers & Suppliers
    • Databases
    • Administration Activities
    • Human Resources & Payroll
    • Accounting & Budgeting
  • 26. Online Promotion Techniques
  • 27. E-ZINE Marketing Source: Wes-State Mortgage
    • FreeZineWeb .com
      • An excellent eZine resource with links to promotional tools, products, and specific eZine categories, as well as other online marketing tools.
    • ClickBank .net
      • Offers $2 ezine ads and guaranteed visitors to your site! They have a subscriber base of over 248,000 and 143 ezines. Prices are:
        • 1000 Guaranteed Visitors - $79.95
        • 500 Guaranteed Visitors - $42.95
        • 250 Guaranteed Visitors - $22.95
  • 28. E-ZINE Marketing (con’t) Source: Wes-State Mortgage
    • E- Zine Ad Source Directory
      • provides the category, description, circulation and cost to advertise for thousands of ezines.
      • Articles are an excellent free marketing tool. Write and submit articles for eZine owners. If one of them chooses an article from you, it could reach hundreds of potential customers .
    • IdeaMarketers .com
      • A forum to share your articles with 1,000's of internet users.
  • 29. E-Classified Ad Sites
    • Classified Ad Broadcaster
      • Offers more than 2,000+ sites where you can place your classified ads as many times as you like, automatically and for free .
    Other classified as sites: Source: Wes-State Mortgage
      • Yahoo!Classifieds
      • Business Solutions Classifieds
      • Best Mall Classified Ads
      • Five Star Classified Ads
      • A-Z FREE Classifieds
      • ClassifiedsForFree .com
      • FREE Software for Posting Classified Ads to Over 200 Sites!
      • Classifinder
      • 1AmericaMall
      • The ZAP Directory
      • NetClassifieds
      • Classifieds 2000
      • VeryHOT .com
  • 30. Newsgroups/Usenet
    • Newsgroups are niche markets of individuals interested in the same topic. Participate in newsgroup and bulletin boards your target uses. Be subtle in promoting your business.
      • Google
      • Yahoo!
      • America Online
      • Microsoft Network
    Source: Wes-State Mortgage
  • 31. Banner Ads and Pay-Per-Click
    • Placing banner ads can be expensive for popular sites. However, you can offer to exchange banners with smaller sites.
    • By purchasing pay-per-click ads, you may be able to control your ad costs.
      • Google
      • Overture
      • payperclicksearchengines
    Source: Wes-State Mortgage
  • 32. Submit your URL to the top Search Engines
    • Search Engines are the core of Internet Marketing. Submit your URL to the top engines. To appear on their first pages, you need to have a site loaded with “keywords.” Click Here for additional info on this topic.
    Source: Wes-State Mortgage
      • altavista
      • AOL Anywhere
      • excite
      • Google
      • HOTBOT
      • InfoSeek |
      • looksmart
      • LYCOS
      • Northern Light
      • overture
      • c|net
      • SearchKing
      • NBCi
      • WebCrawler
      • YAHOO!
  • 33. Search Engines: Submit Your URL/Web Address Yourself
    • The following are direct links to some major site submission pages:
      • AOL Search
      • Excite
      • LookSmart
      • InSite
      • WebCrawler
      • Starting Point
    Source: Wes-State Mortgage
  • 34. Search Engines: Use a Service to Submit Your URL
      • Submit your site to 30 top search engines for frees
    • SearchEngineWatch .com
      • Tips about internet search engines & search engine submission.
      • Get a TOP 20 ranking in the major search engines. See Click Here to learn how.
    • eSiteBlast .com
      • Provided by
    Source: Wes-State Mortgage
  • 35. Advertise on Local/Regional/National Portals/Yellow Pages
    • Digitalcity .com
    • Citysearch .com
    • Webguideyourcity .com
    • Vacationweb .com
    • Major sites like Yahoo, Lycos and Excite also offer (higher priced) advertising.
    Source: Wes-State Mortgage
  • 36. BLOGS
    • Set up your own blog that shares your thoughts about topics of interest to your targets. Visit and participate in blogs created by others regarding similar topics.
      • Blogger .com
      • blogs
  • 37. Email Lists
    • Using Your Own List
      • This is by far the best way to promote your business online and offline.
      • Offer your prospects/customers something to entice them to give you their e-mail addresses? For example, offer to send them periodic updates on new products and services or create a free newsletter.
    • Purchase Syndicated Lists
      • Doubleclick .com
    • Spamming: Don’t send unsolicited emails.
    • However, contacting people who have given you “permission” or “opted-in” is NOT considered spamming.
    Source: Wes-State Mortgage
  • 38. Promoting Your Website Offline
    • Include Your URL on stationery, cards, sales letters, brochures, flyers, press releases, TV/radio ads, print ads, packaging, product shipments, specialty ads, event sponsorships, trade shows, inserts, samples, and signage.
    • Put your URL on your answering machine’s recorded message. If someone calls after hours they may be able to get the answer they want on your website.
    • Use a "Signature" which includes your URL in your emails and on your faxes.
    • Announce to/remind your current customers about your URL. It’ll provide them another way to do business with you. Offer them an incentive to use it.
    Source: Wes-State Mortgage
  • 39. Martha Stewart Does It All: Targeted, Integrated, Interactive, and Intimate Marketing
    • 24 Martha Stewart Books
    • “ Martha Stewart Living” Magazine
    • “ Martha Stewart Living” TV Show
    • “ Martha Stewart Living” Newspaper Column
    • “ Martha Stewart Living” Radio Show
    • “ Martha Stewart Living” Catalog
    • Martha Stewart Personal Appearances
    • “ marthastewart .com ” Web Site